20th September Friday Update on Young Love


20th September Friday Update on Young Love

The episode starts with Shiv coming to the dance academy. Anandi and Shiv are shocked to see each other there. Shiv asks Anandi, what are you doing here? Anandi says, I told you about this dance academy and introduces Pramila to Shiv. Shiv is surprised and tells Anandi that the residents of the locality have given him written complaints. Shiv asks the police to follow the orders. Pramila pretends to cry. Anandi asks, what are you doing? I know Pramila ji very well. She speaks on Pramila’s behalf. This is only a dance academy. Shiv says, it is my duty. I can’t give a clean chit to this place just because you are saying. Everything will be cleared after the investigation. Anandi says, it will bring bad reputation. Shiv asks the Inspector to follow his orders. Inspector goes to search the academy for proofs.

Saachi thinks to message Vivek before going to Payal’s house. Saurabh and Suman look at her. Saachi gets Payal’s call. She tells her that she will be leaving from her house. Suman asks Saachi, when you will be back. Saachi says, I will be back till evening. Saurabh says, I am going that way, shall I pick you in the evening. Saachi says, no I will manage. Saurabh acts sad. Suman tells Saachi, don’t you believe on Saurabh. What did he do? He felt bad that you think him wrongly. Saachi agrees to come with Saurabh. She leaves. Saurabh and Suman smirk.

Police searches the place and says we didn’t get any proof to prove of any immoral activity. Anandi says, I told you before. Shiv looks down and goes towards his car. Pramila thanks Anandi. Shiv looks at her and leaves.

Vivek comes back home. Suman says, you came back early. Vivek says, yes. She says, she will bring tea. Vivek says no and calls Saachi. Suman says, she went outside. Vivek asks, where? Suman says to Payal’s house for get together. Vivek says, she didn’t tell me. Suman says, she looked beautiful. Door bell rings. Vivek opens the door. Saurabh pretends to be shocked. Saachi says, I forgot to message you. Vivek says, it doesn’t matter. He gets suspicious. Vivek looks at Saachi.

Saurabh goes to Saachi’s room and silently keeps scotch bottle in Saachi’s cabin.

Daddu, Shiv and others sit for dinner. They pull Shiv’s leg. Anandi and Meenu bring the food. They start eating. Shiv and Anandi look at each other. Ira and Daddu talk about Subhadra.

Vivek asks Saachi to give sealed envelope to him. Saachi tells him that she kept in the cupboard. Vivek says, it is not there. Saachi opens the cupboard and sees scotch bottle. Vivek picks it and wonders what it is doing in her wardrobe. Vivek asks her to reply. Saachi says, I really don’t know. You can’t doubt me without any reason. Vivek argues with Saachi. Saurabh peeps in their room and smirks.

Anandi comes to her room and makes Amol sleep better. Shiv looks at her. She asks, do you need anything? Shiv says, I wants to talk to you. He tells her that we shouldn’t mix our professional and personal lives. Anandi says, she didn’t feel good. You believed strangers and not me. Shiv says, he was doing his work. Anandi says, people will doubt Pramila and her academy. Shiv says, it is not good to believe on someone so soon. Anandi says, I have full faith that she is not wrong. She says, I had promised Pramila that I will support her. I am not wrong either.

Dadisaa waking up Subhadra. Subhadra wakes up shockingly. Dadisaa tells her that it is 4 am, time to wake up. Subhadra says, she will wake up after 5 mins. Dadisaa says, I will come after 5 mins. Dadisaa again comes and rings the bell. Subhadra wakes up and asks for tea. Gehna brings it. Subhadra blesses her. She looks at the tea and says it is just hot water. You forgot to make tea. Dadisaa asks her to drink it thinking it as a tea. Subhadra says, she will get vomiting if she drinks hot water. Dadisaa says it is good for health. Subhadra eats it forcibly. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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