20th June Thursday Update on This is Love

Ishita saying I want to be with Aaliya, her fever got high. Raman says Adi is here with her. Ishita asks Adi to get water. Adi gets hot water. Raman says cold water is needed to reduce fever, I will get it. Ishita asks Adi to relax. Raman gets water. Simmi says Raman has gone mad, he is not saying anything to Ishita, their divorce is not happening, how will Mihika and Raman marry. Parmeet says we will think of it later, just think how to make Ishita out of here, their closeness is not good. Simmi says yes, Aaliya shouldn’t recover and Ishita has to leave. Adi says fever is not getting less. Ishita says doctor said it will take some time. Aaliya says you both look so good together, Raman uncle don’t let Amma go. Ishita asks her to rest. Raman says don’t worry, we will talk later.

Raman says Aaliya feels we are made for each other, she doesn’t know you are clever and cheap. She thinks I m silent hearing this insult, this is my love, I know Simmi has told this to you. She asks him to look after Aaliya, why is he talking with love. She gets an inspector’s call and goes out to talk. Constable says we have found a dead body, we want you to come and verify if its same man. Ishita thinks I left the gun there, I have to go there, Aaliya will get scared. She says I will come and meet you. Mani comes and asks what’s happening, Aaliya tried to commit suicide, you didn’t tell Shagun and me, thank God Mihika called me to inform, tell me, I m her dad and have complete right to know it, fine stay away from Aaliya. She says you think I will harm her. He says something would have happened that she has done this, I could have stopped her if you told me, you are responsible for this, if anything happens to her, I will never forgive you. He goes to Aaliya and asks how could you do this, how are you. She asks about Ishita. She calls out Ishita. Mani says calm down, she is here. Ishita says I m here, coming. She runs to Aaliya.

Simmi asks Mihika to keep Raman busy, Ishita will try to get close to him. Mani says I will manage. Ishita asks Adi to take care of Aaliya, she is going for imp work. Ishita goes crying and thinking of Raman’s words. Raman comes to help her. He says I don’t think you should drive in this state, come I will drop you. She cries. She says I don’t need your help. She leaves. Raman says I don’t understand this woman. Mihika says its okay, you tried to help. Ishita cries thinking of Aaliya. Parmeet calls her. She asks was inspector asking about the gun, its with me, it has Aaliya’s fingerprints, she was scared and trying to commit suicide, think if she finds out that she will get arrested, she will die. Ishita says just shut up, stop calling me. She ends call. He says is this a joke, she disconnected the call, a person is murdered and she is roaming free. He sends her pic of the gun and messages. She calls him and asks him to stop his bad games. He says you are adamant, you are ruining Aaliya’s life, you just think for yourself, sign the divorce papers. She asks will you stop this if I sign. He says sure. She asks him to stop troubling her children.

She comes back home. She scolds Parmeet. Simmi asks her to stop her drama and sign the papers. Parmeet threatens again. Ishita sees the papers and says I will sign it. She thinks of her marriage, Raman and her love, moments … She signs the papers and drops the file. Parmeet takes the papers. Ishita comes home crying. Amma asks what happened. Ishita says I have signed the divorce papers, I was helpless. Amma says you said you won’t sign, this was the only way to stop Raman’s marriage, Raman will leave from your life. Ishita says they have ruined my children’s lives, Ruhi, Pihu and Aaliya, they are breaking them, Aaliya tried to commit suicide, they are living scared in that house, I m doing this for the sake of my children, for their happiness, so sorry. She goes. Amma and Appa worry. Simmi says I m so happy, finally Ishita has signed. Parmeet says she doesn’t know a constable called her as inspector and lied to her, she got trapped as she wanted to save Aaliya.

Simmi says no one will know our secret. Mihika comes and asks what secret. Simmi says we have a good news, we got rid of Ishita, see this, Raman and Ishita’s divorce is final. Mihika says I don’t believe this, Ishita actually signed the divorce papers, finally this wedding will take place, how did you manage to do this. Simmi asks her not to think of it, get her kundli to show pandit. Mihika says its with Amma. Simmi says I will ask pandit to fix the date. Mihika says I want to go to them, I will give the good news to Ishita. Simmi says I will come along, I don’t want to miss this drama. Mihika asks Amma to give her kundli. Simmi says pandit will fix the date. Appa gives kundli and asks them to leave. Mihika says finally I got the family which will always support me, I came here to invite you for my wedding, Amma will do my kanyadaan, please come. Ishita hears them. Mihika asks Ishita not to attend her wedding, as she is a drama queen. She says I don’t want Raman’s mood to get off. Ishita cries.

Mihika asking Ishita not to attend her marriage. Amma asks her to stop it. Mrs. Bhalla says where did Simmi and Mihika go. She hears Amma shouting and comes there. Amma says you forgot respecting us. Mihika says I respect you and Appa, I won’t agree if you ask me to respect Ishita, she is already disrespected so much. Amma slaps her. Mrs. Bhalla says how dare you slap my bahu, you have no right to slap her. Amma says I have a right, she forgot our values. They argue. Appa asks Mihika to get out now. Simmi calls them mad. Ishita asks Amma what did she do this, Simmi will make this an issue. Amma says Mihika deserved this. Ishita says those people are bad. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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