19th September Thursday Update on Young Love


19th September Thursday Update on Young Love

The episode starts with Saachi talking to Vivek and says don’t you think my cooking is improved. Vivek is lost in thoughts. He shows her the perfume and says this is used by only you naa. Did you give it to Maa or Rakhi. Saachi says no. She asks why you are asking me. Vivek says, this smell is your identity for me. I want this to be only yours and not someone else. Saachi looks puzzled. He says, lets sleep. Dadi asks the nurse, why you are not letting me meet Subhadra. Nurse says, Doctor will tell you. Doctor comes and says Subhadra left scaring our treatment. Dadisaa asks, how she went? Don’t you have a watchman. Doctor says, we don’t have guards. Doctor tells her that she might have left the campus. Dadisaa gets shocked thinking what to answer to Anandi’s inlaws. She calls Jagya.

She tells him that Subhadra escaped from the hospital. She says, I don’t know what to do. Jagya says, we have to find her. He talks to Dr. Agarwal and asks him to forward her photo. Dr. Agarwal agrees. HE says, she might be near. Subhadra is eating at the dhaba and itching her legs. She relishes the taste of the dhaba food. Police comes to the dhaba and tells Jagya that she is having food at the Dhaba. Jagya asks him to bring her to haveli. Inspector says ok. Inspector goes to her. Subhadra says, you searched me so soon. Let me eat food. Subhadra asks him to wait for 45 mins.

Groom’s family comes to Gulli’s house and tells her grand parents that they can’t get her son married to Gulli. She says, I can’t marry my son to her and says sorry. Gulli hears everything and cries. Her grand parents console her and says you didn’t do any mistake. Gulli asks them to accept that she have to live the life with the bad reputation. Her grand parents decide not to tell the groom’s family about that incident.

Inspector brings Subhadra to haveli. Dadisaa stares at her. Subhadra says, she went to have food. Inspector leaves. Subhadra says, I thought he will take me directly to clinic, but he took me here. Ganga gives her water. Subhadra says, I can’t drink. Dadisaa asks, why you escaped from the clinic. Subhadra says, they punished me unnecessarily. Dadisaa says, it is treatment. Subhadra says, I will go back to my bhaiyya. Jagya says, it is a good treatment and asks her to get her treatment done. Subhadra says, I don’t want to leave with this pain, but can’t go there. Dadisaa asks her to stay in haveli and get the treatment. Subhadra thinks, she will get good food and agrees to stay in haveli. Dadisaa thinks, don’t think I will spare you. I will get you treated.

Anandi tells the girls about the spices import. Pramila comes to the NGO. Anandi asks her to come in. She says, I came for some work. She says, locality people are asking us to close the academy as they think we are doing wrong things. Anandi asks, why they are thinking this way. Pramila says, people don’t see a lonely women do anything.

She continues that she presents the dance with purity. Her dance is not vulgar. Anandi says, I know. Pramila says, I tried to maintain discipline with my girls. My landlord gave me a notice to vacate the place else he will kick me out. She emotionally blackmails Anandi. She says, I can’t live without dance. Anandi says, I will try to help you, but don’t know how to help you. She says, give me some time. I will talk to my husband. He is collector of this city. Pramila says, I didn’t know. Anandi says, lets see what Shiv can do for you. Pramila thanks her. Anandi says, nobody have the right to trouble you. Pramila gets relieved.

Some people comes to meet Shiv and complains about Pramila’s dance academy and asks him to get the dance academy close. Shiv asks them to go to police. People says, Police asked Landlord to get the place located. One man shows the recording of men coming to the dance academy at night. He says, they are still there after the notice. He asks Shiv to do something. Shiv looks on.

Subhadra coming to Ganga. She asks can I come in. Ganga says yes. Subhadra sees the baby and asks whats going on here. She talks well with love to the baby and says he went on you. Ganga smiles. Subhadra talks to her sweetly and Ganga praises Jagya, and says we are equal. Subhadra says I don’t agree, all five fingers are not same, see Shiv and Anandi, Anandi is more strong, strong willed, Shiv somewhat else, see Anandi freed him from Rasika. Ganga says yes, everyone praises Anandi, I learnt her a lot from her. Subhadra says you might have learnt about Jagdish too from her, as they were husband and wife. Ganga says they have moved one and I did not see them looking back in past. Subhadra says yes, no one knew this, but she has adapted our family well, she won everyone’s heart, everyone takes her name. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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