20th December Friday Update on This is Love


20th December Friday Update on This is Love

Ruhi saying I m happy that Raman and Ishita accepted you two, congrats. Rohan and Aaliya smile. Karan gets sweets and feeds them. He congratulates them. Ishita says I got something for you. She shows earrings to Aaliya. Aaliya thanks her and hugs. Raman says Rohan, this is for you, I had purchased these cufflinks when I won the first award for best CEO.

Rohan says thanks, I will keep it, I will wear it when I become deserving of it. Karan thinks let them have fun, everything will be ruined soon. He goes out to call Sudha. He says don’t know, where does mom go when I need her, I have to meet Yug and get my plan in action.

Yug wakes up. Ranbir asks him to have lemon water. Vishal scolds Yug. Yug asks Ranbir to respect Aaliya. He says I love her. Vishal asks

him to shut up, he can’t marry her. Yug slaps him and says its my life, let me decide, I don’t need your advice. Vishal says fine, we are not a part of your madness. They leave. Yug checks Karan’s visiting card and calls. He says who is this guy. He gets Karan’s message to meet. Raman says I have to meet an interior decorator, I want Rohan and Aaliya to stay as husband and wife, I don’t want her to remember her past.

Ishita says don’t know if they have thought of it, I think he won’t wish to stay here. He says he can stay here until he gets independent. Ishita calls someone. Raman says you are on call for such a long time, come. She says I have to go with Aaliya. He goes. Aaliya comes. She asks are you not going to clinic. Ishita says you go and meet people, all the best, I m going to clinic. She feels bad to lie. She calls Mr. Roy again and asks where do I come to meet you.
Yug meets Karan. Karan says I m Rohan’s brother, Rohan is Ranbir’s friend, I have a work for you. Yug says I m not interested, sorry. Karan says think about Aaliya. Yug stops and asks Aaliya. Yug says Aaliya is a widow. Karan says she was, but she is married to Rohan, my mom and I don’t want this marriage to stay. Yug is shocked. He says she is a nice girl. Karan says Raman and Ishita are our enemies, we want Aaliya to be out of Rohan’s life, its possible when her dead husband gets back in her life. Yug asks how is this possible, how can I help you.

Karan shows Adi’s pic. Yug asks are you showing me my own pic. Karan says he is Aditya Bhalla, Aaliya’s first husband, if you come in her life as Adi, she will leave my brother, you will get Aaliya and I will get my brother. Yug gets shocked. He says I can’t do this. He leaves. Karan says I thought he could be of some use, but I have to find some other way to free Rohan from Aaliya and Bhallas. Yug sees Adi’s pic. He recalls Ishita and Shagun’s reaction on seeing him. Ranbir and Vishal come. They like his pic and say you look different. Yug says its not me. He apologizes to Vishal. He says this guy is Aditya Bhallas, Raman and Ishita’s son, Aaliya’s husband. They get shocked. Aaliya comes. She tells Raman that she has decided the workplace, Rohan is still there to manage. Raman asks did Ishita not go with you. She says no, she might have reached home already, lets find out. Ranbir says it means Aaliya is Rohan’s wife, when did Rohan marry, he didn’t tell me. Vishal says it means Aaliya isn’t single.

Yug says I won’t go after Aaliya now, she is Rohan’s wife, I will be happy with her happiness. Ranbir says I m happy, you took right decision, I m proud of you. Vishal asks can you forget her. Yug says I can’t, but yes, I can find my happiness in her happiness. Raman says Ishita is not answering. Ishita comes home. She asks where is Rohan. Rohan comes. She gives keys to Rohan. She says there is a vacant flat in this building, I took it on rent, I met the owner, if you like it, we will take it. Raman asks what. She says Raman, our Rohan has self esteem, he won’t like staying here, I think they will like to be independent. Raman says this was my idea. Rohan thanks her. Ishita says you are like a son for us, please stop this now. Rohan hugs Raman. He gives the house keys to Aaliya. He gets a call and gets shocked. He runs out. Ishita asks what happened.

Aaliya saying I think its something serious, Rohan left. Raman says don’t worry, he will call you. Karan comes. Aaliya asks him to call Rohan, he left in a hurry. He gets a call and asks what, mom is in the hospital, I m coming. He says its mom’s manager’s call, she is serious, she is taken to hospital from the airport. He runs. Ruhi asks what happened. Raman says I don’t believe this, Sudha owns the hospital, she is acting, Rohan will run to his mom again, he will break Aaliya’s heart. Aaliya hears them. She says I m fine, don’t worry. He says sorry, but Rohan comes in Sudha’s words. Aaliya says Rohan won’t leave me, I won’t let Rohan fall weak, I will also not fall weak. Raman says entire family is with you.

Ishita says we should go to Rohan.

Aaliya says Sudha isn’t in Survodaya hospital. Yug sees Aaliya’s pic and cries. Vishal and Ranbir ask him to have tea. They play tv. Ranbir says Yug, its your fav song. Meri yaadon mein…. Yug thinks of Aaliya. Vishal asks is everything fine. Yug says yes, I m going out for a walk. They try to pacify him. Yug shouts leave me alone. Vishal says you can cry in front of us, you don’t need to hide your emotions. Yug says I m not crying for anyone, I will just come. Vishal and Ranbir hug him. They cry. Yug breaks down and says why, when I m not destined to be with her, why did she become a part of my life, why do I love her so much. He cries.

At hospital, doctor says Sudha suffered a severe heart attack. Rohan asks how come, she has no sugar and BP. Doctor says maybe its because of stress, next 24 hours are critical for her. He goes. Raman stops the doctor and asks are you sure that Sudha suffered a heart attack, maybe she convinced you to lie, she is a clever woman. Doctor scolds him. Raman says I m just asking you. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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