1st August Thursday Update on Young Love

Payal bringing Saachi to her room. She wishes her all the best for the wedding night. Saachi awaits for Vivek. Vivek enters the room. Saachi looks shy. He sits beside her. They have an eye lock. He gives her muh dikhayi gift. Saachi looks at the pendant and chain. He tells her that his mom gave him this gift. Saachi thanks him. Shiv asks Anandi to do the work tomorrow. Shiv says, Saachi got married. Anandi says, I am very happy for her. I am sad as she don’t have her inlaws with her. She says, she is sure that Saachi will unite with Vivek’s family. Shiv says, she is not alone. She has your values. Shiv makes Amol sleep. Anandi sings lori for Amol. Shiv gets romantic with Anandi. Anandi says, you are shameless. Shiv closes the light.

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Saachi assures Vivek that they will build a beautiful home. Vivek thanks her and says you have to do the house work alone. Saachi says, this struggle will be enjoyable. Vivek gets impressed with Saachi. Saachi says, I had a crash course of intelligence. Vivek gets close to Saachi. Saachi recalls Saurabh molesting her and gets hyper. She asks him to leave her alone. Vivek is shocked. He asks her to relax and says it is me, Vivek. Saachi asks him to be away from her. Vivek says, I won’t harm you. We love each other. He asks her to rest. Saachi sleeps. Vivek takes care of her.

Dadisaa tells Jagya that bhagan mandali will come in the evening. Mannu eats the dry fruits. Dadisaa asks Jagya to come soon for the puja. Basant and Gehna come back. Basant takes Mannu and is happy with his return.

Next morning, Saachi wakes up Vivek and says good morning. She serves him tea. Vivek compliments Saachi on her beauty. She says sorry for the night. Vivek says it is ok. He asks her not to say sorry and says I understand. He says we won’t have husband wife relation until you are ready. Saachi says, I am very lucky to have you. She goes to make breakfast.

At haveli, someone is singing bhagan. Everyone are enjoying it. Panditji performs the puja. Kanchan gets excited seeing the ladoos and eats it. Manish says, you are eating this for the fifth time. She gets pain in her stomach and cries. Jagya checks her and says we have to take her to the hospital immediately.

Saachi asks Vivek to come for breakfast. Saachi reads the newspaper and is shocked. Vivek asks her to have breakfast. He reads the newspaper and is shocked to read about him marrying the rape victim of his brother. He asks Saachi not to get tensed. Saachi asks him not to feel bad and have breakfast. She handles the situation calmly. She kisses him on his forehead and smiles. She gets Shiv’s call. Saachi says, I am waiting for you for the pagphera rasam. Shiv says, I am coming. He signs his family that everything is fine. Vivek says, I have fallen in love with you once again. They have an eye lock.

Saachi coming home for the pagphera rasam and meets everyone. She thanks Anandi for the happiness in her life. Anandi says, this happiness is yours. Everyone are happy to see her happy. Amol comes and greets her. Saachi gifts him video game. Amol thanks her. Saachi says, we will have food together. Daddu gives gifts to Vivek and Saachi. Ira, Meenu, Alok, anandi and Shiv give gifts to the new married couple.

Kanchan is treated in the hospital. Manish gets panic. Basant asks Manish not to be tensed. They go inside to see Kanchan. Jagya says, she had the pain before too. Kanchan says, she felt pain before also. Gehna asks, what happened to her? Jagya says, Kanchan uterus have tumour. Everyone are shocked. He says, it has become so big, we have to remove her uterus from her body else it will be a danger to her life. Dadisaa asks, then she can’t become a mother. Jagya says yes. She can’t be a mom. Jagya says, this is the only option to save Kanchan. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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