21st June Friday Update on Young Love

Payal telling Saachi that Saurab is not good guy and he is just using you. Saachi yells at her and says she trusts Saurab and asks her to stop bad mouthing about him. Payal warns Saachi. Pizza guy delivers the pizza and other things. Saachi asks Payal to leave as her guest will be coming soon. Anandi’s Dad is travelling in bus and recalls the little Anandi and the time spent with her. Balika Vadhu’s title song plays in the BG. He recalls Anandi’s marriage with Jagya. He says, I am taking toys for my grand son and says I am proud of my daughter.

At Jaitsar, guests come for the function. Suguna’s inlaws comes and greets Bhairov. They say that Suguna could n’t come. Anandi comes with her family. Daddu greets Bhairov. Anandi takes Bhairov’s blessings. Suguna’s inlaws praises Amol. Amol greets them. Daddu jokes as they were not invited for Ganga’s babyshower. Dadisaa comes and says that’s why we invited you for the function. Anandi greets Dadisaa, Sumitra and Gehna. Nandu greets Amol and asks, did you remember me? Amol calls them nana, nani etc. Dadisaa gets happy and blesses him. Anandi says, Amol got admission in school and secured good marks in entrance exam. Dadisaa blesses him.

Badi Kakikaa pulls Dadisaa’s leg and says you are shining. Daddu says, he too thought the same thing and gives the bouquet to Dadisaa. Dadisaa takes it and asks Makhan to decorate it with other flowers. Anandi asks for her bapusaa. Bhairov says he will be coming soon. Anandi’s Bapusaa gets down the bus and waits for the richshaw. Someone eyes him and steals the stuff which he brought for Amol. Anandis’ bapusaa runs after the thief. Jagya and Ganga comes for the celebration. They thank each other for the day. Jagya greets everyone. Daddu and his family bless the baby. Jagya says baby looks like Ganga. Everyone laughs. Anandi gets a call from her Bapusaa. Her father informs her that some thief has stolen the gifts which he brought for everyone. He says, he couldn’t come there empty hand and therefore decides to go back. Anandi says, I will send Shiv to pick you and no one will feel anything. Bapusaa says, I will come if you insists. Anandi says, I will wait for you.

Saachi eagerly waits for Saurab and calling her. But he didn’t pick her calls. Door bell rings. Saurav comes and hugs her. Saachi feels uncomfortable. Saurab enters the house. Ira compliments Ganga. Ganga says, Anandi ji told me that you all prayed for me and my child. Ira says, Saachi wanted to come but couldn’t because of her counselling session. She says, she sent her best wishes. Ira calls Saachi. Saachi picks the call. Ira gives the call to Ganga. Ganga says, how are you? Saachi says, I was fine until listened to your voice. Ganga says, we would have feel good if you have come. Saachi asks her, don’t you get tired of acting. Saachi disconnects the call.

Saurab asks her to chill. Saurab says, you are right, I will not spoil my mood. Saachi says, we will watch movies. Saurab gets close to her and says we will make our own movie. Saachi excuses herself to bring some snacks. Bapusaa comes, Anandi hugs him. He asks her, how are you? Anandi says I am fine. Shiv takes his blessings. Amol asks, who is he? Anandi tells him that he is my papa and your nanaji. Amol asks, where is your maa, she didn’t come? Anandi gets emotional. Bapusaa says she went to God’s place. He says, your nani sent blessings and love for you. Anandi gets teary eyed and misses her mom. Saurab and Saachi are running in the home. Saurab says, why you are breaking my heart? I am your boyfriend. Saachi says, not now, something looks good only after marriage. Saurab says, I want to marry you and that’s why want to lessen the distance. Saachi runs to her room.

Anandi getting tears remembering her mother. Bapusaa asks her not to be sad at the happy occasion. He says sorry as he couldn’t get the gifts. Dadisaa says, Anandi told us about the theft of your gifts. Shiv asks, is everything alright. Dadisaa says, yes like you want. Daddu asks, what is Shiv saying? Dadisaa says, I was telling him to take care of you all until we finishes Puja. Daddu says, we can take care of ourself. Ganga does the suraj pooja rituals with all the other ladies. Dadisaa says, still one puja is remaining. She asks Anandi to do the puja as she became a mother of Amol. Anandi does the suraj puja ritual. Everyone are happy. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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