17th October Thursday Update on This is Love


17th October Thursday Update on This is Love

The Episode starts with Sudha arguing with Ishita. Ishita says Rajat didn’t die because of me, he took his own life, you have to accept this. Sudha says I will not let you stay happy. Rohan says stop harassing my family. She says you don’t know them. Karan comes and says we know them well, very soon they are becoming part of our family, when I told mom, she has sent me here with sweets, please leave. Sudha leaves. Mrs. Bhalla says its good you made this mad woman out. Karan jokes. Ishita says we want to meet Kaushalya first. Karan says don’t bother, mom has sent me with sweets, she is very excited, she wants marriage soon to see Rohan settled. Mrs. Bhalla says we will have roka on Navratri’s 7th day. Karan informs his mom and asks for reward. Rohan says Karan is like a kid. Raman says its good. Sudha is on the way. She asks what, roka is tomorrow, no, don’t do anything now, wait for my instructions. Karan takes selfie with them. Ruhi says we will take different theme for roka. Mihika says retro will be good.

Ishita says enough, Shagun and I already decided the theme, Navratri is going on, Devi is at home, we will dress up and celebrate Navratri. Everyone agrees. Rohan says we should leave now. Ishita asks Rohan to come on time tomorrow. Karan says yes, he can stay back here if he can. Raman signs Ishita. She asks Aaliya and Ruhi to go and drop Rohan downstairs. They leave. Rohan goes to his car. Karan says your building is decorated well. Ruhi says its our tradition, we decorate society this way. Karan says show me building compound. She says there is nothing. He says leave them alone, if we mingle there, how will they talk lovey dovey things. She says right. He says how dumb. Rohan thanks Aaliya for accepting his proposal. She says no, I should thank you, Raman is back on his feet because of you. He says I know you need time, feel free to ask anything, I will give you answers honestly. They sit to talk.

Rohan says I m serious type man, I don’t believe in relations and break ups, I had two serious relations, trust me, it was tough for me to overcome it, then you came in my life, I realized I can fall in love again, I want to spend my life with you. Karan says I want to hear them. Ruhi asks him to stand there and not more. Rohan asks Aaliya about Adi. He says he loved you a lot, I want to know everything, how you guys met. Aaliya says its a long story. He says I m not in a hurry.

She tells him…. Ishita comes to room and sees Raman. She asks what are you wearing tomorrow, orange is the theme color. He asks what are you wearing tomorrow. She says I didn’t decide. He stumbles. She holds him and asks him to be careful. He thanks her for not giving up. He says you proved that I can walk on his feet again. She says this is your will power, and we should give some credit to Rohan. He says no, biggest credit, I m happy that Rohan is marrying Aaliya. Aaliya says Adi left me forever. Rohan says I can understand, that girl also cheated me, I don’t know how people forget love so soon. Ruhi hears them and smiles.

Raman says we didn’t think we will do Aaliya’s bidaai, I used to feel sad for her before, I m happy now. Ishita says she is happy as you will walk and do her bidaai, you promised this to Ruhi and fulfilling for Aaliya, both daughters are happy. He thanks her. She say I just want like you love me, Rohan also loves Aaliya. He says I wish Rohan takes Adi’s place in her life. Rohan says I don’t know if I can’t take Adi’s place, honestly I don’t want to, I just want you to love me, I will wait for you, friendship is first step for marriage, I want us to become good friends. He holds her hand and says I will never hurt you, because I love you a lot. Ruhi smiles. Rohan says so its a deal. Aaliya and Rohan smile. Ruhi asks Karan to see them, they look cute together. She sees Karan sleeping and laughs.

Its morning, Ishita wakes up and gets a rose beside. She reads the note. He writes I went for walk after a long time and felt glad, come for aarti. She smiles and thanks. Everyone prays. Aaliya asks Mrs. Bhalla not to get emotional, she will come on every Navratri. Mr. Bhalla says Rohan’s family is coming, everything should be good. Everyone checks arrangements. Raman says everything is ready except my wife. He goes to call Ishita. He sees her and smiles. She asks him to say something. She jokes. She says Ishita is incomplete without Raman. He says we are one. She says we are Ishra. He says I m fine as Raman, come. She smiles. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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