18th September Wednesday Update on This is Love


18th September Wednesday Update on This is Love

The Episode starts with everyone scolding Simmi. Simmi says my daughter died because of this woman. Ishita says you know I didn’t kill her, it was an accident, Parmeet knew this that I went to jail to save Pihu, what did you do when you got to know this, you have sent Pihu to remand home, he wanted you to attack on us. Raman asks what’s wrong with you, he is using you. Mrs. Bhalla says he has taken advantage of Ananya’s death, he is doing this for you. Parmeet says enough, I m silent just to save Simmi, this was Simmi’s plan, I was just helping her, she wanted to avenge Ananya’s death. Simmi gets shocked.

He says when she has seen Adi keeps crying in Ishita’s arms, she made this plan, I stopped her, but she didn’t listen to me, now she is pretending to be shocked, Simmi I had to tell them the truth, I will go jail for your sake. Mr. Bhalla scolds him and goes to slap. Parmeet pushes him away and leaves. Everyone gets shocked. Mrs. Bhalla slaps Parmeet and asks how dare you raise a hand on him. Parmeet raises hand on her. Simmi says enough, no one will touch him. He says its good you trust him. Simmi starts slapping him. She says I helped you in all plans, you used me. She scolds and beats him. Parmeet catches her and says you were an emotional fool.

Raman beats Parmeet. Parmeet aims gun at them and says Simmi is equally at fault, she will also go jail if I go jail, now you will know the consequences of having enmity with me. He leaves. Raman says he said all those great things, it all got recorded, he has confessed, now he can’t get saved. Pihu says Papa and Ishimaa didn’t come, I m getting late, I will go and come. Kiran stops her and goes. Pihu goes home. Raman talks to inspector and asks did you get the recording, you have to find and arrest him. Pihu comes and asks why is everyone silent. Ishita says Adi is sleeping, so we are talking slow. Ruhi says you can get your belongings. She says you have to drop me to camp, get ready first, I will go and get idli Kiran made for my friends. She goes. Ishita asks everyone to try to talk to Simmi, she is in room. Simmi recalls Parmeet’s words and cries. She says I was mad to live with Parmeet, he did bad with everyone, I went against my family. She goes.

Pihu asks Raman and Ishita why are they silent, did they have any fight. They say no and argue sweetly. Pihu asks them to play some good music. Ishita plays music. They hear some song and smile. Raman and Ishita think of their good times. Pihu says I m going for one day, don’t trouble mum. Raman says yes, sure Dadimaa. They smile. Parmeet is on the way. He asks driver to be careful, just follow the car, don’t hit it. He says they have done wrong with me, I will teach them a lesson, Simmi slapped me and thinks I won’t do anything, Raman can’t save Simmi now. He misses the car and gets angry on driver.

Mrs. Bhalla asks did Simmi have food. Aaliya says she doesn’t want to talk to anyone. Mr. Bhalla says she has troubled us a lot, let her take some time, don’t worry, she won’t do anything wrong. Raman and Ishita come home. He says I miss school life sometimes. Ishita says I m tensed about Simmi, will she do anything wrong in guilty. She says I m seeing this since our marriage, Simmi loved him so much, she always supported him. He says Simmi is my sister, we will forgive her, we will bring her back to life. She says we won’t leave her alone. He says yes, look at your face, smile once in a while. He gets a voice clip. They hear the same song and smile. He says you like this song, I have set it as ringtone, come we shall go in now.

Mrs. Bhalla asks Mr. Bhalla to call someone to open the door. Simmi comes out. Ruhi asks where are you going, stop. Simmi says I will confess my crimes to police, I can’t live with guilt, Parmeet should be punished for his crimes. Ruhi says we will forget everything, you won’t go, else I will come along. Simmi says I want to fight it alone, don’t stop me. Ruhi says no, Parmeet has gun with him. Simmi says he can’t do anything, I behaved so badly with you all, I didn’t think what if something happens to anyone of you, I m doing right, nobody will stop me. Raman says Simmi is doing right, go. Ishita says Simmi, I m not stopping you, we want to come along. Simmi says I want to go alone. Ishita says we don’t want you to fall alone, we are with you. He says I m with you Simmi, you fought against us for such a long time. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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