17th December Tuesday Update on True Love


17th December Tuesday Update on True Love

Iccha asking Mukta to come over to celebrate Maha Shivratri along with Bundela family. Mukta declines. Iccha says…I don’t want to hear anything. You are coming & will talk with Tappu…and clear all the misunderstandings.
Mukta relents and smiles…..ok, I will come….with papa. And speak with ma as well.
Icchs smiles…you have to not just talk but clear all your misunderstandings with your ma ok and bring Mr. Rathore as well. Mukta replies ok and disconnects.

Veer asks her what happened. Iccha replies that she is coming. Veer is relieved and hopes that all the bitterness ends today. Iccha wishes the same & asks him if he has received any other mail from Meethi. When he replies in negative, she scolds that at least Meethi shouldn’t be so careless. She could have at least mailed or called them. Veer pacifies her that they are young and they have only a week to enjoy with each other…let it be. Iccha smiles and goes to check on the preparations.

Tappu comes to her room thinking what is it in this tape that both Chanda didi & Tej are so bent on hiding. She plays the tape & closes her eyes with pain (as she sees Tej killing Daddaji).

Veer compliments Iccha, who smiles and goes to check the arrangements. Everyone is busy in the preparations for the Shivratri puja (Kasha Kaka taking care of bhang & enjoying it; Mai of flowers for mandir & Iccha running around to check everything) while the Thakur family walks in.
Veer goes to greet everyone while Mai comments to Umed Singh….hope that inauspicious Mukta doesn’t come today. Umed Singh lightly reprimands her & then he too goes to greet them. All exchange pleasantries.

Tej walks in all drunk & greets them one by one while all look on and wonder how Tappu is living with someone like him. He gets happy seeing bhang preparations and drinks one glass (all look in disgust). He then asks them where is his dharam patni…..he also calls out for patni parmeshwari & on not finding a response goes from there to check on her.

Iccha, Nani & Divya discuss how can Tappu tolerate a useless person like him & even Bundela family doesn’t say anything to him…its so weird.

Tej enters his room & Tappu quickly hides the tape in the back. On non-stop prodding by Tej, she smartly shows her one hand at a time showing nothing & hiding the tape in the other. (we used to play this as kids ? ). When he doesn’t let her go, she threatens him that she can throw him with her one finger only. He mocks at her and puts his finger at her forehead. She throws him on ground and says….you are now at your well-deserved place. Today I will show it to everyone else as well. Tej goes unconscious.

Panditji announces that the puja should begin now. Tappu shouts….not now pandit ji…..before puja, they have to send a sinner to its rightful place. All look at her and wonder what she is referring to.
Rupam dehi, jayam dehi….is playing in the background.
Mai is irritated with her and asks what this new drama is. Why is she creating a hindrance in the puja?
Tappu replies…she has kept fast today. She won’t do any insult to God today. Mai wants to know then what is it, Chanda walks in now.

Tappu says…because before puja, they have to get a sinner out of their home now. She has got proof as well….she will take that person out of this house for forever now,
Chanda is super worried as Tappu shows them the tape.
Everyone is confused and Veer asks her what it is?
Tappu says…this is proof that I have here with me. Maybe it’s the fruit of my fast that I have kept today that I have finally found this evidence. Tappu goes and connects the tape through a digicam on tv. All watch with surprise initially and then are shocked while Chanda (who is freaking out by now), noticing that everyone is busy watching the tape, runs out of there to inform Tej about the same.

She comes and throws water on Tej (calling him a Kumbhakaran ? ). Tej asks her why she is disturbing him. She tells him that if he doesn’t wake up now, then he will land up in jail for forever. Tej is full awake now. She tells him that Tappu has the tape with her now. She is showing everyone downstairs how you killed Daddaji. Tej slaps her in anger…its all because of you, you foolish woman. He is thinking what to do now…..damage control stuff.

Everyone watches in disbelief as the tape continues to play. Right then, Mukta & rathore walk in. Rathore goes and stands next to Tappu and asks her what she wants to be done with Tej. Tej comes running there & Mukta is all scared looking at him. Tappu tells Rathore to call the police. Tappu announces that her second and final reason to stay here is complete now. She folds her hands & says…she too will leave now. Veer says….but before that we have to teach someone a lesson & shouts Tej Singh!

Tej holds Mukta at gunpoint who screams for help from Rathore. All shout at him to leave her. He asks Rathore to put down the phone. Rathore obliges but the call shows “connected”. Jogi warns him of the consequences and Tej fires in the air to scare everyone. Mukta cries to her papa to save her. And Tej asks her to keep mum. His dream girl will save him today.

Rathore removes his coat and warns him of the consequences if he doesn’t let his daughter go. He might leave him if he does as he is told. Tej shushes him off.
Tappu too begs him to leave Mukta. His enmity is with her and to do whatever you want to do to me, not to my daughter. Tej asks her to go and bring the tape first.
At first she declines but as everyone (including Rathore) asks her to give it to him, she obliges.

Tappu goes to get the tape. Rathore notices a plate full of flowers and signals Veer to go and get it here. Veer goes there unnoticed by Tej but Tappu sees and understands their plan of action. Tej again asks for the tape. Tappu throws it towards him while on the other side, Veer throws the flower thaal and it hits Tej’s hands and the pistol drops from his hand. All scurry for Mukta’s safety. Rathore and Veer (mostly Rathore) beat Tej Singh turn by turn. Finally, Tej lands near the pistol and aims towards the family. Rathore and Tej continue fighting for the gun while Tappu asks everyone to move from there. No one moves from their places and the gun finally comes pointing at Mukku. Tej pushes off Rathore and fires at Mukta. Iccha shouts Mukta and goes to cover her when Tappu comes in front of both of them and gets shot.

All look in shock. Rathore and Tappu look at each other. Om trayambhakam is playing in the background. The tape falls from her hands and slowly Tappu too falls down.

tappu getting shot & everyone looks at her as Divya exclaims Tapasya! Rathore and Tappu share a glance and the tape falls down from her hands. Everyone is shocked and spell bound. Rathore says No and runs to hold her. All come to her and Iccha stands completely shocked and moves back in terror. All are desperately crying to get some help and Mai and Surabhi are also shocked looking at Tappu. Tej stands watching when the police enter and catch hold of him. A sad music is playing in the background.

Rathore says Tapasya…who tries to say something but isn’t able to because of the pain. The police handcuff Tej. He says…you are very happy to see me this way. Tej Singh is neither scared of police nor jail…I was a scorpion in my previous birth. Have so much poison in me.
Rathore holds Tappu hands and Iccha is crying.

Tej warns…Veer Singh Bundela…I will come back. Will bite you for sure, when I will be back next time. Don’t forget. Rathore looks at him and runs to beat him black and blue. The police hold him telling him not to take the law in his hands. Tej is taken out. He shouts….all of you don’t forget, I will come back.

Rathore looks back at Tappu with pain and Jogi & Divya pick her up to take her to the hospital. Iccha comes out of the shock and goes to her. Veer calls the hospital for ambulance (finally!).

Scene shifts to Aatishgarh where maiyya and her sister is having tea while Kajri serves Meethi breakfast. Maiyya explains her of the effects of poha and it is very good for health. She says…in your age, I too used to feel hungry like you. Later life changed for worse and every little joy left me. Meethi is sad hearing it and the massi is too. Maiyya looks at Meethi and she bits a small stone. Massi and Maiyya exchange glances and massi gestures her something (that it was her plan).

She spits it in the bowl and when Maiyya and the second massi ask her the reason, she tells them about it. Maiyya lightly scolds Kajri. She tells Meethi that it would have come by mistake and asks her if her teeth are fine. Meethi nods in a yes and goes to take the next bite when her tooth hurts while both sisters watch in glee.

Maiyya asks…what happened? Again? And she scolds her sister (finally we got to know her name)…Gomit, you have become so careless regarding kitchen. She blames it on Kajri and scolds her that it is she, who has become careless. Kajri stammers and is very nervous. Maiyya asks her again regarding poha. Meethi, sensing her nervousness, covers up saying it happens at times….it would have been a mistake. At times, it has happened with Anni as well and it always used to come in my plate only….I will eat. Maiyya gestures ok. Meethi smiles at a crying Kajri. She takes another bite and Kajri notices that she bit on another stone. Meethi doesn’t show it to her but she notices and both the sisters as well.

Maiyya comments…see, my son has got such a patient and tolerant wife for himself. Gomti taunts at kajri…that she is of no use. Kajri leaves from there sadly and Meethi too is somewhat taken aback to see all this. Maiyya asks her to continue eating. Both sisters rejoice seeing her in pain.

Jogi brings Tappu and Rathore gets the stretcher. He shouts at the nurse to call the doctor….they don’t have time. She asks him to keep quiet as it is a hospital. He says….I should stay quiet? Do you know who she is? She is my….and stops. If something happens to her then I will burn the whole world. Jogi asks him to be strong. The nurse asks the wardboy to take the patient to the operation theatre and inform the respective doctors. They take her to the OT and all stand outside waiting and crying for Tappu.

Kajri is cutting onion in the kitchen and crying. Meethi comes running there and sees her crying and goes to her. She says…did you feel bad? Kajri wipes her tears and smile. She says….not at all. Meethi asks her the reason for her tears. She says…she was cutting onion na, that is why. I am not crying.
Meethi replies…lie. You know my ma too used to hide her tears like this. Should I ask you something….why do we women hide our tears didi? She bites her tongue & apologizes….you are my jethani. Kajri smiles….call me didi (sister). It sounds very sweet. Meethi gets happy…really? Then we both are sisters. Come I will help you. Kajri declines but Meethi continues…though I don’t know anything about all this but if you will teach me then I will learn it like this. I learned to wear saree as well…that too in a day only.
Kajri smiles hearing her & comments…till now your muhdikhayi hasn’t been done, how can I let you work? She puts a kala teeka on Meethi to cast off all the evil eyes. Meethi compliments her that she is very good and sweet as well but why do you stay so quiet?
Kajri says….this the the tradition of this house…that a daughter-in-law stands with her head bowed down. Meethi is taken aback. Kajri apologizes regarding the breakfast. Meethi tells her to forget it as it happens at times.

Meethi asks her about going out or something (sorry, video changed). Kajri replies…I cant go out anywhere and cant do anything without his (Nirbhaya’s) approval. Meethi questions her and she replies its been 8 months but she hasn’t gone out on her own will. It’s the tradition of this house. We move according to a husband’s yes or no.
Meethi questions what kind of a tradition is this. I will speak with Vishnu regarding this and change this tradition. We too should have a right to come and go as we please….then we will go out together. Kajri compliments her that she is just like her name…Meethi (sweet). CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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