19th December Thursday Update on Young Love


19th December Thursday Update on Young Love

Ganga asking Nandu what is the matter? Even Anandi insists him to speak his heart out. Nandu says I don’t want Maa to stay with Niranjan. I don’t need anything rather than my Maa. I won’t let her go anywhere. Dadisaa gets thinking.

Alok asks Subhadra, do you wants to kill my daughter. Subhadra says I said her nothing. Meenu asks what is the matter. Alok says Buaji was provoking Saachi to commit suicide. Subhadra says Saachi is like her child and starts crying. She holds Alok’s responsible for Saachi’s doings. Anoop asks Alok to talk with respect. Subhadra says I just said that Saachi should not have married in that house.

She starts acting and cries. She leaves from the room. Anoop blames Alok for making Subhadra cry and says you should be ashamed. Alok says you are seeing her tears and not Saachi’s pain. They argue. Ira and Meenu ask them not to fight. They start verbal fight. Saachi looks on tensedly and asks Ira what is happening here? Ira says I will tell you later and goes to Alok.

Anandi tells Dadisaa that she don’t want to leave from here. Dadisaa says what to do now. We have to know what is going in Nandu’s heart. I will call you if needs be. Dadisaa asks them to go now. Shiv says we hope that we shall be with you. Dadisaa says everything will be fine. Daddu says we will pray. Anandi meets Gehna and asks her not to worry. She hugs her. Gehna cries. Anandi hugs Dadisaa and bids them bye.

Gehna’s mom says we will leave too. Dadisaa assures her that everything will be fine. Gehna’s mom says we are sure that everything will be fine as Gehna is your daughter now. Gehna’s parents blesses her and leaves.

Anandi, Shiv, Daddu and Amol are in the car. They discuss about Nandu’s worries. Daddu says everything will be fine. Daddu plays game with Amol. Anandi gets a call from Shiv’s friend wife Mandira. She invites Anandi for kitty party. Anandi says I can’t confirm now. Mandira insists her to come.

Vivek comes home. Suman opens the door and asks about his trip. Vivek tells that it was good. He asks about Saachi indirectly. Suman tells him that Saachi left for her mother’s house and asks when she will come. Vivek smiles. Suman asks the reason. Vivek says if she would have been here then you could keep an eye on her, but she is free and can do anything. He goes inside. Suman thinks I thought he would feel bad, but…….

Meenu tells Ira that both brother don’t eat these days. Ira says she couldn’t enjoy when went to her friend’s place because of Alok and Anoop. I was afraid of their fights. Meenu says I also came back from my Bhaiyya and Bhabhi’s house because of Anoop. Ira says they are still childish. We have to get the solution soon. Meenu says I am with you Didi. Subhadra hears them and thinks your husband’s childish fight will take my revenge from Anandi. I will break your strength and unity to clear my way.

Nandu sleeping with photo frame in his hand. Gehna takes photo frame from his hand and sees their family photo with Basant. She gets emotional and caresses Nandu’s head. Nandu asks is this night. Gehna nods in a yes. She asks him to come downstairs. Nandu says sorry. She says I brought you here as Niranjan is not a good guy. You please don’t go to him. Gehna asks why he is a bad man. Nandu says he didn’t do anything. Gehna asks him to have food. Dadisaa comes and looks at them. She tells Nandu to go as she will come with Gehna in sometime. Gehna tells Dadisaa what to do. Dadisaa asks her to have patience as Devimaa will find a solution soon. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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