15 Nov Wednesday Update on True Love

Thursday Update on True Love

15 Nov

Satya in the morning seeing Tappu sleeping outside the house and shivering in cold ;So then Satya carries half unconscious Tappu inside the house and rests her on the sofa and calls everyone in the drawing hall; All r shocked to see Tappu in that condition when Satya tells all about how she was outside the house for whole night ;All then starts questioning about how Tappu reached outside the house;Ichha quickly brings blanket for Tappu so that she stops shivering ;Veer then asks Ichha to quickly telephone the doctor; Gunwanti and Nani both r worried for Tappu and the baby ;Gunwanti then asks Tappu how it all happened when Tappu with grt difficulty opens her eyes and tells all in a weak voice that last night she saw a girl in white going outside the house and so she went after the girl to check who is she and why is she going outside the house at night but that girl vanished somewhere in the garden and then when she tried to come inside the house, she found the door locked from inside but she tried calling everyone but noone listened to her voice and so she thought of resting for sometime outside the house only ;Hearing this all r wondering who can b the girl donig all this …

Just then Doctor arrives when Veer asks Ichha to take Tappu inside the room for her check-up;Tappu is then taken inside ;In the hall area all r still worrried and wondering who could b the girl ;Just then Kasa Kaka comes with a white cloth in his hand and tells Daddaji that he found this white cloth from the garden on which Chanda remembers that Tappu too said that the girl was wearing white ;Chanda then deliberately tells all that who could b this enemy of Tappu who did all this ;Hearing Chanda’s words,Nani remembers seeing Ichha going upstairs at night and so she instantly shouts and tells all that Ichha did this since she saw Ichha in the hall at night ;So then Veer comes in Ichha’s defence and warns Nani not to say a word against his wife as seeing her at night doesn’t mean its all done by Ichha since till now Ichha has done nothing wrong to Tappu ;Hearing this Nani too tells everyone that Ichha only did all this since she herself is not able to become a mother and so she is jealous of Tappu ;Nani then further tells Gunwanti that I am an outsider here but bringing Tappu in this house was her decision and so now its her duty to take care of Tappu and her baby ;Gunwanti is under pressure now and is clueless what to say ;

Nani then further tells Gunwanti that Ichha should not attend this puja kept for Tappu and her baby if they really want the baby to b born safe ;Hearing this Veer again tries to speak in Ichha’s defence but Gunwanti tells Veer that why he is always favouring Ichha as if he has no connection with his own mother or family but only wants to defend his wife ;So then Veer tries to justifies his decision and tells Mai that he cares for everyone’s happiness on which Mai tells Veer that her happiness lies in Tappu’s child and so she is requesting him to let this puja happen without Ichha attending this puja ;Poor Veer is speechless now as he has nothing to say and so bows down to his Mai’s demands ;Ichha too remains quiet ;Veer then goes inside the room…

Satya then comes to Ichha and tells her that Veer should hv protested against Mai’s unfair decision and fought for your honour instead of remaining silent there on which Ichha tells Satya that “Sometimes remaining silent in some cases proves your strength of character instead of protesting at a wrong time and showing your weakness

At Jogi’s house ,Jogi comes to Damini’s room and informs her about Tappu’s condition on which Damini gets worried when Jogi tells her that he is going to meet Tappu there and so if she wants,she can come with her; Hearing this Damini initially was ready to go with Jogi but then she sees that Pushkar was also keen to go with Jogi but Jogi was not interested to take Pushkar with him and so Damini too refused to go with Jogi and showed an excuse that she will b here in this house only since she has some work (Damini doesn’t want Pushkar to get again wrong ideas about her and Jogi’s relationship here );So then Jogi alone decide to go and meet Tappu.

Satya is shown burning that white cloth in the fire and thus exposing his evil self to the viewers when Saanchi comes there and also helps her brother in burning the white cloth and proving that she is just pretending to b blind but can see everything; She tells her brother to make sure that they hv no proof left ;Saanchi then talks about how she is blind in her revenge for all the insult that they hv gone through ;Satya then tells Saanchi that even though they hv come here for revenge but that accident of hers was never a part of their plan and so if something had really hapepned to her then he would hv never forgiven himself on which Saanchi tells Satya that she is absolutely fine and in a way that accident was a blessing in disguise for them since it had given them the opportunity to enter the Bundela Family ;Satya then gives a evil smile and tells Saanchi that the game has just begin and slowly they will soon achieve their mission ..CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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