1st August Thursday Update on This is Love

Roshni taking Adi for dance. Mani and Shagun bless Aaliya. They see Adi and Roshni dancing. Mani says Aaliya, you should dance with Adi, Roshni is freely dancing with him. Aaliya says they are just friends. Shagun says yes, relax, Roshni was with us in London. Raman stops the music. He says I have to make an imp announcement. He calls Ishita on stage. Adi says I think Papa and Ishimaa are going to dance. Raman says no, its something special, I promised my wife to give her surprises, so there is one more. He calls Romi. Romi brings something. Raman says this is a thankyou from my and my family’s side. He raises the curtains and shows the board. They all get surprised seeing Dr. Ishita’s dental clinic board. They clap. Ishita smiles. Raman says its your own dental facility,

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you deserve it. Ishita says its beautiful. Romi says you both should dance now. Raman and Ishita hold hands. They dance on Mundiyan to bachke rahi… Everyone dances.
Ishita asks how do you know I needed this. Raman says you were bored with the break, I know everything. He jokes and asks are you happy. She says a lot. Mrs. Bhalla scolds the waiter. She likes the food. She goes to get prasad. She asks Pihu what is she wearing, why isn’t she wearing the special dress. Pihu says I will wear this for Iyers, this is south indian dress, Amma will be happy. Mrs. Bhalla says no way, please Amma on Pongal, you wear the punjabi suit. Pihu refuses. Mrs. Bhalla says fine, you don’t come in party. Pihu says I won’t come, you celebrate Baisakhi without me. Mrs. Bhalla says so much anger, she went on her dad.

Ishita compliments Amma. Raman asks them to come for dance. Ishita offers help to Mrs. Bhalla. She asks what happened, is she annoyed. Mrs. Bhalla says I m worried because of Pihu, I told her to wear punjabi suit, she refused, she went back. Ishita says its wrong, I will talk to her. Mrs. Bhalla says no need, she will feel I complaint. Ishita says don’t worry, I will talk to her. She sees Neelu lifting many things. She asks the policemen to help Neelu. She sends them to the venue. She goes home to see Pihu. Someone sees her.

Pihu says I don’t want to hurt Amma. Ishita says its true, Amma will be happy, its fine I will tell your Dadi that you won’t wear the punjabi suit which she got for you, you can’t keep everyone happy, let her get hurt. Pihu says no, I thought Papa got this dress. Ishita says your dadi got this dress, its okay, we can make both of them happy by dress fusion. Pihu likes the idea and hugs her. Someone comes there.

Raman asks about Ishita. The man says she went home, my men are with her, don’t worry. Amma asks the men to help others in work. Ishita makes Pihu ready. Raman calls Ishita and asks where are you. Ishita says we are coming. Pihu asks Ishita to come. Ishita asks her to walk slow. Someone looks on. Ishita says its darkness here, go slow. She stops Pihu. Pihu says its slippery. Ishita says maybe some oil fell down. Someone pushes Ishita down.

Pihu screams. Raman hears them and runs to see. Ishita and Pihu roll down the stairs. Raman gets shocked. He recalls Simmi’s words. He holds his head. He says nothing will happen to you Ishita. He faints there. Ishita and Pihu get shocked seeing Raman. They run to Raman. Ishita asks Pihu to call everyone. Pihu runs to everyone and says something happened to Papa, he fainted and Ishimaa got hurt. Everyone rushes to Raman.

Ishita says I was coming down, someone pushed me down, someone was wearing black clothes, Raman came here hearing Pihu’s scream, call the doctor. They take Raman home. Mani says doctor would be coming. Adi says caterer said oil fell down the stairs. Ruhi says I m sure Ishita saw something there. Ishita says we can discuss this later, Raman is imp. Romi says maybe that was Bhavna, go and see.

Ishita says Raman is fine, doctor will check him. She asks Neelu to take Pihu. Adi gets a call. Neha asks how can you send me termination letter, I just had a baby. Adi says I will talk later, my life has many crisis. Raman gets up and shouts Ishita. He hugs Ishita. She asks are you fine. Raman says Ananya is hurt, nothing will happen to you, tell Simmi nothing will happen, Ruhi thank God you didn’t marry Nikhil, he isn’t right man for you. He hugs Ruhi. Ishita asks do you remember everything. Raman says of course. She tests him. They all smile. Ishita hugs Raman. Mrs. Bhalla says Baisakhi got happiness for us, its a good start for us. Raman hugs everyone and smiles.

Raman saying thank God I got married to Ishita again, but don’t know why I didn’t recall things soon, what was wrong. Ruhi says you didn’t recall because… Ishita says because your treatment was going on, don’t worry. Ruhi goes to Simmi’s room. Ishita comes and asks what happened. Ruhi says stop protecting Simmi, she has pushed you down, I have seen Parmeet taking black clothes. Ishita says how can you blame anyone without proof. Ruhi says you know what all she did, fine I will show you the proof. She shows the black clothes in cupboard. Simmi comes and asks what are you doing here. Ruhi says you have pushed Ishita downstairs, right.

Simmi calls it enough. She says I didn’t push her. Ruhi says you think we are blind, you have done this. Simmi raises

hand and calls her mad. Ishita says Ruhi isn’t saying wrong, someone pushed me down. Simmi says I didn’t do anything. Ruhi says Simmi pushed you Ishimaa. Romi comes and says Ruhi is saying right, Simmi did this. Simmi says you all have gone mad. Romi says you have done such things, that we don’t trust you. Simmi says I would have killed Ishita before itself if I wanted. Ruhi says your fate is bad, now you will go jail. Inspector says Ishita was really pushed down, the person had worn black clothes. Raman says I want to know who did this. Inspector says we had installed CCTV cameras here for safety. Neha comes there and says Adi should understand, he can’t fire me like this.
Everyone sees the footage. Ruhi says now no one can save you, we have proof. They see Bhavna. Ruhi gets shocked. They hear someone screaming and run to see. Adi asks Neha how did she come here. Neha says some strange woman collided with me and ran away, she was wearing black clothes. Raman says there is someone. Guard shuts the gate. They all see Bhavna…. police catches her. Bhavna says leave me. Ishita says its the same woman.CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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