19th September Thursday Update on True Love


19th September Thursday Update on True Love

Episode starts with Damini asking Surbhi to leave the tray of tea, and make some coffee for Mukta. Rohini is sitting at the table too and says, Surbhi I’ll help you too. They both go to the kitchen together.
Then Nani comes and asks Rohini to make coffee for Mukta… Rohini says, Surbhi is making it.
Surbhi says, ammo-nani is there to take care of everyone – you don’t have to worry.
Nani says, of course… now she will rule! Because her daughter has done one more sacrifice/favour on Jogi’s family.
Just tell me one thing, Damini, from where do you mother/daughter get such dangerous ideas??
Your grandson molested this family’s granddaughter and reaching at the right time your daughter saved her.
Damini says, Mataji, what the children do is not under our control… but what WE can do can definitely be controlled. Icha did what was right.
Nani says, the one who has the blood of a servant like you, that child would be exactly like that. (meaning Yuvi)
Damini says, your child has your blood in him doesn’t he Mataji? Still he…
Nani stops her and says, be careful… don’t you dare compare my son to your daughter.
Damini says, yes, you’re right… your son’s comparison can never be done with my daughter. Comparison is done with someone of your own caliber.
She picks up the tray and starts going when Nani blocks her way… she says, get out of my way so I can serve the tea.
Nani says, yes go and serve the tea… because you had already taken Jogi and Divya under your control and now you’re influencing Mukta by doing this drama too.
Damini says, OH… so the real problem is this????? That Mukta isn’t under your control anymore, right? It’s your misfortune and this family’s good fortune that Mukta has held the hand of a mother like Icha… after today, her steps will never go astray… however dark the darkness is, there’s brightness next to it.
Nani gets angry and goes away.
Damini thinks, until my Icha is there, darkness cannot win!

Meethi is getting off an auto-rickshaw somewhere … they show someone’s feet following her. Meethi bumps into someone and turns around, the person following her moves out of her sight. He’s hiding behind a tree and Meethi is a bit tense thinking that someone’s watching/following her.

Tej is angry that these people haven’t brought Yuvraj home from jail until now… Chanda comes and shows him a paper saying it’s the ‘muhoorat’ for the wedding. Tej says, wedding? Chanda says, yes, don’t you want to marry? He says, I’m not fond of suicide!!
Chanda remembers when he agreed to marry her because she was about to burn the will. Tej laughs and says I’m kidding Chanda raani.
What’s more needed in the life now?? I’m the owner of half of this house… whatever you’ve given me, you’ve given with all your heart.
Chanda says, I don’t want to do it sneakily anymore. I want to have sindoor on my forehead, live grandly like a suhaagan.
Tej says, what’s the hurry? Just let Yuvraj come in my pocket once… first this property, then Yuvraj… after that I will be the king and you will be my queen. Chanda smiles.
Tej says, I know your grief… you got widowed at a young age and now you want to be a suhaagan… he takes her to a mirror and says, you cannot hide your age from the mirror and a man’s eyes… Chanda gets worried and says what do you mean?
He says nothing, I’m just telling you I will marry, and marry soon. I also need a Mrs. Tej Singh Bundela who calls me “Aji suntey ho!”.
He takes the muhoorat paper from her and says I’ll ask my Panditji for the perfect time for marriage. Chanda is happy and leaves.
Tej says to the mirror, I will marry… and definitely marry… but… and he throws the muhoorat paper away.

Meethi’s buying a sandwich at a roadside stall when she feels someone’s watching her again from behind a tree. She goes behind it but there’s no one there.

Icha visits Yuvi in jail. Icha remembers her time in jail… she thinks, I spent 18 year in this hellhole and my own son is on the path to the same place… Yuvi sees her and remembers the time when she attacked him. He says, YOU? Why did you come here? I’m here because of you… what else do you want?
Icha says I just want an answer Yuvraj.

Tej drinking alcohol in front of a lawyer… he says, I’m the owner of half the property. He offers the glass to the lawyer but he refuses. He says, I’m thinking I will sell a part of my farmland… I won’t do farming now… I will do business… will open a dance bar… he laughs and lawyer looks at him weirdly.
Tej says, it’s business and luxury in one. He asks the lawyer to get the papers ready for selling the land.
Lawyer says it’s not possible Tej Singh ji.
Tej says, why? It was my father’s land, now it’s mine… why can’t I sell a part of my own land?
Lawyer says, you didn’t read the will properly… there’s a very important clause in here… and if you don’t fulfil that clause, you cannot sell anything… you have to marry within 15 days and that too to a good girl from a respected family… otherwise you may have to forego your half of the property too.
Tej gets angry and holds his collar… Lawyer says, what’s the point of holding my collar?? it’s written clearly here… if you don’t marry in 15 days, the whole property goes to Umed Singh, even your half.
Tej gets angry and says, he has put me in a situation where I have to look at the ‘snake’ that’s called marriage.

Icha asks Yuvi, how did you become like this Yuvraj? You don’t have even one quality of your father. You’re a part of Bundela family… how can you disrespect a girl being a part of Bundela family… Mukta was your friend right? How could you do it to your friend?
Yuvi laughs and says, I can’t believe it. How can you ask me this question? Please go and give this lecture some other place.
Icha says, it’s so sad to see that neither are you ashamed of what you did, nor do you have any regrets of it.
You don’t even feel concerned about what your father must be going through. How can you stoop so low?
Yuvraj throws a glass in his jail and says don’t make me crazy… my blood is already boiling… who are you to lecture me?? Who are you to me??
Icha says, who am I is not important… answer my question.
Yuvi says, exactly… now you know… it’s not important for me to answer your questions so please leave this place.
Don’t stand here like a statue. I still don’t understand why you had to come here? What right do you have to ask me these questions?

Gunwanti comes and says, I will tell you, why she has come here!
Yuvi gets surprised to see his dadi and Icha gets shocked.
Gunwanti says you want to know what rights she has to ask you these questions? Why has she come here and what is she to you? I will tell you…
She tells Icha, you came here to bring Yuvi to the right path, to make him understand… so why don’t you tell him what relation is it of yours to him?
Yuvi says, what do you want to say? Why would I be related to this woman? Who is she?
Icha says, what I am is not important…
Gunwanti interrupts and says, you have to tell him why you’ve come?
Gunwanti wants to tell Yuvi… but Icha says, Mai I’m requesting you not to do this. You can tell him all the truth… but not here and not now. This is not the right time or place.
Gunwanti says why? You even came to my place and threatened me. You were very sad that I didn’t tell Yuvi the truth… so here you go, I will tell him the truth.
Yuvraj, the woman who’s witness made you go behind these bars… this woman is the one who gave birth to you, your mother.
Yuvraj gets shocked. Icha cries and Yuvi looks at her.
Gunwanti says, look at her clearly, and recognize her. She’s Icha. Your mother.
Gunwanti says, after giving you birth, did she come to ask about you??
Yuvraj says, Dadi how can it be possible. I met her with Pa and Pa said she’s some Teacherji. If this woman’s my mother, then why didn’t she tell the truth to Pa and made him remember.
Gunwanti says, because she’s still playing with your Pa’s emotions and she knows he has lost his memory. On the other hand, she threatens me that I shouldn’t give you any money at all… because in her eyes, you’re a spoilt brat.
Icha says, it’s a lie.
Gunwanti says, she has instigated your father against you too that’s why he didn’t come to bail you out… She deliberately put you behind bars to take revenge from me.
Icha tells Yuvi, she’s not telling you what trying and testing times I was going through when I had to leave you and go… Gunwanti says, then why don’t you tell him what ‘test’ it was?
Icha goes quiet.
Gunwanti says, you won’t be able to tell right? I will tell him.
Yuvi, she tried to trade you in childhood for another child that wasn’t hers… to save Kanha’s life she put your life in danger.
Your father saved you, otherwise you wouldn’t be alive now.
Ask her, what incident it was that your father is paying for even now.
Icha says, I am requesting you Mai, don’t try to make fun of the truth like this. You know exactly what the truth is.
Yuvi says, ok… truth… you’re my mother right?? You gave birth to me… then you tell me the truth. You didn’t come to check whether I was alive or dead… CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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