14th February Thursday Update On True Love


14th February Thursday Update On True Love

Tappu telling Rathod that she wants to marry him right now on which Rathod hugs her and accepts her with open arms and tells her that they will not marry this way but with all proper rituals after talking to her parents and trying to convince them about their relationship first as they mayb angry with her but he will try his best to forgive and forget the past ;Tappu is fine with his explanation…

Ichha is shown thinking ,about, the old guy’s confession and Avinash’s real face in the kitchen Damini again suggests to Ichha that they will go and inform about the baby in the police station as its a safe option on which a guy with umbrella comes towards them and asks them that “What is the guarantee that they will find the baby’s mother in the police station and what if the mother is not found there ,then what will happen to this baby “? …Ichha and Damini looks at that guy without any answer.

The new guy tells Ichcha and Damini that any mother who would leave the baby in the rain has already severed ties with it. He explains how he was in search of someone and the weather conditions forced him to stop here. He goes on about how curiously fate has landed the baby in their hands and how they were all meant to be here tonight. Damini is suspicious and questions him on who he is. He admits that he overheard them talking abt how they were leaving town and asks a favor of them that could fulfill the last wishes of a dying man. Ichcha asks him to explain. He describes how he is the servant of a rich, old man who is very sick at the moment. The old man’s only son married someone out of the caste and was kicked out of his house. The son later died, leaving behind his wife and child. In his final days, the old man is repenting and wishes to see his bahu and grandchild. He begs Ichcha to pose as the wife and bring the child with her. He says that the doc has already said the old man will not live more than two days. He leaves them alone to decide while he waits in his car.

At the Thakur house, Damini is worried abt Taps. Jogi asks her if she has even considered where Ichcha and Damini might be on this stormy night. At the Bundela house, all are blaming Ichcha when Kasa Kaka speaks up about what Veer said to Tapu. All understand that the child was never Veer’s and Ichcha was telling the truth. Ichcha tells Damini that they were leaving anyway, and they might as well save a man’s life along the way. Damini is unsure.