17th September Monday Update on This is Love


17th September Monday Update on This is Love

The Episode starts with Mrs. Bhalla worrying for baby and recalling Swati’s words. Mrs. Bhalla cries and hugs the baby. She goes to the kitchen and adds the poison in the milk. She recalls Swati’s words. Simmi looks on. Mrs. Bhalla knocks the door. Raman and Ishita see her. Mrs. Bhalla gives her the milk glass. Simmi says mumma took the milk glass, don’t know if she can feed Ishita, she looked nervous. Mrs. Bhalla comes out of the room with the empty glass. Simmi says I can’t believe this that mummy fed poison to Ishita. Parmeet says blood is blood, I knew she will do this for Adi. Mrs. Bhalla cries.

Simmi goes to Mrs. Bhalla and asks what happened, calm down, why are you crying, tell me. Mrs. Bhalla goes. Parmeet says I have to see what happens in the morning. Its morning, Mr. bhalla comes from market and talks to Mrs. Bhalla. She goes out. He says what happened to her today. Mihika says Adi slept peacefully yesterday. Mrs. Bhalla comes. Ruhi greets them and asks where is Ishimaa, she wakes up early. Parmeet thinks she will wake up if she is alive. Mrs. Bhalla gets dizzy. Raman holds her and asks are you fine. Mr. Bhalla says maybe she isn’t keeping well. Raman asks are you fine, you behaved strange last night, I will call a doctor. She says no, I m fine. He says Ishita is sleeping, she will come in some time. Pihu greets them and says I want to stay at home and play today. Mihika says but he is sleeping. Ruhi says go and get ready for camp, you can play later. Pihu says someone has to drop me. Raman says I will drop you, we will take Ishita along. He asks are you fine Maa. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, you go. Parmeet thinks I can’t wait anymore.

Mihika asks Aaliya to see baby is awake. Aaliya says lets take him to everyone. Mihika says yes, I will change his diaper. Raman says he is in a good mood today. Mr. Bhalla says he is smiling today. Raman says Ishita was upset seeing him cry, she will be glad seeing his smile. He asks Pihu if her list is ready. Mrs. Bhalla says let Ishita sleep, go to Kshitija and take her card. Raman asks Neelu to go and wake up Ishita. Neelu goes. She comes back and says Ishita isn’t waking up. Raman asks what and runs upstairs. Ruhi shouts Ishimaa and asks her to wake up. Raman gets shocked when Ishita doesn’t respond. Ruhi shouts Ishimaa, get up, what happened to you.

Everyone hears Ruhi shouting and run upstairs. Mihika asks did anyone call the doctor. Mrs. Bhalla comes there. Mr. Bhalla says maybe Ishita fainted, she will get fine. Everyone cries seeing Ishita. Amma and Bala come there and get shocked. Amma asks what happened to Ishita, Raman do something. Parmeet asks Simmi why are you upset. Simmi asks did you see mumma, I m worried for her, this stress can affect her health, she is my mum, not a murderer, if police knows this, she will go jail. He says we had to get rid of Ishita, we used mummy ji, don’t spoil the plan, you are worried for mummy ji, go and shed tears for Ishita’s death, we had to take revenge and did that, we don’t know anything else, okay.

Raman sees everyone crying and says nothing will happen to Ishita. He lifts Ishita and takes her. Mrs. Bhalla says stop, she is dead, I killed her. Raman and everyone get shocked.

Mrs. Bhalla crying. Raman checks Ishita’s pulse. Amma says you can’t do this, you love Ishu a lot. Mrs. Bhalla says I did this. Raman says you are lying. She says that milk which I have given her had poison in it. Raman asks why will you do that. She says so that Adi isn’t affected by her evil presence. Mr. Bhalla says we know you can’t do this. She says I did this, you can punish me, I did this. They all cry. Raman says someone else did this, you are defending Parmeet, he is blackmailing you, he will accept it. He asks Parmeet to say he did this. Mrs. Bhalla says leave him, he didn’t say anything to me, I have done all this, she has killed my Adi, we got Adi in this baby again, his soul didn’t get peace.

Raman asks who filled this hatred in your mind, what are you saying. Mr. Bhalla says who is behind this, tell me, you are the bad shadow, she killed your bahu. Amma says she did a lot for you, you killed her. Raman says who told you to do this. Mrs. Bhalla says Swati Shukla. He asks who is she. Amma says that woman came to meet Bala and told Swati’s name, you went to meet her. Mr. Bhalla asks what did you do, you should have told me. Simmi cries and says poor mumma. Parmeet stops her and says keep your mouth shut. Raman says I want Swati here. Parmeet says Bala, I think we should call ambulance, we should arrange her final rites. Raman says don’t interfere, Ishita is my wife, last rites won’t be performed till I find the truth, Bala call Swati right now. Bala goes.CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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