19th December Wednesday Update On Young Love

At KB, All are sitting. Nattu informed he put ansh luggage in alok’s room. Shiv wondered y! alok said he forgot that they gifted their bedroom to ansh. Dadu made fun of ira n alok’s age, they are taking small room as they don’t have to walk so much. All laughed. But anandi said she already got their special love n care. shiv too denied to take the room n supported anandi. All are happy. Ira told anandi to take rest as they have holika in evening.
In her room, Anandi looked at the wall photo of singh’s family n was very emotional recalling them(all Fbs are on ). She thought here all loves her too and she will give same love to them(shekhars).

At haveli, sumi n ganga, makhan were arranging a room (probably anandi’s). sumi got emotional seeing anandi’s old dress.ganga saw n sent makhan to look after mannu. Sh ecame near sumi. Sumi show her anandi’s childhood dress. She loved the dress, that’s y kept it from long. Ganga recalled anandi’s request to take care of singhs n her promise.ganga thought she shud prepare for holi arrangement so that all of their mind will be diverted. But bit hesitant if no one will like it. So she asked sumi indirectly abt holi. Then sumi recalled abt holi n wanted to do preparation. Ganga took the charge n thought she will make all happy.

Anandi was looking at ds’s “rudrakh mala”, in tears. Shiv came there n asked abt it. Anandi replied its ds’s jap mala which was her strength. She asked it as gift n ds gave it without any hesitation. Shiv teased her so she required strength to live with him. Anandi gave a faint smile n said she took it as she wants to feel ds’s presence every moment. Shiv tenderly held her cheeks n said jokingly she had the jap maal of the most spl ds of the world n the best guy in the world loves her, so she is the luckiest girl. Anandi smiles.

At haveli, ganga asked something abt holika arrangement to makhan n sent him for work. Ganag came to jagiya’s room where he was playing with mannu. He told ganga that mannu will learn more when he will go to school. Ganaga was happy. Ganga indirectly conveyed jagiya abt holika dehen while talking to mannu. Jagiya was still in upset mood. ganga explained mannu abt story of holika dehen. She made mistake while explaining. Jagiya corrected her as he heard from ds. Ganga asked him to explain to mannu. Jagiya was in lil joyful mood explained mannu. In between ganag asked y they celebrate holika till now. Jagiya said to burn the old memories n wrong things. Ganaga asked him to be in holika dehen. Jagiya refused. Ganga tried to convince him.
All were getting ready for holika dehen n wonder abt jagiya.ganag was sure jgaiya will come but ds was not. Ds noticed something missing in the puja thaal. Ganag went inside to take. Sumi missed anandi as she used to take care of every small thing. Ds too agreed. Ganag brought it n all went to holika. Ds asked all to start the puja. At that time , jagiya came and said he was a part of this puja. All happy.

At Badi haveli and KB:

Holika dehen pooja is happening simultaneously in both the families. All the rituals are shown. Anandi notices Meenu is upset, and Shiv cheers M saying that next time they will make sure Mahi attends holi with the family. Meenu feels comfy. On the other hand Ganga thinks to herself that this is the new beginning of her life. And she also feels proud that she could keep Singhs happy as promised to Anandi.CONTINUE READING FROM NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW.


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