16 November Friday Update on Young Love

 Friday Update on Young Love

16 November

Circuit House
Sanchi is upset to learn that Shiv is in Bannupur for work. She tells the MOMS that she feels like an unwanted guest and wants to return home.
Shiv wants to call Badi Haveli and tell news of finding Mannu to Ganga. But, Anandi wants to surprise.
Ira calls Shiv and learns that Anandi is with him and they are headed for Bade Haveli. They plan to meet there.
Shiv asks Anandi to say “ILU”, and Anandi teases that she has become brave. They flirt while Ghanshyam sleeps in the back.
Bade Haveli
Ganga asks Daadisa that JaAn were together so long they didn’t have baby. DS says they were too young and then circumstances (i.e Gauri). DS says she is anxious to hear the sounds of babies. Ganga says maybe Anandi and Gehna will give good news at the same time. DS says that is her heart’s wish too – Anandi more than anyone deserves motherhood.
At a Temple
Shiv sees Anandi taking care of Mannu and says she will make a good mother…he starts to explain he didn’t mean they should…but, then gets a mysterious call…He says “Udaipur” then thinks to himself that it will be difficult for him. Anandi asks what happened but, he says nothing.
Bade Haveli
Ganga serving fruits. Daadisa appreciates how much work she does. Just then Meenu & Ira come for a visit. They let the Singhs know AnSh are coming soon as well.
Ira apologies to Sumitra. Sumitra says Anandi is luck and Ira says Shiv is lucky. They both hope AnSh ve SR soon. Daadisa wonders what the two MILs are discussing.
Ira formally meets Ganga and gets her blessings. Ira says she doesn’t need to touch feet next time. Ganga says she needs blessings…maybe it will bring her baby. Just then Mannu arrives…first laughter then in person walking on his own towards her.
VO: God has made Women best by blessing them with Motherhood.