18th December Tuesday Update On True Love


Tappu and Ichha meeting on the middle of the road where Tappu tells Ichjha about Veer in danger and both starts running towards the construction site At home, Daddaji is fuming in anger over Ichha leaving the puja in between and going out without informing anyone and so he decides that he will give all his property and land in his waaris(Tappu’s baby)’s name but till the baby turns 18 ,the care taker of his entire land and property will b Tappu and Veer ;Hearing this Umed protests since he feels that this right should b given to Ichha and not Tappu on which Daddaji tells Umed that Ichha has failed in her responsibilities by leaving the puja in between and going out without telling anyone and also its Tappu who is giving waaris to this family while Ichha gave them nothing and so Tappu is the deserving candidate ;Mai then asks Daddaji to get back in the puja without thinking much about what Ichha did …

Ichha and Tappu r still running on the road hand in hand when Tappu feels stomach pain ;So Ichha asks Tappu to go back home while she will alone manage everything ;Hearing this Tappu is a bit skeptical to go back since she doesn’t want to leave Ichha alone in this mess but Ichha assures her that she will b able to handle it ;So then Tappu almost pleads in front of Ichha to save Veer ;Tappu also tells Ichha to contact her in case she is in some difficulty on which Ichha says yes and then Tappu leaves…

Mai comes to Tappu’s room to feed her and thinks that Tappu has already gone to sleep after she mistakes those pillows under the bedsheet as Tappu in sleeping mode ;So she goes out of the room thinking its better not to disturb her … Ichha reaches the construction site but is denied the entry there by the watchman when she calls up Tappu and asks her what to do on which Tappu casually tells Ichha that just tell the watchman that u r Veer’s wife..simple;

So then Ichha tells the watchman that she is Mrs.Veer Singh Bundela and hearing this the watchman instantly gives her entry inside the construction site Inside the construction site,Saanchi signs few papers after which Veer asks Saanchi to wait for sometime so that they all can go home together on which Satya tells Veer that Saanchi left the puja in between to come here and so its not right to keep her waiting here and so he will drop her home ;So Satya asks Veer to look after the work there in the upper floors while he will drop Saanchi home ;Veer then takes that trolley type lift of the construction site to go to the upper floor while Satya asks Saanchi to execute the plan with her own hand which they hv decided (The plan mayb to cut the lift rod so that it comes crashing down );CONTINUE READING FROM NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW.


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