14th May Tuesday Update on This is Love

Ishita coming to the school to meet Pihu. She is made to wait for much time. She goes to ask the lady. The lady says I heard you have went to jail, its better if you don’t meet her. Ishita asks will you give me character certificate, I have to take her, she is gere since 2 years, fine don’t listen to me, my lawyer will come with the media, what media does with you, it depends on you. The lady says I will talk to principal, I will call Pihu. Ishita says Simmi doesn’t want me to meet my daughter.

Mrs. Bhalla gets ready and says I have to look good than Amma, I know Raman will get the award, he is the best. Neelu comes to her and says a designer has come in Iyer house, Amma was saying she will wear her bridal dress, its traditional. Mrs. Bhalla says so I will also wear my bridal dress. Mr. Bhalla says you will look fat, it won’t look good. Mrs. Bhalla says I have decided, I will wear this.

Pihu comes and hugs her. Ishita makes her sit and hugs her. Teri bechaini ka….plays…. Ishita shows the surprise gifts. Pihu doesn’t smile. Ishita gives her chocolates. She says there is another surprise, will you come with me. Pihu smiles and asks will you take me out. Ishita says yes, I need your help, there is a party, I participated in a competition, I may get an award if you come along, you are my lucky charm, I got the permission too, its our secret, we will have fun. She shows the dress and asks is it good, will you wear this, will you come with me. Pihu says yes, I love you and hugs her.

Raman comes home and asks what’s happening. Mrs. Bhalla asks him to try the suits, he is going to win an award. Raman asks will anyone give me award by seeing my clothes. Ishita says it will make a good impression. Raman asks him to stop it. Romi smiles and asks him not to match his clothes with Ishita. Raman asks am I mad, I won’t match. Romi says dark color suits you, wear black color. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, you have to win today, Ishita insulted me that day. Raman says I will insult her. He checks black color clothes. Romi says I will tell this to Bala. Bala says its great news, I will ask Ishita to wear black color clothes to get color ordinated. Pihu asks will everyone be there. Ishita says yes, everyone… She names even Simmi. Pihu stops. Ishita says sorry, I m with you. She hugs Pihu and thinks Simmi filled fear in her, its enough, I will make my children meet Raman.

Amma says its getting late. Appa says you said you will wear bridal saree. Amma says I have seen Neelu and told this, now Mrs. Bhalla will come as christmas tree. Bala comes and jokes on them. Ishita comes and asks what’s all this. Amma says you have to choose a dress. Ishita says its not needed, my biggest treasure is with me, I have my lucky charm. Amma asks who. Ishita calls Pihu in. They get shocked seeing Pihu and smile. Amma hugs Pihu. Ishita shuts the door. She asks them not to take Pihu’s name loudly. Bala says Ashok called us, we have to be there on time. He gives a black dress to Ishita. He thinks the evening will be very memorable for Ishita.

Mani and Shagun arrive for the award function. Media asks Mani whom does he think will win the award. Mani says its tough competition, may the best person win. Bhallas arrive and meet Mani and Shagun. Mrs. Bhalla asks where are the Iyers. Simmi says yes, they didn’t come yet, where is Romi. Romi walks in and talks to the media. Simmi asks where is your wife, this can affect Raman’s award, I will control Mihika. Romi says relax, look there. Mihika walks in with Raman.

Media asks Raman what does he think, who will win the award. Raman asks them to wait for some time. Shagun says I have to say, you have a connection with her, she is here…. Raman turns and sees Ishita coming. Ishita says this time, I have got my lucky charm with me. Pihu walks in. They all get shocked seeing her. Raman thinks of Pihu. He gets flashes. Simmi sees Parmeet. Mrs. Bhalla asks Pihu to come. Raman says Romi, Pihu is my daughter right. Ishita smiles.

Raman saying Romi, Pihu is my daughter right. Romi says yes. Simmi stops Romi and says Ishita is doing this to make you out of the competition. Ishita says Pihu is my lucky charm, I want to say special thanks to Simmi, she allowed me to get her niece here, I just got her from hostel, isn’t she adorable, Pihu is very lucky to get such a good Bua, thanks Simmi, Pihu will stay with me today. She takes Pihu and asks her to meet her family. Everyone hugs Pihu. Reporter asks for a group pic. Shagun asks Iyers to join as well. They pose for pics. Raman gets flashes and thinks of Pihu. He asks Simmi is Pihu my daughter, you gave her to Ishita. Parmeet says Ishita is clever, she made Simmi do this. Simmi says I was helpless to permit her. Raman says you both are making many

mistakes, I will not tolerate this. Simmi says I will not leave this warden. Parmeet says we will think after this award function ends. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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