20th May Monday Update on This is Love

Adi asking Parmeet with whom is he talking. Parmeet lies to him and asks about Ishita. Adi says I didn’t see her. He cries and hugs Parmeet. Police searches for any clue at the godown. Ishita is taken for autopsy. Constable gets the syringe. Inspector says we should send this to lab to know what was injected to Ishita. Doctors comes to Ishita. Ishita speaks within and asks them to hear her, she is alive, will she do her autopsy, do they think she is dead. She worries.

Inspector talks to the lab receptionist. He says we have to know what was injected to Ishita. She says lab is closed for few days, you can send the sample to other lab. Inspector says who will work so hard, that woman is already dead, its no use to find anything. Ishita asks the doctor can they

see any bump for the injection. Doctor says there is no mark, police report mentioned cause of death is heart failure, but it doesn’t look a heart attack case, I think there is something else, a vile and injection was found at crime spot.
Ishita thinks why are they not able to hear my heart beat, maybe my pulse is running slow, brain activity is running normal, they won’t know by touching. The doctor says what we have to do with the report, we will do our work and leave early. Ishita tries to blink eye and fails. She thinks they feel I m dead, how is this possible scientifically, maybe pulse rate dropped, and I have paralyzed in such a way that my body functions got minimized, till they examine me well, they will not know I m alive. She hears the doctors talking and says no, don’t cut me, I m alive. A man comes and asks them to check body well. He asks about measurements, finish the paper work and don’t touch the body before he comes. Ishita says how to explain them, how to sign that I m alive, I have to do something, I wish they see the injection mark. She asks them to stop. She prays to Lord. Doctor asks the other ones to look carefully. Raman knocks at the door. Ishita says I love you Raman, thanks, please tell them I m alive, you can see me, I m sure you can feel I m alive.

Raman asks the lady to wait, Ishita’s family is coming to see her. The lady argues and says they can see her after autopsy, we stitch the body after autopsy, face remains same, tell them to come later. Raman says she is not just a body, what are you saying. Doctors go out to talk to Raman. Ishita says Raman can hear my heart voice, our relationship is beyond words. Doctor scolds Raman. Raman says her parents are coming, just let them see her once, please. Doctor says relax, okay. Raman asks can I see her once. Lady doctor asks are you her husband. Raman says no, I m her business partner. She says sorry, we can just allow family and friends. He says she is more than my family, she gave her life and saved my daughter. He goes in. Mani says this is your connection with Ishu that draws you to her. Ishita says Raman, please save her. Raman says I can’t believe you are gone. She says I m still here, please observe me, you can feel me, do something. He holds her hand.

Dil kahin rukta nahi…plays… He thinks of her. He says we didn’t get friendly and enmity started, those fights and arguments, I feel as if its part of my life, that left me now, I couldn’t even thank you for saving Pihu, I forgot I have a daughter, you reminded me. She says you would have not told this to me if I was alive in front of you, thanks for saying such lovely words. He says I will explain Simmi and clear all the things, you have to come back for this, just come back once, don’t know I have a right to say this or not. She thinks I m here, I m near you, I m alive, I want to live for you. Doctor asks Raman to come out. Raman leaves Ishita’s hand and goes. She asks him not to go.

Amma and Appa crying. Raman asks them to see Ishita. Amma says Ishu has gone, our Ishu left us. Appa thinks don’t know I should be happy or sad that you don’t remember anything, else you would have broken the most today. Raman takes them to Ishita. Simmi makes halwa. Mrs. Bhalla asks did you go mad to make halwa. Simmi says I m making halwa as Ishita is dead. Mrs. Bhalla scolds her. Simmi argues and says I will light ghee diyas today. Mrs. Bhalla throws away the halwa dishes and cries. Simmi says you all got mad for Ishita.

Mrs. Bhalla says Ishita has left us, we can’t even mourn her death. Neelu cries and consoles her. Ishita calls out Amma from her heart. She asks Amma and Appa not to cry and see her, she is alive. Amma and Appa cry. Amma gets shocked

seeing the knives. Appa says its for autopsy. Amma says no, this can’t happen, I will not let this happen. Appa says she has left us, she won’t have any pain. Ishita says please Appa, don’t do this, I m alive, it will really hurt me, don’t go. They all leave. Doctor comes and hurry. Ishita thinks what shall I do now, I don’t want to die. The electricity goes. Doctor says generator is not working. Ishita thanks Lord.

Inspector scolds his junior and asks him to send the syringe to lab for tests. He says its a big thing, we have to know the cause of death, go and send it for tests. Simmi says they all got mad for Ishita. Parmeet says I was also angry on kidnapper, I thought its good he killed Ishita, we will have a good hold on Raman and business, shed fake tears today, we have to smile tomorrow. She smiles. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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