15th November Friday Update on True Love


15th November Friday Update on True Love

All Jogi family and Vishnu in the dining hall having dinner, and praising the food.
Nani thinks that all are happy for this makki but this Meethi is not worth atall.
Surabhi ask if you are having more.
Vishnu says no. But Meethi force him and make him eat.
Surabhi ask Vishnu whether he is staying here for night?
Vishnu say he have office so he cant stay here.
Meethi say why cant you stay, Vishnu try to convince her.
Surabhi tease Meethi, Meethi blush.
Jogi support Vishnu saying let him go.

When Vishnu was about to leave, Mukta remember Vishnu saying he doesn’t have passport so she secretly remind Jogi about the ID card. Jogi ask the same to Vishnu, Vishnu hesitate and say yes he will get it.
Mukta wish Vishnu, Goodnight, Meethi is making faces…
Both leave from there.

Bundela House
Tappu and Veer in Veer’s room,
Tappu ask what happened. Veer look at the fish tank.
Tappu ask, what are you seeing at the fish, you remember anything? And thinks that even after all these days he is unable to remember, I feel sad for Veer as he is suffering the same pain. Hope these all ocme to an end.
Amla comes there and inform that all the pooja arrangements are over like food, prasadam, and panditji and gifts and she also informed all the staffs.
Tappu say that she is leaving and you do all things as Veer’s wife,
But amla says that I am doing all the things as Veer;s wife but I am not. I know I am not.

Thakur House, Kitchen
Damini, Icha and Divya are in the kitchen, cleaning I guess. They discuss how happily the evening went.
Damini say all were there, except babyji. And say it was so many years we met babyji.
Icha remember meeting tappu outside the Bundela house and say, same anger, same beauty.
Divya say, tappu is beautiful but stop and say she might be same.
Both Icha and Divya share their views and worries about tappu.
Icha say that she went to veer house and saw tappu but from the far distance. Even after so many years I am unable to get close to her.
Divya says don’t say like that, she is very close to us and never forgot anything.
Both see Divya, Damini ask whether she saw Tappu.
Divya accept that she saw her in the mall. And get the FB of the hug. And share her happiness and worries. But say that as she saw her papa she felt I wasn’t able to be with her after a long time. I am unable to feed her with this hand and start crying.
Damini and Icha console her.
They get the flashback of tappu being in hostel and they say that she wont be away from us for a long time.
Divya says Jogi will not accept her as she have married Tej Singh.
Damini say nothing will happen, Jogi will understand her and will accept her soon.
Icha say if I talk to him, he will surely accept her and tappu will return to this house soon.

Bundela house Vs Temple
Veer sitting near the fire and all are present, Mai, Amla, Tappu, Umed, Kasa Kaka and others.
Same time Icha in temple going pooja.
Icha pray that my daughter’s marriage but what a situation I am in. who will do the kanyadhan for my daughter.
Tappu pray that all these years I did bad things to Veer and Icha I need to rectify it and I want Veer to get his memoty back
Icha pray for tappu wellbeing. She worries about yuvi my daughter’s brother wont be there in her marriage. What is this. Even the father character wont be present in her marriage
Tappu thinks that my frnd is in great sorrow, her husband, her family are not near her and her daughter is getting married now. Please Veer should get his memory back to get Icha her rights.
Icha think that I am not far from my Ver but from my daughter’s father, I am doing this for the welfare of the family. Please Meethi need her father, please bring Veer and let her have her blessing. I ask you nothing else.
Tappu pray I praying you please grant my wish.

Veer get blunt FB of Icha, first meet then slip from stairs, Icha turn to leave the pooja place, Behind the god idol, he get the shadow of Icha. He get FB of Icha again still blunt. The more icha move from the place the more the shadow come near the place of pooja.

The things that Icha do in the temple is shown as a shadow in front of Veer. Trappu notice the changes in Veer face. He gets the FB of Icha murdering Avinash. At last Icha’s face comes in front of Veer. Veer utter the name Icha and Tappu gets happy. Veer thinks Teacherji is Icha. Tappu thank the God. Veer thinks Icha Meri Icha.
After the pooja is over all disperse. Veer sits in the same place thinking. Once all went out, Amla ask veer are you okay. He replies yes.
Veer yells MAI and all get strangled.
Veer in full anger walk towards Mai and Tappu was like what is going to happen.
Veer ask how long you will say lies about Icha. Icha is my wife. Then why you did my marriage with Amla. Icha is my friend too just bcos I lost my memory you told so many lies and married me again to another girl. But I was all silent. Why you always say lies. Why
Mai ask what rubbish you are talking. Tappu has given you all the wrong information.
Veer say no. she didn’t say anything. The truth is I got my memory back. Mai is all shocked.



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