20th June Thursday Update on Young Love

The Principal taking Amol’s interview. Amol gives the answers correctly. Principal gets impressed with Amol. Anandi tells him that he will study in this school if he gets admission in the school. Principal says, they have to take general aptitude test of Amol and then only will decide in which class he will be admitted. Shiv asks the principal to treat Amol like other kids. Principal asks the teacher to take Amol’s aptitude test and let her know about the result. Anandi is worried. Shiv says, let him go alone. Principal says, I can understand your feelings but you have to give him space so that he gets independent. She asks, how the idea stuck your mind to adopt Amol.

Anandi says, I saw him sitting at the corner of the orphanage and making drawing. She then told her plan to Shiv and he agreed. Teacher comes and tells the principal that Amol is a intelligent kid. Principal says, your son have got good marks more than I expected. Anandi and Shiv are happy. Principal says, I will be happy to admit him in our school and welcomes Amol in her school. Amol smiles. Shiv tells Anandi that he will pay the fees and submit the form.

Anandi says, I will accompany you and will take books, uniform and other things. They ask Amol to sit there and wait for them. Two kids comes and start bullying Amol. Amol says, I can’t walk. They say we will meet tomorrow. Shiv and Anandi comes and take Amol.

Dadisaa asks for the tea. She asks, why you called the photographer. Bhairov says, for making your Adhaar Card. Jagya asks her to look at the camera. Photographer asks Dadisaa to smile. Photographer clicks her photo. Jagya gives the new born and says we will get your photo with the baby. Dadisaa says, no. Sumitra and Bhairov insist her to agree. Dadisaa hides the baby face. Gehna pulls her leg. Ganga says, until the baby is your lap, he can’t get anyone bad eye. Dadisaa smiles as she poses for the photo.

Daddu congrats Amol and makes him eat the sweets. Everyone are happy. Daddu tells Anandi that her decision is right. Ira says, your life will be going steady with full time job. Alok says, she is a perfect mom. Anoop suggests Saachi should take care of Amol’s studies. Anandi says, I will take care of Amol. She asks about Saachi. Ira says, she might be coming home. Saachi tells Saurav that she shall leave now as it is very late. Saurav acts romantic. Saachi asks him to get her near him. Saurav is about to get closer to her. Saachi says, if anyone sees then it will be problematic. She goes inside the house. Saurav thinks to play his cards where no one can see.

Anandi wakes up Amol. Shiv says, I will give him bath. Anandi packs his tiffin and water bottle. Anandi tells Ira that she kept the tea on the gas stove. Daddu tells that he is remembering the day when Shiv went to school for the first time. Sumitra tells Gehna that the gifts is getting ready to be given to the guest on the naming ceremony. He decides to keep it a secret from Dadisaa. Nandu comes and tells Gehna that Bhairavi is crying. She leaves. Ganga calls Sumitra and she goes to the kitchen.

Daddu blesses Amol as he is going to the school. Everyone bless him. Amol remembers the bad boys at School who bullied him the previous day. Everyone are happy. Anandi says, Amol is ready to go to school. Someone brings a cartoon. Makhan singh gets it. Dadisaa asks, from where it is coming? Gehna comes and takes Dadisaa on the pretext of something. Sumitra pays the money to the delivery person. Dadisaa comes back and asks what is it? Sumitra says, it is on the name of Bhairov. Dadisaa insists her to show it to her. Sumitra gets worried. She shows it to Dadisaa. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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