15th May Wednesday Update on Young Love

Shiv saying he is not born to Ira mom and says someone is hiding the truth from me. I am feeling very bad as these relations are not mine. My identity is not mine. I have to search for my parents and wonders they are alive or not. Some goons stops the bus and gets inside. They threatens the passengers and looks for someone. When they didn’t find him, they tells their boss that he is not here. The person which they were searching is seen hiding on top of the bus. Anandi asks him to rest. Shiv says he will go to office to busy himself. Meenu says her late husband Anoop’s pension have come and she will tell Alok bhaiyya to deposit in Army’s martyr funds. Ira tells Meenu that Shiv took Anandi on a long drive. Anandi comes and is shocked to see Alok at home. Alok says he couldn’t go there citing his car problems. Anandi wonders whether he was at the hospital.

Someone is running in fields covering himself in a shawl and suddenly comes in front of Dadisaa’s jeep. Seeing them he hides his face so that they won’t recognize him. Dadisaa and Bhairov wonders who was he? Bhairov says he must be in some trouble. Someone calls from Shiv’s office and says he didn’t reach till now. Anandi worries about Shiv and asks him to call her as soon as he reaches office. She calls Shiv but he doesn’t pick the call. Anandi gets even more worried now. Ira asks, you seems tensed? Anandi thinks she can’t tell her anything else she has to tell the truth. She says she is worried about the sanstha/organisation and says she has some work. Ira asks her to go.

Anandi is in the car searching for Shiv. She asks the driver that this the way to office. Anandi prays for his well being. She asks the driver to take left turn. Ganga feels like fainting, some old lady holds her in time. She says you are about to give good news to your family and asks her to take care. Ganga thinks am I pregnant? Meenu asks about Anandi. Ira says she will come soon else I will help you in kitchen. Daddu praises Anandi’s cooking. Shiv’s personal assistant calls again and asks Ira about Anandi. He says Shiv sir didn’t come today. Ira says she don’t know anything and recalls Anandi words. She tells him to call them once Shiv reaches home. She tells Daddu that Shiv didn’t go to office and Anandi must have went to search him. She calls Anandi and asks about Shiv. Anandi says she just saw him. She says sorry for not informing them. Ira asks, why he went to the lake side. Anandi says I will tell you after reaching home.

Shiv is sitting at a lake side and crying. Anandi comes and sits beside him. she asks, why you are upset? take care of yourself. Shiv says he wants to forget it. He asks, how come you are here? Anandi says I searched for you and then came in my mind that you come here to find peace. Shiv says he is still restless. Anandi says you have so many questions in mind. She asks him not to worry and they will find his real parents anyhow. Shiv says may be my parents know the truth but they didn’t tell me anything. did they think I am not mature enough. They should have tell me this truth when I turned 19 years. But now, in this age it is difficult to accept the truth. He says, that why adoption agency asked us to tell the baby about his adoption when he gets matured. Shiv says I don’t have any relations with my loved ones. Anandi says it is like a storm but this difficult time will pass soon. We will face this situation together. she says, you are my strength. I can’t see you broken like this. you are my inspiration and you can’t be weak.

She says, we shall go home now as everyone is waiting for us. Shiv says he isn’t sure whether she shall go or not. Anandi says this is your home, you can’t do this. Everyone loves you, you are upset and making everyone upset. Shiv says he is not part of the family. Anandi says big truth is that this family gave you a good upbringing with love. They gave you respect. Shiv says I haven’t born to Shekhar family.

Ganga instructing the other nurse to give medicines to the patient. Suddenly she gets a vomiting sensation and she goes to the washroom. She recalls the old lady words and thinks she has to find out the real reason behind this vomiting. She thinks whether she is pregnant. The man in shawl gets tantalised by the samosas in the shop as he is very hungry. He comes to the shop and signs that he is hungry. The shop vendor asks him to pay 20 Rs else get out. He pushes him to go. Ganga comes to the hospital pharmacy and takes the pregnancy test kit. She is shocked to find the test positive. She concludes that it means I am pregnant. Doctor saheb didn’t know about my pregnancy from the reports. She thinks she was pregnant before. She recalls jagya’s words that her body is weak for the baby.

She recalls Dadisaa’s wish to see Jagya’s baby. And Sumitra says Ganga will full your wish soon. She recalls Jagya saying he don’t need a baby and he just loves her. She recalls anandi saying that if anything happens to you during child birth then how will jagya cope with. Ganga says God wants me to give heir to the family, fulfill Dadisaa’s wish and God will take care of my baby. It is a matter of few months and then everything will be fine,but I have to hide this from my family. She tells the baby that she will give birth to him. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW




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