19th April Friday Update on Young Love


19th April Friday Update on Young Love

Ganga is lost in some thoughts. Lal’s wife comes there with kheer. Ganga says she is not hungry. Lal’s wife tries, but Ganga says she is not hungry and if she was then she would have told her by herself. Lal’s wife then says, fine.. when Jagdish bhaisa comes… he will feed you. She is leaving and sees Jagya. Jagya takes kheer from her. Lal’s wife leaves.

Jagya sits beside Ganga and says, nothing new happened. We knew that was going to happen. We should be happy that we got blessings from bapusa. By not staying in that house, our relationship doesn’t end. Have faith in God.. everything will be fine. You tell me, did we do anything wrong? Did we do any sin by marrying? Ganga is quiet. Jagya says, don’t stay quiet.. give me answer.. I said in front of everyone that I love you.. and if you love me too, then is there anything wrong marrying each other? Ganga says, I didn’t want you to get separated from your family because of me. read full update with pictures only at Jagya says, I got answer.. and I haven’t separated from my family.. I was with them, and will always be. My love for them will never decrease. Now give me a smile. He has brought a gift for her. Saiyaaann song plays in the background. Jagya opens the gift and its bangles. He puts them in Ganga’s hand, and then feeds her. Ganga too then feeds him and feels shy. Jagya then kisses her forehead. He side-hugs her. Ganga seems relieved in Jagya’s arms.

Ira asks why no one is letting her go inside… Sanchi needs her. Meenu asks her to control herself.. doctor is with Sanchi.. her treatment is going on.. everything will be fine. Doctor comes out. Ira asks him right away how’s Sanchi. Doctor says, she is out of danger now. Ira asks if wound was too deep. Doctor says, it wasn’t too deep, but she lost too much blood.. it’s good that you put a cloth on it (thanks to Anandi) else matter could have been worse.

Sumi is thinking whether to call Anandi to tell her about Jagya-Ganga’s marriage, but she remembers Ira’s words. She says relationships don’t end like this.. she is my daughter.. if I don’t share my sorrow with her, then with whom will I share? She calls Annadi. Anandi goes on a side to talk to her. Ira notices it. Sumi asks Anandi how is her… she must have to suffer a lot because what Jagya did. Anandi says, I am fine.. but is everything fine there? Sumi says, no.. nothing is fine.. Ganga finally did what she wanted.. she married Jagya while ago in mandir. Anandi is shocked. Sumi then tells everything in details.. how Bhairo took their side.. brought them to their house to get blessings from Kuldevi. Anandi then says, I will talk to you later.. I am in hospital right now. Sumi asks, in hospital? why? Anandi says, Sanchi cut her wrist. Anandi hangs. Sumi is shocked!!

Anandi joins Shekhars back. Ira asks, so are you done talking to your family? She is very angry. She tells Anandi, you’re so hard-hearted person, no? You don’t worry about Sanchi at all. I told you clearly that you will either keep relationship with us.. or with that Jaitsar family. You didn’t listen to me and still kept relationship with that family. Sanchi tried to took her life.. and you’re talking with people because of whom this happened.. we thought you’re soft heart and sensible person.. but today I found that there is no heart in you.. there is a limit of everything.. how dare you not to listen to me and keep relationship with that family. Meenu tells Ira.. what are you saying? I agree that our relationship with that family is not as good as before.. but why do you want a daughter to break her relationship with her mother? We are worrying for our daughter.. then what’s wrong if Sumi called her daughter. Wouldn’t that family want to know how their daughter is? A nurse comes and says, Sanchi regained consciousness.. everyone goes in.. Anandi stands outside.

At Badi Haveli, everyone is in the hall. sumi comes down running there and tells everyone that Sanchi attempted to suicide.. she cut her wrist. Dadisa says, what are you saying? Sumi says, I talked with Anandi.. she was in hospital with her family so couldn’t talk more. Sumi is going crazy.. they must be blaming us.. I can feel how they must be suffering.. Bhairo asks her to calm down. Sumi says, everything happened because of Ganga.. she will never stay happy. Bhairo says, until we don’t know the truth.. we shouldn’t blame anyone. Sumi asks, how can you still take that Ganga’s side? Bhairo says, this proves.. how weak is her mind and she is. Sumi asks Bhairo how he can blame Sanchi for all this now. Dadisa asks Makhan to take out the jeep.. and she leaves to go somewhere.

Daddu is telling Sanchi to stop crying and control herself. Sanchi is crying and says, I don’t want to live now.. let me die. Alok says, have you gone crazy? You want to give your life for that betrayal. Daddu sends Alok out. Anandi is also in room now. Daddu asks Sanchi, what happened? Did we make any mistake? Did we hurt you? Then why you wanted to give us such punishment.. didnt you think what will happen to your daddu? Look at your mother’s condition.. what if anything had happened to you? Alok wasn’t angry.. it was his fear to lose you. Fear of your this condition. Meenu says, not just Alok bhaiya.. we all were afraid.. how did you take such a big step? Didn’t you think about your family? Sanchi says, what else could i do.. I don’t have any reason to live.. Shiv says, aren’t we a reason for you to live? Mum.. papa.. daddu.. you will have to take care of yourself for all of us. Sanchi asks, what were Jagdish’s relations knowing this? She asks what he said. Shiv says, we didn’t tell anyone about this. Sanchi says, then tell na.. tell Jagdish how much I love him.. I tried to give away my life for him.. he might come back to me. Please inform him. Shiv leaves from there. Sanchi now asks Daddu to call in front of her.. She says Jagya will come running here.. and everything will be fine. Daddu says, I will call, but first you take care of yourself.. you rest.. I will talk to him. Sanchi asks, you will talk to him, right? Anandi says in her mind, how can I tell everyone that I informed maa.. and Jagya must have found out about it now. Doctor comes and says, Sanchi needs to rest.. she says one can stay..

Jagya is playing with Mannu. Ganga is watching them. Jagya is running behind Mannu, but can’t catch him. Jagya says he is tired now. Ganga tells Mannu.. today he made doctor sahab tired.. he should get a prize for it.. she feeds him a laddu. Jagya says, and my prize? Ganga forwards her hand to feed him laddu as well.. Dadisa comes there and says, give him sweet.. Ganga drops the laddu. Ganga and Jagya are shocked. Dadisa says, celebrate more.. on others sorrow. Ganga and Jagya are shocked and confused.

Jagya is playing with Mannu. Ganga is making laddu and watching them. Jagya says today he can’t catch Mannu.. he has become a train.. and Jagya says that he’s tired now. Ganga says, Mannu should get a prize for it.. and feeds him the laddu. Jagya says, and my prize? Ganga forwards her hand to feed him the laddu as well, but before that Dadisa interrupts and taunts them to celebrate.. eat sweets over someone else’s sorrow.. tears. Jagya and Ganga are shocked and confused. Jagya asks what happened? Dadisa says, Anandi has to pay for what you did.. Jagya asks what happened. Dadisa says, Sanchi tried to commit suicide by cutting her wrist. Jagya and Ganga are shocked. Dadisa says, don’t show like you’re shocked. You stay busy in eating laddus.. and getting ur prize.. you have done such a good work in end. Be happy in your selfishness. Dadisa looks at Ganga now but doesn’t say anything. She then looks at Mannu and Mannu looks back with a smiling face. Dadisa leaves from there.


Sanchi is telling Ira that Jagdish will have to return to her and marry her as well. Ira says, you saw with your own eyes.. Jagdish filled Ganga’s maang. Sanchi says, he just filled her maang.. didn’t get married.. he didn’t take pheres or put mangalsutra.. so how can I believe that he’s married. Ira says in her mind, don’t betray yourself now.. remove Jagdish from your mind.. there is no hope in him coming back. Sanchi asks Ira.. jagdish will come back to me right? and marry me? Ira hugs her and consoles her.

Other side, Jagya is blaming himself. Ganga says, don’t say like that.. when you can help an outsider like me.. you can’t hurt your own family members. She now blames herself that she is bad luck.. and everything bad is happening after she came in Jagya’s life. Jagya says her not to blame herself.. it’s him who married her without asking. He tells her that his yes for Sanchi’s rishta was just for family’s happiness.. but he made mistake. He says he should have told Dadisa before taking such a big decision.. he made a big mistake now. He gets up and leaves from there. Ganga says to herself, doctor sahab realized his mistake that he should have told Dadisa before marrying.. now he will keep blaming himself.. and feel guilty from inside.. in reality the main problem is me.

Police come at hospital to take statement from Sanchi. Shiv says, she is not in that condition.. can you give us some time? Police says he understands and will come back later. Police leave. Ira asks Shiv if they have to do this.. Sanchi is already sad and she will have to say everything over and over to police.. court.. and if people find out then how Sanchi will face everyone.. whether they will find a guy who will want to marry Sanchi after finding out the truth. Alok tells Ira. let him do whatever he’s doing. Shiv says, I am also worried for Sanchi same as you.. I will try so police do their work quietly. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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