19th April Friday Update on This is Love


19th April Friday Update on This is Love

Ruhi saying fine, I will come Nikhil. Simmi says I will help, go and get ready fast. Ruhi thanks her. Simmi stops Mrs. Bhalla and says we have to go market to get some things for sangeet. Mrs. Bhalla asks them to go and leaves for yoga. Aaliya says I will come along. Simmi makes Aaliya fall down. She asks Ruhi to go alone, she will stay at home with Aaliya and take care of her. Aaliya worries. Ruhi comes to meet Nikhil at the hotel. He says sorry, I can’t make plan at any exotic location, so I thought to have a date with you before marriage. She says this is so sweet, you think a lot for me, I love it, thanks. He says you love me a lot, we will stay happy after marriage. She says I m with you, I love you a lot, you just stay with me. He says you gave me a new life,

don’t ever leave me. She says I will always be with you. They say I love you and hug. He smiles and thinks I will take advantage of this love, I will snatch everything from them.
Raman asks Pihu to wait outside, they will meet her teacher. Riya comes and says my mum went for business meeting, your grades are good, teacher can’t say anything about you, it will be fun as your house has marriage. Pihu says yes, Ruhi got a pretty lahenga for me, she is the best. Riya says she is going to become my mumma, I can call you Maasi. Pihu asks why, I m not your Maasi. Riya says Maasi is mumma’s sister, Pihu Maasi. Pihu says don’t call me that, I will complain to Ruhi. She gets annoyed and goes.

Ruhi likes the decorated room. He says I had to do this, our love faced many problems, we need a beautiful memories, I planned this so that you don’t call me unromantic. She says that won’t happen, I love you, everything is just perfect. Nikhil thinks my revenge will be perfect. He holds her close and compliments her. He sweetly talks. He plays music and dances with her. Kuch to hai….plays…. He thinks to set her mood and see how she doesn’t get carried away.

Raman asks Ishita is everything fine. She says I feel strange, I m fine, but feeling wrong about Ruhi. He asks her to call Ruhi. She says I told Aaliya to take care of Ruhi. Pihu comes and says we shall leave home. Raman says teacher told good things about you, why are you upset. Pihu says Riya is calling me Maasi. Ishita laughs and says we will tell her not to call you Maasi. Raman hopes Pihu should never become Riya’s Maasi.

Simmi does Aaliya’s aid. Aaliya says Ruhi didn’t come till now, Ishita asked me not to send Ruhi alone. Simmi says she will come, shopping takes time. Aaliya says situation is different. Simmi takes phone from her and asks her to just take care. She goes. Aaliya calls Ishita from landline. Ishita asks what, I told you to be with Ruhi, she didn’t come till now, fine we are coming. She tells Raman that Ruhi didn’t come back home.

Nikhil holds Ruhi close to kiss. Ruhi gets away. He gets angry. She says not now. He says sorry, I missed you a lot and got carried away. She says don’t be sorry, its okay, its just few days to become husband and wife, then we will be together, we have to think of practical things, where will we live, I made entire list, did you get house. He says yes, Parmeet selected two, we have to final one. She says I will decide furniture and interior. He says enough, I m setting romance, you are saying this. They hug and profess love.

Raman asks Simmi why did you let Ruhi go. She says she went to designer. Raman asks Aaliya to call designer Aaliya calls and says Ruhi is not with designer. Simmi says call Ruhi then. Ishita says you call Parmeet and ask him about Nikhil. Simmi says don’t involve him. Raman shouts call him and ask, put on speaker, I have to listen. Parmeet says sorry, I don’t know, I m at office, maybe he went to find a house, is everything fine. Simmi says yes. He ends call and says daughter went to become unwedded bride and they are worried. Mani calls Raman and says that girl in asylum is not Nikhil’s relative, he is lying to get Ruhi’s sympathy. Raman says he is trapping Ruhi, she is not at home, can you find out. Mani says yes, I will try. Mr. Bhalla says don’t worry, Ruhi is sensible.


Ruhi says we have to file for Riya’s custody after marriage. He says I m very lucky, that’s so sweet, I didn’t think so. He sees Raman’s call on her phone. He disconnects it and thinks my work is not yet over. Raman worries. Someone rings bell. Nikhil says that’s a surprise, close your eyes. Ishita says I m getting tensed, I feel Nikhil’s intention is not good. Raman says Ruhi is disconnecting call. Mani calls him and says Nikhil swiped his card at hotel luxury, maybe Ruhi is with him.

Raman getting informed by Mani about Nikhil. He asks where is Riya, I have use her to save Ruhi, nothing will happen to Riya, I just have to take her alone, trust me. Riya comes. Raman asks her to come along. Riya says I have to play with Pihu. Ishita asks her to go now and play later. She asks Raman to be careful. He says today I will do everything my way and goes. Nikhil asks Ruhi to have champagne. She refuses. He says I didn’t know you don’t trust me. She agrees for having a drink. She asks him to order food and goes to freshen up. He says I didn’t get you here for a candle light dinner, you will pay for love and my insult. He spikes the champagne.

The lady says sorry I can’t tell you the room number. Raman says I have to meet my daughter. Riya says

he is my dad, I have to meet him. The lady tells them the room number. Ishita worries. Mrs. Bhalla asks her to calm down. Simmi asks them to stop it now, Ruhi has gone for shopping, she gets angry as you all don’t trust. She argues with Ishita. Simmi says Ruhi has really gone for shopping. Ishita gets Raman’s message. She gets shocked. She cries and stares at Simmi. She says Ruhi is in a hotel room with Nikhil, she lied about shopping, is that okay.CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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