17th September Monday Update on True Love


17th September Monday Update on True Love

Episode starts with the policeman telling Icha that everything depends on your witness. Asks her to sign some papers.
She reads her statement about being an eye-witness to the molestation and that she will come to court to testify in this case.
Icha signs her statement. Mukta looks at her and smiles through the tears.
Icha tells the policeman that she will witness, definitely witness in court. She’s like a daughter to me… I will get justice for her.
Mukta starts crying again.

Mai gets a call she says I’m Yuvi’s grandma… who are you?
She’s told something from the other side and she gets worried.
Veer comes down the steps and asks what happened?
Gunwanti says, Yuvi is under arrest. (Tej listens to this from behind the curtain).
Veer says, NOW what did he do?
Gunwanti says, they didn’t tell me anything… but asked us to come to the police station immediately.
Veer says, I don’t know when will this boy let me live in peace.
Veer asks Gunwanti not to worry and goes to the police station.
Tej asks Gunwanti, what happened? Gunwanti doesn’t answer.
Tej says, Thakur Yuvraj Singh has been arrested?? He must have shown some manhood! Right?
He has Thakur Baldev Singh’s blood in him after all!

Jogi comes to the police station and yells for Mukta. Mukta goes and hugs him and cries… Jogi consoles her. Mukta keeps repeating, it wasn’t my fault Barey Papa… I’m really sorry.
Jogi asks who was it? He yells WHO WAS IT. The police says Yuvraj Singh Bundela and he’s shocked. Icha’s crying. Jogi looks at Icha and Icha averts her eyes.
Police tells Jogi he tried to molest this girl… she was lucky that Ichaji saved her. Ichaji has given her statement, and now we will go ahead with the proceedings.
Ichaji’s witness has made the case stronger. If everyone is a strong witness like her, then the criminals would never get away with crimes.
Mukta says, Barey Papa, she saved me… but it’s not my fault. She keeps repeating I’m sorry.
Police asks them to wait a little while… the case papers will be ready by then and we will give you a copy of the FIR.
Jogi thinks, Icha not only saved Mukta… but she’s going to witness against her own son? Yuvraj?

Mai tells Tej to stay away from Yuvraj as he’s her grandson. She says I won’t let another Vansh come in this house… since you came in this house, the peace of this house has gone away… the purity of this house is stained… please let us live in peace… stop interfering in Yuvi’s life, stop ruining his life?
Tej says, I don’t need to do anything to him… he’s already ruined. The boy is already ‘enjoying’ his life at this age… he yells at the sky, Baldev Singh is enjoying with ‘apsaras’ in the sky, and his grandson is doing the same down here… and I’m in the middle.
Tej says, Yuvraj has the ‘spark’ in him already… I just have to give some air to it and then the fire will take this house down. When this house burns down with that fire, then only I will get some peace in my hard… because I’m the illegitimate son of this house’s ‘ayyash’ father.

Veer asks the police that his son has done such a serious crime? The police says, yes we have evidence AND witness… and that too an eye-witness!
Have you come to meet your son or bail him out??
Veer says, no inspector, I’m ashamed of myself!!
How can my son do such a thing to a girl??
Policeman says, the bail doesn’t happen very easily in such cases, and anyway the court is closed for the next couple of days (I think for the weekend lol).
Veer says, no I won’t bail him out… nor will I help him get released. Just because he’s my son, doesn’t make his crime any less!
Inspector, can I please tell me where the girl is? I want to meet her.
The police says, I will take you to meet with the girl and her family.
I must tell you one thing though, your son has done a hideous crime, but I will remember today’s date… usually rich people come to ‘buy’ the law, but you…

Icha gets a cup of tea in the police station for Mukta. She wants Mukta to have it, she will feel better. Mukta takes the cup. Jogi also asks her to drink.
A lady police comes and gives them a paper to read and sign – I think it’s Mukta’s statement. Jogi reads it first and gives it to Mukta to sign. Mukta signs it. The policewoman takes it away.
Jogi consoles Mukta again and gives her the tea. Icha walks a few steps away from there… Jogi comes to her and says, I cannot even imagine what’s going in your heart right now… Life’s thrown you in hardest of situations and you’ve always done something that makes me proud of you. I am so sorry that you’re the eye-witness to this incident… and with your statement, your own son will be known as a criminal in this world.
Icha says, Papa, if there was someone else instead of Yuvi, would I have had a second thought? Would you have forgiven him? No right?

Just because he’s my son, his crime doesn’t become smaller.
I only did my duty… and kept a promise! And you’re the one who taught me, that we should take truth’s side ALWAYS!! If instead of Mukta it was Meethi or another girl, I would have taken the girl’s side, not my son’s…
Don’t go weak, Papa… because you’re my strength… please don’t be weak.
Jogi says, I am proud of you my daughter… my daughter is great. He kisses her forehead and hugs her.
Police comes and tells Jogi, Yuvraj’s father wants to meet you. Jogi/Icha shocked…
Veer comes but Jogi stands in front of Icha and hides her. Veer folds his hands in front of Jogi and goes to Mukta. He sits next to Mukta and apologizes. I know what my son has done, is unforgivable… even then, if you can – please forgive me. Icha comes out from behind Jogi and stands besides him.
Veer looks up and is shocked to see Icha with Jogi.
He stands up goes to them and says, Teacherji what are you doing here? Icha says, Veer she’s like a daughter to me.
Veer says to Jogi, Thakur Sahab I don’t know how to say sorry to you… I am embarrassed to say that the boy who did this hideous thing, is my son. My son!!CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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