18th November Monday Update on True Love


18th November Monday Update on True Love

Shraddha calls Mukta and shares with her that she told her in college that she has met Vishnu off campus (college). She now remembers him and states that she also remembers that his name is not Vishnu, its Akash, Akash Chatterjee. Mukta notices a shadow passing by her home. She looks around but can’t see anyone.Shraddha says she has proof and tells her that Akash is not a nice guy but a very dangerous guy. He can ruin Meethi’s life. Mukta asks if its true and asks Shraddha is she can come and meet her at the hostel right now? She agrees.

Mukta reaches hostel. She calls Shraddha who tell Mukta her room no. (7th floor, room no. 702). Guard stops Mukta from entering college as the timings are 7-9.30 pm. Meanwhile, Shraddha’s doorbell rings. Thinking it to be Mukta she opens the door & is shocked. Other side, Mukta is trying to enter the hostel but has forgot to bring her ID or purse also. So, the guard still refuses to let her go in. The guard agrees that if he can speak to Shraddha and she agrees, he will let her go. Mukta tries her no. But its switched off. She wonders that she had just spoken to her and how come its switched off now. She wonders the same and hears a noise to find that Shraddha has fallen on top of a car and blood is oozing out of her mouth.

The guard and other girls of the hostel come out and all wonder how this happened. All are equally shocked. Mukta backs in fear and shock. A hooded guy is shown in the balcony above looking down at Mukta. Mukta looks above but doesn’t see anyone. The figure moves to the back of the college and slowly removes its gloves. Now police arrives and asks everyone to move away from the crime scene. Vishnu removes his hood to reveal himself. He calls someone and thanks her for informing him at the right time to save himself. The girl’s silhouette is shown and she replies that we have promised to be together always so how could she not help him now? Vishnu thanks the mysterious lady and disconnects the call. He thinks aloud that Mukta can’t win against me as destiny is with me now.

Scene shifts to Shraddha being taken away on the stretcher and Mukta is wondering at the sudden turn of events. Police question about Shraddha whether she was depressed or had suicidial tendencies. The girl says no, she was rather inspirational girl and very jovial. Mukta rejects the suicide theory and thinks that someone tried to kill her but why and if it is Vishnu/ Akash? She is confused as she doesn’t know who to tell.

Veer’s Room:

Veer is saying to Amla I do not understand what is right orwrong the this point. Amla tells him that she has decided to leave. I know that the path would be tough but I cannot move forward in my life by stepping on someone else’s dreams. Mai comes and stops her from going anywhere. She says that its your home, your life not Iccha’s. To which Amla replies that though I’m illiterate but I know that Veer is Icchaji’s husband that today I renounce all my rights upon him. She removes her mangalsutra and gives it to Mai. Veer thanks her for whatever she has done for him, the house and the whole family. He states that he will take care of her from now onwards. Mai tells him that Iccha cannot enter this house. Veer leaves saying he will all see who will stop him now.

Mukta is back home. She’s remembering all the instances one by one. Shraddha talking about Vishnu/ Akash. Her seeing a shadow passing by her home. Reaching hostel and seeing Shraddha falling off from the balcony. She is worried if she should share it with someone and if yes, then with whom? She rules out barey papa and police.

Kanha and Surabhi enters the scene asking her to serve food as he dint have anything since morning. Sees Mukta tensed and asks her the matter. She tells him about Vishnu. All flashbacks are shown (Iccha showing her Vishnu’s childhood pic, her attempt at looking for the mark, the cheque, incidents related to Shraddha and her death). Mukta shares she doubts Vishnus is behind all this and is scared. Kanha says that if its not true then Meethi will again become old Meethi and will go very far from us and we wont be able to bridge the gap this time. Surabhi supports Mukta and asks him to check about Shraddha but not share anything with Iccha Ma yet but he says that its important to tell her and he will do that first thing in the morning.

Iccha shows Meethi all the jewellery that Ammo has saved money for till now. It represents their love and blessings. Meethi says she loved them all and they are awesome & thanks her. Iccha shows her her wedding dress. Kanha comes, stands by the door and watches them silently. Iccha opens something and goes back into flashback (it’s her wedding saree). Meethi asks about the same and requests Iccha to let her wear the same on her wedding as it is invaluable for her. Kanha leaves from there.

He tells Mukta that he can’t share anything with Maiyya right now. Mukta gets a call from Anita (college girl) and she is shocked to learn that the police think it to be a suicide as they could not find any proof against it. Kanha says that this means that Vishnu is free but Mukta counters him that Shraddha couldn’t commit suicide. Surabhi suggests all three to go the police station. Kanha agrees.

Iccha tells Meethi that the saree is very simple and inexpensive. But Meethi says that my mom married wearing it and I too want to wear it. Iccha agrees and Meethi leaves for college. Iccha self thought and remembers Veer and asks her to bless their daughter for her wedding & that she is going to wear the same saree in their wedding.

Veer reaches Thankur House, opens the gate and enters. He rings the bell. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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