19th August Monday Update on Young Love

The episode starts with Amol watching TV and hears news about Jaitsar. New readers tells about Jagya contesting in the election. Buaji hears it carefully. News readers tells about Dadisaa killing Sooraj. Amol closes the TV in anger. Buaji says, your badi nani has become famous. Amol says, she didn’t do anything. Buaji fills his ears against Dadisaa. Amol says, she tried to save a girl. Buaji says, she is a criminal. Amol tells himself that he can’t accept anything against his badi nani.

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Dadisaa gives her statement to the lawyer. She tells him that she fires a bullet on Sooraj in order to save Gulli. Lawyer says, I have noted her statement. He says, we need Gulli’s statement. Jagya says, I will inform you if she regains consciousness. Dadisaa asks about elections. Jagya says, no need to do the preparation. Bhairov says, all the villagers are protesting outside the police station to free you. Dadisaa says, they are doing wrong. Basant supports the villagers. Dadisaa says, election is different. Villagers have to vote. She asks Bhairov to talk to Inspector that she wants to talk to the villagers.

Villagers protest outside the police station. Dadisaa comes out and folds her hands. Dadisaa requests them not to protest for her and appeals them to vote for their right. Villagers support Dadisaa and says you did the right thing to kill Het Singh’s son. They refuse to vote until she gets freed. Dadisaa asks them to vote. Bhairov and Basant make them understand to choose their right candidate. They agree to vote.

Het Singh mourn in front of his son’s photo. He is being informed by his men that all the villagers are protesting for Dadisaa. Het Singh gets angry and determines to punish Dadisaa. He asks them to kill Gulli.

Ganga asks Gulli’s parents to rest for sometime. She says, I am here to take care of her. They hesitantly agree. Ganga tells the guard not to let anyone go inside the ward. Killer comes to kill Gulli and tells the guard that Jagya is calling him. Guard leaves. He enters the ward and closes the door. He takes out a knife and cuts the oxygen pipe. Jagya sees the guard missing and tries to open the door. Killer attacks Jagya with the knife. Jagya fights with him. Killer begins to runs. Jagya asks Ganga to stop him. Ganga throws a chair infront of him and he falls down. Jagya asks why you tried to kill her.

Inspector comes and arrests him. Inspector praises Jagya for saving Gulli’s life. Jagya says, I can’t trust on my hospital security. Inspector gives him security guard. Jagya asks the constable to guard Gulli’s ward. Ganga says, I was scared for Gulli. Jagya says, Het Singh is behind this attack. We can’t take risk with Gulli’s life. She has the right to live her life. He says, we have to be careful.

Shiv calling Anandi. Anandi asks him about Amol. Shiv says, he is fine. He asks about Dadisaa. Anandi says, she is broken from inside. Shiv says, Dadi ji have her values and it is difficult to forgive herself. Anandi tells him about an attack on Gulli. She tells Het Singh might be behind this attack. Shiv asks her to be strong and take care of everyone. Anandi says, she is trying to become strength of the family. She disconnects the call. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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