18th December Wednesday Update on Young Love


18th December Wednesday Update on Young Love

Alok informing Ira that Saachi didn’t come out from her room. Meenu tells her that she was sleeping. They open the door and see Saachi talking to Vivek in sleep. Ira asks her to open her eyes. Saachi wakes up and hugs Ira. She cries and tells that she saw a bad dream. Ira asks her to calm down and says it was just a dream and not reality. We promise that everything will get fine.

Saachi hugs her and cries. Villagers talks to Panch. Sarpanch says we can’t accept Kalyani Devi’s doings. Villagers say our wives attended Gehna’s haldi and mehendi ritual. Sarpanch says we didn’t oppose her marriage, but have to make rules strict. He says no one will attend her wedding. They protest. They see the fan stopping midway and goes to check the electricity.

Sarpanch asks what is happening. Badi Jiji comes with village women. Their husband ask why you came here. Badi Jiji says we cut the electricty. You feel suffocated because of fan and tries to suffocate us with your rules. Villager tries to attack his wife. All the women stop him. Badi jiji says we have not come here to get beaten by you. Gehna is having two children and Niranjan loves her. If he wants to marry her then what is your problem. Village men gets angry. Sarpanch says we decided about right and wrong.

Badi jiji says we have faced enough torture from you all. She talks about men marrying after their wives death. Sarpanch gets angry on her. Badi Jiji says it is a matter of women now. Kalyani Devi got her grand daughter Suguna married and then Anandi. She is bringing change in the society. Time has come to support her. We came to inform you that we are with Gehna and will attend her wedding. She informs Vishambar that his wife is also coming to the wedding. She asks Sarpanch to throw them.

Niranjan sit for their marriage while Panditji does the puja. Panditji asks Dadisaa to call Gehna. Panch members come and apologizes to everyone. Dadisaa and everyone smiles. Sarpanch says we have realized our mistake. Dadisaa welcomes them and asks to sit. Nandu sees Gopal and thinks what he is doing here. He apologizes to Nandu and gives him video game to play. Nandu tells Niranjan that he is going with his friend. Anandi and Ganga bring Gehna. Everyone turn to look at her. Jagya gives them garland. They put garland around each other necks. Everyone clap. They sit for marriage. Nandu talks to Gopal and gives his video game back. Gopal says you will get new room now.

Gopal tells him that man cares only about wife after marriage and doesn’t care about wife’s kids. He says your room will change. Your new Bapusaa will sleep with your mum and you and your sister have to sleep alone. He tells him something which is muted. Nandu gets tensed and goes to Dadisaa. He asks him, from today I won’t sleep with maa. Dadisaa says you understands well. Your maa will go to Niranjan’s house and you will stay with your Dadisaa. Ganga does the gatbandhan. Nandu gets tsned.

Panditji asking Ganga to do the gatbandhan. She does it. Gehna’s father do the kanyadaan. Niranjan asks Jagya about Nandu. Jagya says he is not seen since long. Panditji asks Niranjan to fill Gehna’s maang. Gopal tells Nandu that your new Bapu will do everything with your maa. He reminds him of Jagya and Ganga’s lecture on s**. He says every married couple does that. Nandu gets tensed and teary eyed. Niranjan and Gehna take the pheras and get married. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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