16th July Tuesday Update on Young Love

Dadisaa calling Anandi and invites her for Kanchan’s marriage. Anandi says, I am happy for Kanchan but I can’t come because of Amol’s exams. Dadisaa asks her to come for sometime. Anandi asks about Mannu. Dadisaa says, he is taken for 2nd session of chemotherapy. Anandi says, I can understand Ganga’s condition. Dadisaa says, she has stood as a mountain. She is strong. Anandi says, I didn’t know she has so much strength. Vivek calls Saachi to the restaurant. He says sorry for behaving rudely with her. Saachi says, it is okay. Vivek says, can I help you regarding the NGO work. Saachi says ofcourse. She asks him to speak to the women about the laws. She says, we couldn’t give you much fees.

Vivek asks, what do you get by working there. Saachi says, satisfaction and happiness. Vivek says, I too wants the same. Vivek says, I will drop you home. Saachi thanks him.

All the family members awaits for Mannu’s return from hospital. basant says, lets pray for the good news. Nandu asks about Mannu. Dadisaa tells Nandu that Mannu will come soon. Dadisaa says, I am waiting for Mannu to come and hug me. She says, Jagya will tell that Mannu is alright. Everything good will happen. Anandi, Jagya and Mannu comes home. Bhairov asks, what did the doctor say? Jagya tells them that chemotherapy is not have any effect on Mannu’s health. Nandu tells Jagya to give his blood to Mannu. Everyone get emotional. Ganga says, it is not needed, he will be alright. Mannu takes Nandu to his room.

Jagya says, there is one hope which is left. There is one way to treat Mannu. Vivek’s car breaks down. They stop on the way. Saachi calls her mom. Ira asks her to come home as the boy’s family is coming to see her. Saachi says bye to Vivek. They shake hands and looks in each other eyes. Rakhi comes and asks, what are you doing here with my brother. Vivek says, I just gave her lift. Rakhi insults her. Vivek asks her to stop it. She asks Vivek to stay away from her. Rakhi says, she may accused you of molesting her. Vivek gets angry and asks her to shut up. Rakhi leaves. Vivek says sorry to Saachi. Saachi says, I shall go home.

Nandu asks Mannu to play with him. Mannu refuses. Jagya comes home with the reports. He is shattered and looks lost. He hugs Mannu and cries. Ganga asks him to tell. Jagya says everyone that Ganga’s bone marrow didn’t match with Mannu. Everyone are shell shocked. Ganga says, how can it be possible? He is born to me, how can his bone marrow doesn’t match with mine. It can’t be possible. Jagya says, I checked three times. Doctor also said that there is 25% chances of matching. He says, we are n’t lucky. Dadisaa says, it means no one can stop Devimaa from snatching Mannu from us. Ganga says, one person can stop. She says, Ratan Singh. They recall the trauma they went through. Everyone are shocked.

Shekhar’s wait for Sanchi’s grooms family as well as Sanchi. Sanchi enters just in time and apologises for the delay. Ira fusses over her to get ready as soon as possible. Sanchi once again reminds Daddu that they need to be frank about the truth to the groom and his family. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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