18th June Tuesday Update on Young Love

Daddu saying about the importance of being an army man and the respected associated with it. He says I am very proud of my son as he got a medal on the republic day. He says, I am very much happy today. He praises her. Door bell rings, Meenu goes to check and gets a courier. Meenu says, courier came from Military academy Dehradun. They are surprised. Meenu says, Mahi’s name is written on this. Anoop reads the letter and says it is for Mahi. It is written that his application has been approved for joining in army. He has to report in IMA and next week is his entrance test and if he qualify he have to go on a one year training. Anoop wonders when did Mahi do this? Mahi comes and says yes mom. I have applied to join in army. Everyone are surprised.

Sumitra tells Dadisaa that they have chosen 25 names for her great grand son. She asks her to keep a finger on the name. Dadisaa is blindfolded as she keeps her finger on the name. She tries to cheat but Nandu says no cheating. Everyone ask her to keep the finger on their favourite names. Dadisaa asks them to keep quiet and says I will put my finger on the selected name. She selects the name Abhimanyu. Next Gehna chooses the name Anirudh. Sumitra chooses the name Anmay. Ganga chooses the name Saaransh. Dadisaa asks Ganga to choose one name out of the four selected ones with Jagya.

Daddu asks Mahi about his sudden decision as he wanted to become cricketer. Mahi says, Cricket is my passion but when you told me about the army. I have decided to be an army man. Meenu says, you didn’t tell anyone. Mahi says, I wanted to give surprise to everyone. Anoop says, you have fulfilled my dream. You have made me proud. He hugs him. Everyone is happy. Daddu congrats him. Everyone congrats him. Shiv says, we are proud of you. Mahi asks Meenu, are you not happy with my decision? Meenu says I am happy but sad as you will go far away from me.

Ganga shows the name to Jagya. Jagya thinks which name suits the baby. He says, all the four names are suiting her. Ganga says, we have to choose only one name. She asks him to choose one name by being blindfolded. She closes their eyes and Jagya keeps finger on one name. They open their eyes and sees the chosen name Abhimanyu. They are happy.

Mahi is leaving for the IMA, everyone gives him a farewell with best wishes. Anoop says, It was my dream to see you as a army officer. Thank you for fulfulling my dream. I got two medals today. Mahi tells Saachi that he is proud of her as she is trying to rectify her mistakes. He meets everyone. Meenu blesses him with teary eyes and asks him to take care of himself. Mahi hugs her. He leaves.

Jagya is making the baby sleep and singing lori. Ganga sings along with him. Next morning, Jagya tells Ganga that he is leaving for hospital. Ganga asks Mannu to say what he has learnt just now. Mannu tells about A for apple etc. Jagya says good. He asks, do you want to go to school? Mannu says yes. Ganga says, I was thinking to admit him in school as he is going to be 2 years now. Jagya says, I will do enquiring in Nandu’s school and get a form. Ganga says, we have to give father’s name in school. Jagya says, it is not needed but later Mannu needs a father’s name. Ganga says, I was thinking if our family’s name get associated with him. Jagya says it is just a legal formality and Mannu is only my son. I will talk to the lawyer and fulfills the formalities. Later he will be known as Mahender Jagdish Singh. Ganga hugs Jagya. Jagya leaves. Ganga looks happily at Mannu. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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