17th June Monday Update on This Is Love

Simmi asking Raman to think for Pihu. He asks her to leave. He says I need some time to think. She says of course, think about it, it will be just for Pihu. She smiles and goes to Mihika. She says I hope he agrees. Mihika says lets see, Raman loves Ishita, but he loves Pihu too. Raman thinks of Ishita. He thinks of Pihu’s words. Simmi asks Neelu to get jaggery from the market. She waits and says I will talk to Raman. Raman comes and says I have decided, I will remarry. Simmi smiles. He says Ishita should know we don’t need her, I have to think as a father, Pihu is my world, I will do what’s right for her, I m sure.Simmi says I m so happy for you, you took the right decision, Pihu needs a mum and friend, you might get a good life partner. He says I will

just marry for Pihu’s sake, its best way to keep Ishita away from her. She says yes, Ishita taught her to call Ishimaa, who is she, she is doing big drama, I m really concerned for Pihu. He says I m doing this for Pihu. She says I will start finding a girl. He says I m just thinking. She says it takes time to find a girl, thanks, don’t worry, Ishita is clever, she will create a trouble. I will prepare breakfast for you. Mihika says so finally Raman has agreed for marriage. Simmi asks when did you start calling Raman jiju as Raman. Mihika says Ishita is not my sister, so he isn’t my jiju, he will marry someone else now, I know their divorce is imp, Ishita has challenged me, if I take Raman’s sign on papers, then she will sign too. Simmi says but she is clever. Mihika says she can do anything to save the company. Simmi says I will try my best this time, he has to sign.

Mihika says fine, I have an imp work, we have to find a bride for Raman, my friend married through an agency, there are high profile clients, you know…. Simmi says I have an imp work too. Mihika says we are quite busy. Simmi smiles and says I will be back. Simmi comes to Pihu. Pihu talks in sleep and asks Ishita not to leave her. Simmi wakes her up. Pihu says sorry, I won’t go to meet Ishimaa. Simmi says its fine, your problems will end, just smile, your mum will come to take care of you, we will get a new mum, Raman is going to marry again. Pihu says but Ishimaa is my mum. Simmi says Raman agreed to remarry, your new mum will come here, cry as much as you want to, come downstairs for breakfast. She thinks Pihu will tell this to Ishita now, I want this. Pihu says Papa will remarry and leave Ishimaa. She cries.

Amma asks Ishita to have food. Raṁan too leaves the food. Mr. Bhalla asks Raman to have food. Raman says I m not hungry, I m getting late for office. Simmi says don’t go office, the agency people will get proposals for you. They all get shocked. Mrs. Bhalla asks Raman why didn’t he tell them. Simmi says we were going to tell you, he decided this as Ishita has used Pihu, he is doing this to stop Ishita, I asked him to remarry. Raman says I want to do this for Pihu, I will keep Ishita away and find new investors. Mr. Bhalla asks are you sure. Ishita says I m married, I have children, I miss my husband and children, I can’t have food. Pihu comes there and hugs Ishita. She says why didn’t you listen to me, Papa will separate us.

Ishita says no one can separate us. Pihu says Papa is going to marry. They get shocked. Raman says yes, I want to marry, its my last decision, I want someone to give mum’s love to my daughter, I don’t want to keep any relation with Ishita. Pihu says do something, you are my mum, please do something. Amma says Raman will remarry, his wife is yearning for him here. Ishita says how can he do this, I m married to him. She takes Pihu and goes to Bhalla house. She asks how can you do this, you know this isn’t right. Simmi thinks she shouldn’t reveal about their relation. Raman says this is my personal matter, stay away from me and Pihu. He asks Pihu to go to her room. He scolds Ishita. He says you made fun of my feelings, I don’t want my daughter to become like you, stay away from my family, just leave.

Raman asking Ishita to stay away and just leave. He says I won’t go office, I will be at home, Simmi make me meet the one coming home, prepare for the marriage, I want to get married soon. Ishita cries. Raman comes to his room and gets angry. He says Simmi is saying right, I don’t want that woman in my life. He hurts his hand. He gets the first aid box. He sees injection and recalls Ishita. Ishita asks what’s wrong, Raman doesn’t remember, but you all know it, is it right to get him married, did anyone ask him, who is his wife. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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