20th August Tuesday Update on Young Love


20th August Tuesday Update on Young Love

The episode starts with Dadisaa asking Basant, whether the villagers voted. Basant says yes, but they are worried for you. Dadisaa says, I did a crime and I should be punished. Bhairov says, you saved a girl’s respect and didn’t do any crime. Dadisaa asks them not to be selfish in her love. She says, no one has the right to kill another person. Jagya is sitting quiet. He says, I am thinking about Gulli. Dadisaa says, we have to make her fine. Don’t worry about me.

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Jagya gets angry and asks how can you be so selfish. We have full right on your live. You are ready to get punished, but our life will be even worse than death. You have not done any crime. Don’t talk like this. We can’t think of living without you. You have to return to us. Dadisaa looks at him with smiling face. Jagya gets sad. Inspector comes and sees him. Dadisaa makes him understand that she can’t live without them, but she have to bear the punishment. She says, you can’t go against the law. Sad music plays…………………..

Amol is drawing the painting. Subhadra comes and says you splash our book around the table. Amol says, I will do my homework before anyone comes. She scolds him for answering her. She asks, what are you eating? You had full lunch. Amol says, I was hungry. Daddu made the juice for me. Subhadra says, I won’t bear your mistakes. She threatens him. Amol gets scared and says sorry. Daddu comes and asks him to drink the juice. Subhadra starts acting goody goody. Daddu says, I am going to the garden.

Jagya comes to see Gulli. Ganga asks about Dadisaa. Jagya requests Gulli to wake up and save Dadisaa. He says, I don’t have any hope other than this. Your testimony is important to save her. He tells her that Dadisaa has earned the respect and he won’t allow her reputation to go down. He asks her to wake up.

Amol recalls Subhadra’s threats and gets tensed. Shiv comes and asks, why you didn’t have dinner. Amol says, I am not hungry. Shiv asks, why you are sad. Amol says, I am fine. Shiv says, I won’t tell you bed time stories today. Amol says, I am missing mom. Shiv calls Anandi. Anandi picks the call and says sorry for not calling him. Shiv says, it is ok and asks her to talk to Amol. He places the call on videocall.

Anandi talks to Amol. She asks, what did you do after your homework. Amol says nothing. Anandi says, I know you are handling your papa’s responsibility well. She makes him laugh. She asks him to have dinner and sleep. Amol takes his food plate. Shiv asks about Jaitsar. Anandi tells him that case will be starting for Dadisaa. He asks about Gulli. Anandi says, no improvement. Shiv asks her not to worry and says everything will be fine. Anandi says, I hope so.

Shiv comes to the office. His assistant tells him that he is leaving the job and going with his parents to the village. Shiv gives him gift. He thanks Shiv and says I will explain her the job. A wind starts blowing. Everyone looks at the lady who is Shiv’s new assistant. Everyone look at her with surprise and happiness. She introduces herself as Rasika. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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