18th February Monday Update On True Love


18th February Monday Update On True Love

Veer and Rathod confrontation where Veer returns Rathod’s wallet to him which contains Tappu’s photo but Veer does not see it and both leave from there …Veer goes inside the bank … Kanha complains to Ichha about her Ammo leaving and so mayb she too will leave him but Ichha assures Kanha that they wont leave when Ammo comes and tells Ichha that she does not want history to b repeated again as earlier also they made the same mistkae by staying in Jogi’s house for which they hv already faced enough consequences and so they cant do the same blunder again ;Ichha once again asks Ammo that why she had to leave Jogi’s house on which Ammo does not give her any reply but tells to herself that its better Ichha never comes to know the reason she had to leave the house because she is not even aware of what accusations were put against her ;

Ammo keeps telling Ichha that they cant Bhairo calls and Daddu picks up. He asks Daddu if any news about Shiv and Anandi as they didnt pick up and Dadis got worried. Daddu says, tell her get used to it. They went to visit that place.. not to talk on phone. Bhairo says, I understand.. but Dadisa is getting worried. Daddu says, I understand but we didn’t get any call either.. when we get call from them, we will tell Anandi to call there. Bhairo doesn’t tell Dadisa that Shiv Anandi didn’t call at Shiv’s house either thinking she might get worried. He just says.. they said same as what they were explaining her earlier that they have gone for honeymoon so must be busy. Dadisa prays for Anandi and Shiv’s safety. Police search for Shiv showing his photos, but no luck. It’s dark now and Abdul tells Anandi they will have to continue their search tomorrow morning.

Sumitra gets a scary dream of Anandi. She wakes up all of a sudden. Bhairo asks her what happened. she tells him about the scary dream and no one helped Anandi. She was alone.. Shiv wasn’t with her either. Bhairo calms her down. He says we didn’t talk with her after she left.. thats why we are worrying. But Shiv is with her.. nothing bad can happen. Sumitra says but she should have called at least. Bhairo says just think she is in Udhaipur only. Shiv takes care of her more than us.. nothing will happen. Sumitra says, you’re right.. shiv will never leave anandi alone.

Veer asks Tapu why Ichcha slapped her and what she said. He goes to ask Ichcha but Taps stops him and tells him that she was just telling Ichcha how when her child is born, Taps will be the badi ma and Ichcha can be the choti ma. She tells Veer that Ichcha didn’t like the idea and tells Veer that she will sort out the matter herself with Ichcha.

At the Thakur House, Damini is trying to call Ichcha who isn’t picking up. Divya calls out to Damini but she is lost in thoughts. When she comes later, Divya taunts her and tells her to go stay with her daughter since she is no use in this house any more. Jogi sees this. Later, Nani and Divya talk on the phone and Nani incites Divya against Damini. After the call, she notices a blank check written out by Jogi to Damini. Back at the Bundelas, Taps thinks abt the slap. Nani comes there and Taps falls into her arms crying. She tells Nani that she was right about Ichcha all along.