19th December Wednesday Update On This Is Love

Ishita asking Roshni how did she get Guru ji. Roshni says I heard of traffic jam, and went with hotel guard to get him. Ishita smiles and thanks her. Romi goes to Roshni and asks what game is she playing, I don’t trust you, I have seen that man talking to you, he gave you some packet, you forced Adi to marry, he can trust you by your lies, I can’t trust you, tell me what’s in that packet. She shows him marriage photos.

He gets shocked. She says fine you don’t trust me. Adi and I spoke, I have no interest in marriage but if Gagan showed the pics to Ishita, Adi and Aaliya’s marriage would have not happened. Romi scolds her and burns pic. He asks her to stay away from Adi. He goes. Ishita talks to Mrs. Bhalla about arrangements. Mrs. Bhalla says nothing wrong
should happen. Mr. Bhalla says everything is fine, Shagun had bad friends, Romi we will go to Mani, and help in work. Ishita thanks Roshni for managing everything. Roshni says no, I just wish you all to stay happy. Ishita asks her to go and sleep. Roshni goes. Ishita says Gagan did not get pics, why.

Gagan slaps the man and asks who asked you to give envelop to Roshni, I told you to give it to Ishita. The man says Roshni was threatening me. Gagan says she has long tongue, she is talking a lot, we will see her, go and sit in car, just one man can help me in this, that’s Ashok, I think I have to take his help to teach lesson to Adi and Roshni.

Roshni sits crying. Raman sees her and asks did you not sleep till now, sleep now, you can tell me if you need anything. He goes to make tea. Roshni sees him in kitchen and goes to help. Raman says I m making coffee. She asks shall I make, Mihika taught me everything. He says fine, make it. She makes coffee. He says you learnt everything well, you are very smart. She says yes, even my mum says this. He asks why did you get sad. She tells about girls having no respect in Khandpur, they have no dreams and hope, they do what’s told to them. He says our country got freedom, but not country women, I don’t know why women don’t get respect in such areas, you are in city now, none will stop you from fulfilling dreams, what do you want to do. She says I want to get independent and qualified. He says its great, I think you should do this, who stopped you, I m with you. She says I want to become IAS officer. He says done, I promise after Adi’s marriage, I will get your admission done in academy, you will become IAS officer. She thanks him. He says maybe Khandpur’s thinking changes by your success, sleep now, there is much work tomorrow. He goes.

Its morning, Shagun asks Aaliya to wake up, see your mehendi lahenga. Aaliya says wow, its pretty. Shagun says yes, I selected this, check the mehendi designs. Aaliya gets glad. Shagun says I hope that replica lahenga comes on time. Aaliya says Ishita will get lahenga. Ishita calls the lady and asks for lahenga. She says thanks, I will come and pick it. She tells Raman about replica lahenga. Raman says I just hope everything is fine, Shagun will not agree easily. She asks him to come for breakfast.

Shagun talks to her friend. She asks her not to make it a big issue, try to understand. Mani hears her. Shagun says we will meet in coffee world. She complains to Mani about Amma. Mani asks her to forget this, Aaliya’s happiness is imp for us, just think about her, not all this. She says you are right, Aaliya’s happiness is most imp, I will not be quiet if anyone tells anything today, I have to handle my friends. She goes. Mani says Ishu and Shagun’s relation is strange, they fight when everything is happening right.

Romi says I felt mum and dad’s performance is best. Mihika takes Ishita to show something. Roshni has made mehendi by her hands. Ishita asks what, wow, so much efforts, I can’t imagine someone will grind mehendi and make this, we made readymade cones also. Roshni says it has chemical, we have fresh mehendi in Khandpur. Mihika says we will apply organic mehendi to Mrs. Bhalla. Mrs. Bhalla likes the mehendi. Ishita says Gagan did not come with your marriage pics, how will I get it. She asks Adi for Gagan’s number, I want to know her husband by seeing marriage pics. Adi worries and thinks Ishimaa will know everything by seeing pics. She says I m talking to you Adi, its a serious matter, I told Gagan, he did not get pics, once I get pics, I will find Roshni’s husband, I will teach him a lesson. Mihika says you said right. Roshni is a nice girl, bad should not happen with good people, she should get justice. Romi tells Adi that he has formatted his phone. He says contacts got deleted. Adi says yes, phone is running fine, but contacts are deleted. Ishita says you should have said it. Mrs. Bhalla says prepare for mehendi, why is Gagan’s number imp. Raman comes and says I have Gagan’s number. Ishita asks him to call Gagan. Adi and Roshni worry.CONTINUE READING FROM NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW.


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