20th September Friday Update on This is Love


20th September Friday Update on This is Love

The Episode starts with Raman and Simmi asking Parmeet to leave Ishita. Parmeet takes Ishita with him. Raman says we will sit and talk, listen to me. Simmi says I m with you, trust me. Parmeet says you were double crossing me, I will show the result of cheating me. Raman and Parmeet have a fight. Ishita asks Simmi to take Pihu with her. Simmi goes to car and says don’t know car will get on or not. She asks Pihu to just run. She checks another car. Raman and Parmeet’s fight goes on. Ishita looks on. Ishita stops Parmeet. He pushes her away. She falls down. Raman sees Ishita. Parmeet fights and shoots at Raman. Ishita gets shocked seeing Raman wounded. Parmeet laughs. She cries for Raman. Parmeet says I won’t leave you two, I will kill all of you. Ishita asks Raman to stop. Parmeet locks them and goes.

Ishita says he locked us, how will we go out. Raman says Simmi and Pihu’s lives are in danger. Simmi and Pihu run to some place, where falling rocks sign is kept. Pihu gets tired. Simmi lifts her and runs. She falls inside a pit. Rocks fall down. Simmi sees Pihu and asks are you fine, come. Pihu asks where are we. Simmi gets up and hugs her. Simmi says light is coming from there, air will also come, take a deep breath, don’t get scared. Parmeet comes to look for them. He says I won’t leave them. He shouts Simmi. Simmi asks Pihu not to worry. He says I won’t leave them. Simmi asks Pihu to climb up. Pihu says your back is hurt. Simmi asks her to go, she is fine. They reach upwards and shout for help. Simmi says my phone doesn’t have network.

Raman and Ishita look for some way to go out. She says there is no window and door here. Raman sees some light and asks Ishita to come. Pihu says how will we go out now. Simmi says someone will come to save us, I m sure Raman and Ishita will save us. Pihu asks how. Simmi asks her to shout aloud. They shout help. Parmeet says this was Simmi’s voice. Simmi shouts help us, we are caught here. Parmeet runs to see. He sees a pit and goes close to see. He shouts Simmi, is this your voice. Simmi stops Pihu from calling out. He says you fell inside the pit, and laughs. He says I m here, I have come to save you, your ego didn’t break, this is called to fall in self-dug pit, no one will know about you, you will die there.

Simmi shouts why are you doing this, please help us. She asks her to save Pihu at least, she will do as he tells her. Pihu shouts please help us. Simmi says I beg you, help us. He says I won’t help you, you should die here, now see what I do. Raman and Ishita see a broken window. Ishita worries for his wound. Raman says we have to reach Parmeet. She ties a cloth to his wound. Parmeet brings a big boulder and shuts the pit. Simmi and Pihu get shocked by the darkness. Parmeet says I have helped her by shutting the door, no one will come now, I m going now. He says I love you Simmi and goes. Raman breaks the window glass. Raman and Ishita come out. Parmeet goes to his car and says Simmi, you are gone from my life now. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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