18th November Monday Update on Young Love


18th November Monday Update on Young Love

Palash completing the painting of Anandi with Shiv. He gets annoyed and says war can be won by love. I paid your restaurant bill. You might have understood my point of view. Shiv gets angry. Anandi stops him. He asks her to come. Ganga tells Dadisaa that they have decided to get Gehna and Niranjan together but she has doubts in her mind. Dadisaa says, Gehna looks happy with Niranjan. They are happy together. Ganga says, it is difficult to accept someone as a life partner. Will she accept him? Dadisaa says, she will. Niranjan is right for Gehna and came at the right moment as if God sent him for her. Jagya says even God wants the same. The question is who will talk to Gehna. Dadisaa says, we will have to talk to Niranjan first then will talk to Gehna.

Shiv comes to meet Palash angrily. His assistant tells him that he went to sleep. Palash peeps from his room. Shiv takes out money from his pocket and asks his assistant that he doesn’t like free dinner. Shiv leaves. Palash closes his room door and thinks Shiv’s ego was hurt. I am sorry. I have to let him down to get you. He talks to Venus and asks her to tell something. He gets an idea and smiles. He says brilliant idea. He says it will blast at Shiv’s house on Diwali day. He gets a call from minister. Palash complains to him about Shiv. Minister assures to help him.

Subhadra tells that she will also come for shopping. Anoop says, he doesn’t want to go. Ira opens the door and gets the parcel. She calls Anandi to come. Subhadra asks what is inside. Ira says, it is sent by Palash so it might be Anandi’s portrait. Anandi comes. Alok tells her that Palash sent her portrait and starts discussing the place on which it shall be kept. Subhadra asks them to check it first. Anandi opens the parcel and is shocked to see her portrait with modern outlook. She gets shocked and so are the family members. Subhadra opens her mouth in shock. Everyone stand up from their seat in shock.

Daddu asks what is this. Subhadra says, Palash left nothing from his imagination and asks Anandi to hang the painting on a good place. Daddu asks her to stop it and asks her to see Anandi’s face. She is so scared. Subhadra says, Anandi posed for this painting. Ira and Meenu support Anandi. Anoop asks is Palash insane? Daddu says, Palash can answer well. Alok says we shall wait for Shiv. Anoop says, no. We will go there right now. If Anandi is saying that she didn’t pose like this then we shall grab his collar. Anoop tells Anandi what were you doing when he was painting. Ira asks how she will know? Anoop says Anandi shall know. They argue. Daddu asks them to handle carefully. Shiv needs to be here. Anoop says, Shiv went to meet CM. Daddu gets worried about media. Subhadra says, this is breaking news for media. Anandi is still shocked.

Vivek tells Saachi that he don’t believe that her boss gave her permission to have lunch at home. Saachi says, Mittal sir might have thought about it. Peon comes and gives something for Saachi sent by Mittal. Saachi receives it.

She opens the envelope and a gift of appreciation. She gets car keys as a gift. Saachi gets happy. They see a car. Saachi says, Mittal Sir wanted to surprise me. Vivek teases her. Suman goes to bring aarti thali. Mittal calls Saachi. Saachi thanks him. Vivek looks on. Saachi thanks him. Vivek thinks Saachi said my car and gets upset.

Ira tells Anandi that she has to go out to bring puja things. Anandi asks her to go and says she is fine. Anandi recalls the recent happenings with Palash and gets doubtful about him. She thinks her heart was stopping her from doubting Palash’s intentions. She gets a call from Palash. She looks angrily.

Anandi getting Palash’s call. She picks the call. Palash tells her that you would have received the painting by now and you might be happy as the painting is so beautiful and sensuous. Anandi scolds him for playing with her respect. Palash tries to explain but Anandi disconnects the call. Palash tells that you are mine Anandi. I have to make you understand this. Anandi waits for Amol and thinks to make breakfast for her. Palash comes there shocking her. He tells her that you didn’t give me a chance to explain. He says I love you from bottom of my heart. Anandi asks what are you saying. He says I wants to show you something and tries to take her forcibly. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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