20th November Wednesday Update on Young Love


20th November Wednesday Update on Young Love

Anandi seeing someone outside her house and wonders whether he is Palash. He puts torch light on her face to make sure that she doesn’t see his face. Anandi closes the window immediately and gets scared. She calls for Shiv. Shiv comes running. Anandi informs Shiv about Palash standing outside their home. Shiv opens the window, but doesn’t see anyone there. Anandi shows that he was standing behind the tree. Shiv rushes outside, but Palash seems to have left by then. Anandi looks tensed. He comes back and tells that one was there. Anandi says I am not lying. Shiv says I believe you. May be he left or hide from me. Don’t get scared of him. Anandi is sitting in her room when she gets Palash’s call. She picks it. Palash praises her beauty and says I saw you standing near the window. Anandi asks him why you are troubling me and disconnects the call. Palash uses so many phones and sim cards to call Anandi. He calls from another number. Anandi picks the call.

Palash tells her that you have to be with me now. Until when I will listen to your hello. Anandi asks what do you want. Palash says only you. I will take you from there on Diwali day and Shiv can’t be able to do anything. This is my promise to you. Anandi disconnects the call. Palash talks to Venus and says we have to live with each other. I know Anandi will agree, she have to agree. Anandi picks the Shyamali call from NGO. She tells about something. Anandi says ok.

Nandu gains consciousness. Gehna kisses him and gets emotional. Dadisaa asks how are you. nandu says fine and asks why I am here. Gehna tells him that niranjan rescued him risking his life. Nandu recalls the whole incident. Gehna says our blessings will save you always. Dadisaa thanks Niranjan. Gehna tells him that Mannu, Abhi and Bhairavi are waiting for him.

Gehna comes to Jagya and handover the letter written by Niranjan. Jagya reads and says it means Niranjan ji was leaving Jaitsar yesterday, but why? They assume that he is upset because of Gehna’s marriage proposal. Jagya says, what he would do without money. he didn’t get salary yet.

Jagya comes to hospital. Niranjan says I am going to market to buy apples for Nandu. Jagya smiles and says I will also come with you. He apologizes to Niranjan saying you had to stay because of Nandu. Niranjan sees the letter left by him. He says I don’t have any other option. He says I don’t want Gehna to get upset. I am feeling restless. I am worried for her. Jagya says don’t you want her to live a happy life. You should have ask taisa. Niranjan says Gehna ji is very good, caring and easy going, but I don’t want to force her. Jagya says, Nandu will be hurt if you leave now. Niranjan agrees to stay back until Nandu gets well.

Anandi thinks Palash is trying to scare her but she won’t get scared and handle the situation with strength. She gets Palash’s call again. She picks the call. Palash tells her good morning. He says your husband might have left for his office by now. Anandi shouts at him for speaking ill about Shiv. Palash laughs. Anandi says I have nothing to do with you. Palash says you are coming with me to Paris. Anandi is shocked and tells him not to dream about her. You can’t even touch my reflection and nobody can separate me from my Shiv. He calls her again. Anandi gets scared. She rushes out of her room and thinks no one is at home. She gets even more worried. She drinks water. Palash calls again on landline and mobile number. Anandi closes her ears and gets scared. she shouts no and runs inside.

Shiv comes home and holds her. Anandi shouts and hugs him. Shiv asks what happened. Anandi cries. She tells him that Palash is calling her repeatedly and troubling her. He told that he will take her on Diwali day from here. Shiv thinks it was good that I came back to take my phone else Anandi would have cried a lot. He tells Anandi that Palash can’t do anything. No one has the strength to separate us. Nothing will happen so calm down. Anandi hugs him again and cries. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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