17th October Thursday Update on True Love


17th October Thursday Update on True Love

Rathod telling Mukta that Taps truly regrets the sins she committed in her past so she s back to improve her mistakes.

Again we go into a flashback scene wherein its shown how tapasya reached in place of mukta in the mandap n rathod is part of the plan. So no worries of rathod misunderstanding taps here. Its their combined plan to take revenge on bundelas

Nani truly regretted for her mistake of brainwashing mukta and told Rathod of Mukta’s desire to marry Tej to help iccha regain her rights n that the marriage must be stopped somehow.

Rathod informed the same to tapsya about Mukta’s plans of marrying tej and Taps thinks of marrying tej herself to fulfill her goal

(flashback at Tej marriage mandap)

Mukta was already ready in dulhan’s attitre n is about to go for the marriage until Tapasya arrives at the door.
Mukta shocked emotional n happy.

Mukta asking Taps as to where she was since so many years n she missed her dearly every moment.

Taps replies saying that now shes back and that she ll fill mukta’s life with happiness (woww)

She asks mukta to remove the dulhan’s joda n that she ll sit in her place to marry tej.
Nani also tells mukta to give her dulhan joda to taps.
Mukta denies initially but on Taps insistense she removes her joda n gives it to taps. Wat hapenned after this we ll know (tej taps marriage)

Flashback ends

Mukta asking rathod as to what her mom will do n how will she help iccha gain all her rights?? How will she go around the fight for justice to iccha??

Rathod smiles n says leave all that to ur mom. Shes an expert in fighting  n that she get back all iccha’s rights n asks her not to worry. Taps standing in front of Veer’s pic and saying nothing has changed in this haveli but the people here have changed. She says that she has done injustice to iccha n behaved very badly with her. But now that she s back she ll help iccha get back everything she deserves. She ll help veer regain his memory n help him recall who iccha is and what status she has in his life.

Tej has brought several bundle of notes n asks taps how much money she wants 20 lacs?

Tej is trying to bribe Tapasya in return of divorce

Tapasya takes a bundle and says to tej ur sweating so much and uses the same bundle to wipe his sweat
Tapasya telling tej shes not interested in money n it means nothing but bits of paper to her. LOL
N that she s not giving him divorce at any cost until she achieves her real goal of getting into the house.

Taps asking Tej to sleep outside. Tej initially denies saying its his room.

Tej says in a chutki i ll take divorce from you (makes noise with his fingers)
Taps says in a chutki i ll deny (wow brilliant tappu)

Taps says im ur wife now n u have to sleep OUT. Tej finally agrees to sleep outside (poor murderer tej)

Mai shouting Jogi’s name at the top of her voice. All jogi divya iccha damini etc come out.
Jogi asks mai to calm down n tell patiently what happened. Mai starts off her usual bad mouthing that this family has become our enemy. First your daughter iccha made veer loose his memory n then ur grand daughter mukta raised false allegating against Yuvi n he s abt to go to jail.

Damini interrupts saying the allegatins r true n yuvi must be punished.
Mai says she doesnt talk to servants
Jogi says he wont tolerate insult against any member of the family. Ammu says she wont tolerate anything against Iccha.

LOL mahaan Iccha asks them to stay quiet.
Divya asks mai as to what has happened n y she’s behaving like this??

Mai says ur granddaughter mukta a 20 yr old has married a man of her grandfather’s age her dewar tej singh bundela.
All shocked

Mai continues her tantrums saying if Mukta is here then where is she?? call her now. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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