22nd March Friday Update on This is Love


22nd March Friday Update on This is Love

The client telling Raman about Ruhi and Nikhil’s marriage decision. Raman says Ruhi doesn’t know any Nikhil. The man says Ruhi was with Nikhil in his flat. Raman says she went to school with Pihu, if you are joking… The man says no, I spoke to them, Riya and Pihu were there, they are lovely girls. Raman gets angry and asks can we do meeting later. Ishita says Raman has some work. The man says sure, I will leave. Raman gets angry and says I told her not to go, she lied and went, I don’t have time to talk now.

Bala says don’t know why Shravan is doing this. Kiran says he needs some time, his wound is fresh. Shravan comes and sees them. Kiran leaves Bala’s hand. Bala asks Shravan what’s all this, take your bags and go inside, I m still your father.

Appa asks Shravan where is he going. Shravan says he has problem with me, so I will go, he can marry this woman then. Bala says just shut up, I m not in any mood to hear nonsense, go inside. Kiran says this is your house, why will you leave your house, Bala loves you a lot, I can never come in between, I just wanted to become part of your family, maybe this happiness is not in my fate.
Raman and Ishita are on the way. Raman gets angry on Ruhi. Neelu comes and asks Mihika to come fast, Shravan is leaving the house. Simmi and Mihika go to see. Amma stops Shravan. Simmi says let Shravan go, Shravan you are going to your friend, ask your friend to manage your expenses. Shravan says I have my friends. Simmi says fine call your friend, if he agrees, we will come to drop you. Shravan calls friends, who makes excuses to refuse him.

Simmi asks what happened, just family supports when needed, you didn’t grow up much that you can leave family, stop the drama, pick your bags and go inside, else I will slap you. Shravan goes inside the house. Bala thanks Simmi. Simmi says I think he needs time, I m sure he will understand. Raman and Ishita come home. Raman asks where are Pihu and Ruhi. Ishita asks him to talk calmly. Raman says send them to my room. Pooja comes to Riya and asks about extra classes. Riya says it was good. Pooja says show me books later, did Nikhil try to meet you. Riya recalls Pihu’s words. She says nothing like that. Pooja says I felt he will try to meet you. Riya says he doesn’t have my phone number, he can’t talk to me. Her phone rings. She says its Pihu’s call and lies. Pooja asks her to give phone. Riya worries. Servant calls Pooja. Pooja asks Riya to talk to Pihu.

Raman asks Ruhi and Pihu to come. He asks Pihu how were extra classes. Pihu lies. Raman asks did you go somewhere else. Pihu says just school. Raman gets angry and goes to Pihu. Ruhi comes in between and says no Papa, yes we lied, we didn’t go school, we went to Nikhil’s house, only to save Riya, we were worried for her, Pooja was here, so we had to lie, if you trusted me, I would have told you, you don’t trust me, I won’t meet Nikhil, I just went to meet Riya, none will raise hand on Pihu. She takes Pihu and goes. Raman says explain them, if they are seen there, they can’t save each other, I will beat Ruhi if anyone tells Ruhi met Nikhil.

Parmeet comes to Simmi and asks about Shravan. Simmi says I scolded him and explained, what could I do, he was not listening, Vandu and I never got along well, then we got friendly, I understood we are similar, its very difficult to stay alone, I genuinely think Bala needs Kiran, Shravan can understand this. He says what if Bala and Kiran unite, if we can help, we can do something that Shravan sees Kiran’s goodness and gives approval for marriage.


Ishita comes to Ruhi. Ruhi says you also called me liar, and mad. Ishita says you made Pihu lie. Ruhi says why will I make her lie, she lied on her own. Ishita says you supported her. Ruhi says I did what I felt wrong. Ishita says how will we trust you if you break our trust. Ruhi cries and says everyone came to scold me, I m fed up. Ishita pacifies her. She says speaking truth is necessary, so we are worried for you. Ruhi says I m sorry, Papa and Nikhil are on either sides, I don’t want to hurt Papa, I can’t forget Nikhil. Ishita hugs her and says we will find some way.

Its morning, Ishita gets tea for Raman. He asks did you talk to Ruhi. She says yes, I m not able to forget a visual, when you were going to Pihu in anger, Ruhi came in between and didn’t let anything happen to her. Raman says like you saved Ruhi, she learnt this for you. She says she stands like a mum, elder sister is like mum. He asks what are you trying to say. She says maybe Ruhi has this feeling for Riya, maybe she is getting attracted to Nikhil. Raman says enough, ask Ruhi not to meet Riya, Riya has her mum and Nana. He goes. Ishita says what shall I do, Raman is annoyed and Ruhi…..

Nikhil says I will clear all dues. The men ask him to give car keys, as he didn’t pay EMI. Raman comes and asks how much money to pay. The man says 80000rs. Raman says I will clear all your dues. The men leave. Nikhil says thanks, I will pay money in two days. Raman says I got to know you stay here on rent, I will get this house on your name, I m doing this for my daughter, you trap rich girls for money, I don’t want same thing to happen with Ruhi, say your price and get lost from her life. Nikhil says fine, I agree. Raman says I m glad I didn’t do mistake in knowing you, you will get this house and get out of Ruhi’s life.

Ishita talking on call to cancel her appointment at clinic. She waits for Raman. Raman comes home and says I went to meet Nikhil. She asks why, you always get angry. He says no, I explained her, and he agreed. She says Ruhi is not able to forget him, she still loves him, He says I explained him, he will stay away and Ruhi will forget him. Neelu gives Shravan’s clothes to Ishita. Raman says trust me, Nikhil won’t come to Ruhi now. Ishita says I hope Ruhi forgets him.

Bala asks Shravan to pass sambar. Shravan doesn’t. Amma gets angry and leaves food. She says none cares for me, I won’t have food. Ishita comes and looks on. Appa asks her to explain Amma, matters won’t solve if she leaves food. Amma says everyone does what they want, I will also do what

I want. Shravan says fine I will let Bala marry, I think everyone has forgotten my mum. He goes. Amma stops Bala.
Raman talks on call and says I know Ruhi will never refuse, come and meet her in evening. Ruhi comes to meet Ishita. He says she went to Amma’s place, do you have any program in evening. She says no, just office. He asks her to come home early, he wants her to meet someone. She asks who. He asks is it tough to understand, does she have any problem.CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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