18th September Wednesday Update on Young Love


18th September Wednesday Update on Young Love

The episode starts with Anandi teaching something to the women at NGo. Someone comes and introduces herself as Pramila. She says, I want to talk to this NGo’s incharge. Anandi says, this NGo doesn’t have any incharge. Pramila says, she runs a dance academy and gives a cheque to Anandi. She says, her students gave the money. Anandi refuses to take the money and says they never accepted charity as they believed in hard work. Pramila praises Anandi. She says, I want to buy the items made by these women. Anandi shows her the collection. She buys so many clothes and things. She gives her car and invites Anandi to come. Anandi says, I will com.

Doctor is going through Subhadra’s form. He hears some noise and rushes to Subhadra. Subhadra yells at the nurse. Doctor asks, what happened? Subhadra shouts at him for sending Lauki juice/ bottlegourd juice. Doctor says, it is very good for your pain. Subhadra says, she can’t stay in that room and can’t sleep on the mattress. She doesn’t give a chance to Doctor to speak. She asks him to get Tv, bed, bedsheet etc for her. Doctor looks at her with surprise. Subhadra asks him to send those items fast else she can’t stay. Doctor nods. He goes to his cabin and calls Dadisaa. He tells her about Subhadra’s demands and says we can’t handle her. Dadisaa is returning back home. He asks her to come back. Dadisaa says, she will come there now. She asks the driver to take a U turn and go to the hospital. She thinks Anandi sent big trouble for them.

Saurabh ties a thread on the vase and signs his mom. He then takes the thread on to the stairs. His mom signs him best of luck and calls Saachi. She goes inside. Saachi comes out of the kitchen with food plate in her hand. Saurabh pulls the thread and makes the vase falls on Saachi. Then he rescues her and gets hurt. Saachi gets shocked and calls Suman. Suman asks, what happened and see him bleeding. Vivek thanks Saurabh for saving Saachi’s life. Saurabh says, I am thankful to God as he gave me a chance to save Bhabhi. Vivek thanks him again. Vivek gets emotional and hugs him. Saurabh looks at his mom.

Subhadra continues to scratch her legs. Dadisaa comes back and tells her that why you don’t listen to Doctor’s sayings. She asks, what is this? Subhadra gives not interested look. Dadisaa asks her to listen to her carefully. She says, I won’t let her go easily. She asks Doctor to start with the treatment. Subhadra says, I am not a toy. Dadisaa asks the doctor to start the treatment. He gives her cow’s urine to Subhadra for drinking. Subhadra gets shocked and asks are you mad? Doctor says, it is good for your treatment. Subhadra says, I won’t eat. Doctor asks her to drink two drops. Subhadra pushes him and the urine’s glass falls on Dadisaa. Dadisaa gets annoyed. Subhadra says, your clothes got wet. Dadisaa says, I will tell your brother that you are not ready for treatment. Subhadra says no. She says, why to bother bhaiyya. Dadisaa asks her to listen to Doctor. Subhadra goes to her room. Dadisaa asks the doctor to call her if needed. Subhadra looks at her and thinks I splashed cow’s urine on yourself.

Pramila calls Anandi and tells her that the clothes got praised by her academy girls. Anandi thanks them. She invites her to the dance academy. Anandi says, it is not possible. Pramila requests her to come. Anandi agrees. Nurse brings cow’s milk again and gives it to Subhadra. Subhadra asks her to keep it. She throws it once the nurse leaves. She thinks I can sleep here, but can’t drink cow’s urine. Lets see who wins.

Jagya asking Dadisaa about Subhadra. Dadisaa says, she is very stubborn and refused to accept Doctor’s orders. She says, I made her understand with great difficulty. She asks Jagya to talk to that doctor. Jagya says, it is not right in interfere in his treatment, but I will speak to Dr. Agarwal. Ganga jokes with him.  CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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