17th July Wednesday Update on Young Love

In Amol’s school. Teacher gives the question papers to student and asks them to start writing. She finds a chit near Amol. She asks the other kids. They refused. Teacher says, someone is cheating here and asks them to tell the truth. One student tells her that the chit might belongs to Amol. Teacher scolds Amol and says you copied and then threw the chit. Amol says, I didn;t copy. Principal asks him to accept it. Amol says, I am saying the truth. Principal calls Anandi and asks Anandi to come to school. She tells her that Amol was caught cheating during exams. Gehna says, she will call Sumitra for selecting the saree. Dadisaa gets angry on her. Dadisaa says, I forget about the saree seller. I have to make up my mind. They get worried about Mannu.

Anandi asks Amol to tell her the truth. Amol nods in a no. Anandi says, I have full trust on him. There might be a misunderstanding. Teacher says, same answer is written in the chit. Anandi says, he prepared well. Principal says, we have got the chit near his chair. Bell rings. Amol is sad that he will failed. Students gossip about Amol. Gopal says, I didn’t see him cheating. Principal says, we can’t forgive him. I can’t give him permission to sit in the exams. Amol pleads innocent. Anandi says, how can you do this? How can you punish him. She asks him to take Amol back home. Anandi is sad. Amol’s friends ask Anandi about Principal saying. Anandi says, she punished him. Anandi says, Principal madam refused to believe Amol. Amol asks Anandi to come home. Gopal comes and stops him. He gives him eraser. Amol says, its ok. I won’t write any more exams.

Gopal confesses to do the cheating and says that chit was mine. I threw it. Ganga talks to Mannu and asks him to win the fight for Jagya and her. She hears Ratan Singh laughing. Ratan singh says, you snatched my son and now Mannu will be away from you by the death. I won’t stop death from taking Mannu. It will be punishment for you. Ganga says, he will be fine. I won’t let anything happen to him. Ratan Singh laughs. Jagya comes and asks what happened? Ganga tells about Ratan Singh. Jagya says, he is not there. Don’t think much. He have to help us. Ganga cries and hopes on Jagya’s sayings.

Gopal confesses to copy. His parents scold him. He asks, why did you do this? Anandi says, you are responsible for Gopal’s doings. You have been pressuring him to come first in the exams. He did this to fulfill your hopes. Anandi argues with his parents. She tells the story of Jagdish, and tells them that his father forced him to get first rank and then he compromised with the marks sheet. She then tells about the teacher complaining to his father. She asks his parents to understand Gopal. His parents thank Anandi for making them understand. Anandi says, we should inspire our kids to study and not pressurize them. Gopal’s father apologizes to Anandi. Principal apologizes to Anandi. Anandi says it is ok. Principal asks Amol to write the exam. Amol is happy.

Jagya comes to Ratan Singh and tells him about Mannu suffering from blood cancer. Ratan Singh grabs Jagya by his collar and asks, what did you do with my son? Jagya says, there is only one way now. He tells about the bone marrow transplant. He says, your bone marrow can save him. He tells him about the transplant. He says, Ganga’s bone marrow is not matching with Ganga. You can save Mannu now. Ratan Singh asks, how much you love my son? Jagya says, I love him very much. I can do anything for you. Ratan Singh refuses to help Mannu. He says, it is the punishment you have to bear all your life. Jagya begs him to save Mannu and cries. Ratan Singh goes inside the jail. Jagya cries badly saying save my son. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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