20th December Friday Update on Young Love


20th December Friday Update on Young Love

Ganga waking up Jagdish in morning leading to romance amid them.

Gehna takes tea for Niranjan but Nandu runs away after breaking his window. Niranjan hides from Gehna that Nandu broke that window.

Anandi goes to Shiv’s friend house where she again notices that small girl who was illtreated by her relative.

That lady enacts to be nice to the girl but actually treats her badly. Anandi discuss about the girl with Shiv at night and asks Shiv about his friends.

Buaji sees Meenu and thinks that after making brother fight now she should work upon creating fight among sister in laws. Buaji ignited Meenu to think against Alok.

Dadisaa and Jagya talking about family’s happiness. She says don’t know what happened to our happiness. Ganga says happiness went on a holiday and will return to stay at our haveli soon. She asks her to sleep and leave the worries. Dadisaa asks them to sleep.

Subhadra comes to Ira and asks her to open the balm bottle. Ira opens it. Subhadra tells her that she will leave before Alok comes in the room. She informs that Anoop brought a new TV and asks did you plan to buy it for your room. She says you should buy the TV for your room. She instigate her against Meenu. Ira says Anoop got a chance to resolve the issue, but he didn’t try. Subhadra smirks and leaves from her room. Ira gets thinking about her provocative words.

Mandira makes the girl sweep the lawn. Anandi comes to her house and sees the girl working. She asks Jyoti why didn’t you go to school today. Jyoti says no. She says Mandira ji said that she got you admitted in school. Jyoti says I will bring water for you. Anandi sees the marks on her hand and asks who have beaten you. Jyoti takes Mandira’s name and calls her malkin. Anandi recalls Mandira telling her that she is her relative’s daughter. Jyoti tells her that Mandira brought her from her parents. Anandi assures her that no one can buy anyone. I will help you get out of this house. Jyoti gets hopeful . Anandi asks her to come with her. Mandira comes and calls for Jyoti. She sees Anandi and gets tensed.

Mandira acts goody goody seeing Anandi and asks Jyoti to have soup kept in the kitchen. She asks Anandi the purpose of her visit. Anandi tells her that she had forgot file in her house. Mandira says nothing is there. Ira asks Meenu to make tea for Alok as well. Meenu says she is cooking food and Anoop woke up just now. Ira says you didn’t tell me once to watch film. Meenu says since when you have to give invitation. They argue. Ira says something is happening which should not have happened. Meenu asks what? Saachi watches tensedly while Subhadra smirks. Saachi thinks what is happening in this house.

Anandi calls Shiv and informs her about Mandira buying the girl Jyoti for taking domestic work. Anandi says she wanted to talk that girl with her right away, but stopped thinking about Puneet. Shiv says I will talk to Puneet right away.

Shiv calls Puneet and asks him about Jyoti. He says we came to know that your wife has brought her. Puneet asks her not to worry and asks him to try to understand being a husband. Shiv says it is a serious matter. Puneet takes it lightly and says you are very lucky to have Anandi bhabhi as your wife. He says we took the servant home. Shiv calls Anandi and says Puneet is supporting his wife. Anandi asks what shall I do. Shiv says friendship is at its place and duty is at his place. I will talk to Police and asks them to bring the child from his house. He asks her not to take law in her house. Anandi agrees. Shiv talks to Inspector Rathode.

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