18th December Wednesday Update on True Love


18th December Wednesday Update on True Love

Akash & Meethi sleeping in their room. Meethi sees the same dream that Iccha had seen. She wakes up perspiring in fear. She doesn’t understand the meaning of the dream and wakes up Akash. He fakes coughing and she goes to get water for him.

Doctor is operating on Tapasya. He checks the monitor and goes out. Everyone notices him coming out.

Meethi is in the corridor. She says its so dark. I will tell Maiyya to put some light here. She sees the wall painting and is disturbed. Right then, she hears a noise and is taken aback. She gets scared and wonders where it is coming from. She is all lost in the home and doesn’t even know where the kitchen is. It’s a complete bhool bhulaiya. She comes in some corner and sees a web. She again hears the noise and becomes scared. She asks who it is…who is knocking. She thinks she is dreaming. But then someone passes by (shadow) and she becomes alert. She asks if someone is there. Looks around and sees axes and such stuff and then looks back at the door. Someone is banging non-stop.

She is about to open the door when Maiyya puts her hand on her shoulder. She jumps back in fear and tells her that you scared me. Maiyya asks her what is she doing here and takes Meethi away from there. She repeats her question. Meethi tells her that Vishnu was coughing so she came to get water but doesn’t know where the kitchen is…she is lost.

Maiyya hands her water and says I was bringing it for you only. She asks her not to come to this side of the palace. Here only the wind talks.
Meethi is unsure but nods and goes away. Maiyya looks angrily towards the door and someone (shadow) is seen on the other side (of a lady most probably).

The doctor comes out and informs Rathore that Tappu has lost a lot of blood. She is very critical….we immediately need to give her blood. Rathore asks him not to say like that. You tell me what you want…best doctors, medicines from anywhere in the world. I will get it for you. But you can’t lose hope.
Doctor tells him that he is just a doctor, not God.
Rathore tells him not to say this to him. Its all because of that God only that my Tappu is in that condition. For me there is no God, its only you. You tell me what you want. Raghuvendra Rathore has never folded his hands in front of anyone, but I’m doing it now. I beg of you to save Tappu.
Doctor asks him to control himself. Jogi too asks him to control himself as the doctors are doing their best to save Tappu. Nothing will happen to her. He then goes to console Divya.

Meethi is back in her room and Akash is till coughing. She gives him water and he notices that she is sweating. She shares that it is so dark outside, she was scared. I was in the corridor when I heard someone banging on the door. Akash starts coughing and he becomes alert.
Meethi tells him to be careful. She asks him how wind can knock at a door. She then shares her dream with him and asks him why she saw it.
He smiles and says there are bad dreams and there are good dreams. Don’t take it seriously and asks her to sleep.

Meethi says she is not sleepy now. You talk to me right now. I am missing ma, anni and everyone at home. When will they go back? And to Switzerland….for their honeymoon? How many more days will they have to stay here?
Akash becomes angry and twists her hand. He asks her what her problem is. Is she not liking the haveli….or has any problem with anyone in the family or with his mother? She is hurt and starts crying.
She says she dint mean it that way. She was just missing home and ma that’s why she said it.

Akash starts laughing and says my dearest princess do you think I would get angry at you. I was just kidding. He hugs her and tells her that Nirbhay bhaiya told me that a new telephone booth has been put up some 20 kilometers away from here. We will go there and speak to your ma soon.
She becomes happy and asks for promise. He kisses her outstretched hand and tells her not to be scared when he is with her. She tells him this place is so weird…its so quiet and peaceful in the morning while at night. Akash asks her to leave all that and sleep as she has to get up early tomorrow morning as it is her muhdikhayi. She happily nods in a yes.

Meethi sees Vishnu coming in bathed and she asks him how come he is all dressed up in the morning. He tells her that he had gone out with Nirbhay bhaiya in the morning and had bathed there only. She teases him isn’t he ashamed of taking bath in the open. He tells her that it is a village….here there is no need to be ashamed of anything. And tells her that from tomorrow onwards she too has to get up early as it is the tradition of this house.
She says…its all so weird, I don’t like it. Even Kajri didi said that about tradition and that she cant go out alone or on her own will, anywhere. And I dint like when they scolded her. If anyone does that to me, I will scold them back.

He holds her in a romantic embrace and starts complimenting her on her beauty. She again asks him when will they go back home. His smile fades but then says that today is her muhdikhayi ritual, after that only. She asks him about it. He says you are totally mad…you don’t know this ritual?
Akash then explains Meethi….when a girl comes to her in-laws house for the first time then her muhdikhayi (ritual of showing her face for the first time) to all the relatives and people of nearby villages, happens. So that she is safe from everyone’s evil eyes.
Meethi laughs at him…evil eye? You still believe in all this? Its not true…you are mad.
Maiyya calls out to Akash. He tells her he has to go and she continues laughing saying he has gone totally mad.

Meethi notices something weird or as if someone is watching her. She turns around and first looks at the painting and then around the room. On not finding anything, she gets back to dressing herself (vermilion in her forehead).

Maiyya is shown watching all this from a hole in the wall (which is in the painting which had first fascinated Meethi). She is angry and says….she is smiling so much but she doesn’t know that its me, who has casted an evil eye on her happiness. She doesn’t know that she will have to repay for each and every second / minute that she is enjoying. That Iccha’s daughter will have to repay it. She stays firm while her sister looks on.

Mamaji is making the kundli thing with rice and supari. Akash and Nirbhay is sitting with him & all the ladies come downstairs with Meethi (her head covered with a veil).
Pavitra sees her face and compliments her on her beauty. You have told us that you look just like your mother…Iccha. Meethi nods happily. Pavitra says we have seen you already but today it is a tradition that’s why we are doing this. Right jiji?
Gomti replies that it is jiji’s first right to see her.

Meethi asks her where the other people are. Vishnu had told me that there will be many people.
Gomti shushes her and tells her not to say it in front of jiji as she doesn’t like strangers coming over. And bhaiya gave today’s mahurat so that’s why.

Maiyya descends downstairs and all look at her (a plate with a glass of water & 2 apples). She sits next to Meethi and has stoned expressions. In a satiric tone, she says our daughter-in-law is very beautiful, we should ward off all the evil eyes from her. Her music is playing in the background.
Maiyya removes the veil of her head (rather throws it back). She looks angrily at the vermilion in Meethi’s forehead and her jewels. While Meethi smiles in anticipation.
She holds the glass of water and throws it at her face. All are taken aback while Meethi is shocked.

The men get up from their places and Meethi cannot fathom what just happened. Maiyya says now its fine. All evil eyes will stay far from her. Meethi is speechless while Maiyya explains the ritual to her. It is the tradition of their village. We should remove all the color from the new bride and make it all colorless for her. Then she will be safe. The vermilion flows down with the water.

Meethi asks Akash who bows down his head and doesn’t reply. Kajri gets towel for her and Meethi thanks her. Maiyya says that a red color is the sign of immense happiness in a woman’s life. She takes her balaiyan and gets up. Meethi takes her blessings and afterwards, she leaves. All 3 sisters leave from there. Scary music is playing in the background & Meethi is baffled at the turn of events. Akash smiles at her (in a sense to reassure her).

The doctor comes out of OT. Jogi asks the doctor if the operation was successful. He replies that they had to stop it midway. Iccha & Veer are also there. She asks how he could do it.
Jogi wants to know what he means. Doctor clarifies that her condition is very critical. The bullet has passed through her heart, injuring the artery. She is in a very serious condition. Jogi, Divya and everyone else is shocked.

Iccha folds her hands and begs him to do anything but save her friend. Doctor asks her to calm down. They are doing everything they can. The operation has been stopped but the treatment hasn’t. I want to discuss this with other doctors as well and then select the proper line of treatment. He asks for Rathore. Jogi tells him that he has gone to the admin with their other doc to complete the necessary formalities. He leaves saying that he will meet him there only. iccha again asks him to save Tappu.

Mamaji compliments Meethi that she is a girl with very good morals. She dint feel bad of the ritual. In this house, we consider a daughter-in-law as our daughter. I respect women a lot that’s why me and my sisters stay here together.
Akash smiles and adds that mamaji’s heart is just like Maiyya’s. he has told us stories about this palace and Aatishgarh since childhood. Do you want to listen as well? CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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