21st March Thursday Update on Young Love


21st March Thursday Update on Young Love

Dadisa is about to tell the truth to Sanchi’s family that Jagya has gone somewhere, but on the last moment, Jagya arrives. Sumi is relieved. Daddu tells Jagya, seems like you didn’t get a day off from your patients on your engagement day either. You came straight from the hospital. Jagya takes blessings from everyone. Ira says, we all were desperately waiting for you. Meenu says, especially Sanchi. Jagya apologizes Dadisa. Dadisa stops him and says, no need to tell me now. Tell later. Go and get ready. Jagya says, I will be back in a while. Sanchi tells him, you only have 5 mintues. You won’t get a second more than that. Dadisa says, she already showing her authority to him. Everyone laughs. As Jagya leaves, Dadisa glares at him with anger.

Anandi follows Jagya and asks, you went to meet Ganga right? Jagya nods his head to say yes. Anandi says, you could have at least picked up your phone. Jagya says, I forgot phone at home. Anandi says, do you even realize how worried everyone was? Jagya says, I am sorry. He’s hurt and says despite him promising no one believed him and everyone must have thought that he went to Mangalore. He tells Anandi, I am changed now.. I know how to fulfill my promise. I have learned to respect my family’s decision, I do everything possible for family’s happiness.. no matter if I have to die inside because of that. he goes in his room. Anandi wonders if Jagya has started liking Ganga. If it’s his worry only for Ganga or something else.

Ganga is sad as she is leaving, she is looking at every object and says, I am going very far. I left doctor sahab and everything behind. I don’t know whether I will be able to meet him again.. don’t know whether I will be able to come back here or no.

Jagya is getting ready. Shiv comes there and says, I won’t ask why you left the engagement all of a sudden. I know you’re a responsible person, and there must be an important work and that is why you took this step, but being Sanchi’s brother, it’s very important for me to know that you’re happy with this and you didn’t make decision in any pressure. It’s about Sanchi’s future, that is why I need to know. Jagya says, I know what I am doing. Don’t worry. Shiv is relieved and says, you said this, now I don’t need to worry. We have full faith on yo. Shiv then says, everyone is waiting for you and he leaves.

Jagya says it’s such a big day of his life and wonders why he’s not happy at all while everyone else is happy.

He comes down. The priest quietly asks Anandi who decided this date for engagement when tomorrow is best day for it. Anandi says, my Udhaipur’s family’s priest said it.. and now it’s too late. You don’t tell anyone about it and don’t keep anything like that in your mind either.

Sanchi goes toward Jagya and looks at him smiling. Jagya gives a small smile as well. One side, Jagya and Sanchi exchange the rings, and other side, Ganga is feeling very sad. When it’s Sanchi’s turn, Jagya doesn’t forward his hand. Sanchi takes his hand forward herself and puts the ring. Daddu congratulates Jagya-Sanchi and Jagya’s family. Dadisa congratulates him and his family on behalf of her family as well. Dadisa gives sweets to Jagya and Sanchi. Jagya-Sanchi take blessings from everyone. Kaisi Hai Ye Udaasi song starts and Ganga is shown with teary eyes. Mannu again wipes her tears. Ganga kisses him and cries very hard. She has crossed Jaitsar’s border now.

Anandi recalls priest’s words that the best time for engagement was tomorrow. Sanchi’s family is ready to leave now. Sumi and Sanchi hug. Both tell each other that they are very happy after so many days. Sanchi takes blessings from Dadisa. Anandi tells Dadisa to take care. Dadisa says, as you say “sambdhan sa”. They hug. Anandi tells Dadisa that she has full faith in Devi Ma and she will always keep her blessings on them. They leave.


Jagya is remembering his engagement scenes and then Ganga leaving Jaitsar. Sumi comes and says, you don’t know how much happiness you gave to everyone. She thanks him for respecting her decision. Jagya says, there is no need to be thankful. I have hurt you and Dadisa a lot. He says, don’t take me wrong.. I didn’t want to hurt any of you. Sumi says, I know.. and now I realized that I forced you for no reason.. what you did today is a big thing.. you maintained our respect in front of Anandi’s family. Jagya says, this is what I want to do in my life.. and I don’t want anyone to feel embarrassed because of me. So far I am successful in that. Sumi touches his cheek with love.

Daddu is reading a news paper. He asks Anandi to call Shiv after reading something. Shiv comes. Daddu says, you didn’t tell us such a big news? I am finding out from newspaper. Daddu says, there was no time.. we had to go to engagement as well, and it’s not a big news. Alok says, tell us something too what its about? Daddu says, they are praising Shiv in the news for handling some situation. Everyone is proud of Shiv. Alok says, in end whose son he is. Daddu asks Shiv whom he gives the credit. Shiv says, 25% to you, 25% to dad, 25% to mum and choti maa, and 25% to my wife, Anandi, Daddu jokes and says, only 25% for me? Anandi says, you can have my 25% too. Daddu says, no way.. and in fact you can take my 25% so you get 50% credit. Everyone smiles with happiness. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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