20th May Monday Update on Young Love

Sarla revealing the secret to Ira that she gave birth to the still born female baby. She says she lied to her on the phone. She says Shiv is not your real son. Ira is shocked and shattered. Ira says you are lying. Sarla says she is saying the truth. She says she has done a big mistake and that’s why she wants to tell the truth to rectify her mistake. Doctor asks Sarla to keep quiet as she is not well. Sarla says she wants to unburden her heart else she would not be at peace after death. She tells Ira to believe her saying you gave birth to a dead baby. The accident which you had before your delivery had an impact on the baby and she died. Shiv and Anandi sees the CCTV footage. They are shocked to see Alok bribing the staff member of the hospital and taking the register’s page of Ira delivery details..

Sarla says she felt bad for her as she had suffered two miscarriages before and this is third time for her. She says I was happy for you when you was about to deliver and you gave birth to the baby but baby was dead. I felt bad and asks God, why he gave heathy baby at one side and a dead baby at the other side in the same family. Ira asks, what she means? But before she can reveal more, Sarla takes her last breath and dies. Doctor says she is no more.

Alok praises Daddu for organising the royal lunch. Daddu says Anandi and Mahi hired a caterer and decorator. Alok says he can’t wait to have food. Daddu says you have to wait until your wife comes. Alok wonders where is she? Ira comes and says what wife? Everyone are tensed. Ira walks inside and them that she is a mad woman to whom she is fooling since years. Meenu asks, what is it? Alok says I don’t know. Ira says she gave birth to a dead baby.Everyone are shocked.

Ira asks, why you didn’t tell me that I gave birth to a dead baby. She asks, whether it is true or not? Alok says it is nonsense. Ira says Sarla told her everything before dying. Alok says she was alright when he met her. Ira asks him to tell the truth and asks from where Shiv comes in her life. She cries throughout and asks why you joke with me. Meenu cries and says because he wanted to see you alive. You had 2 miscarriages before and Alok bhai know you couldn’t cope you the third time that’s why he put Shiv in your lap.

Ira is shocked and asks, it means you also know it and kept quiet. You are with him, you betrayed me. She asks, why did you hide this from me? You both have made fun of my motherly love. Ira asks Daddu, whether he knows about it. Daddu nods no. Ira asks, who is Shiv and from where did he come from? Who is his parents? Shiv comes and says Papa can reply to this question better.

Everyone are tensed and teary eyed. Shiv and Anandi come and Shiv asks Alok, why did he tear the record from the hospital’s register page. He asks, who is he? He asks, you bribed a clerk to hide the truth. Why did you hide this from your wife. He says I know you don’t want to see maa sad. He asks him to tell about his parents. Alok stays mum. Shiv asks, tell me my identity. Shiv says I won’t upset with you. He asks, whether he is illegitimate child, or his mother thrown him in the gutter. Alok slaps him unable to take it any longer. Alok says don’t dare to speak like that for your mother. She gave a new life to Ira. Meenu asks him to stop. Alok says you are a son of a soldier and reveals that he is Anoop and Meenu’s son. Shiv, Anandi and everyone else are shell shocked. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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