21st November Thursday Update on Young Love


21st November Thursday Update on Young Love

Anandi calling Shiv and asks him to pick her from NGO. Shiv asks what happened? Anandi says she is not feeling well and can’t drive. Shiv asks did Palash called you. Anandi tells him that Palash came and tells everything. A flashback is shown. Shiv gets shocked. She tells that he left when NGO women threatened him. Shiv says I will be coming there. Dadisaa tells story to Nandu. Gehna brings tea for her. Nandu jokes with her. Dadisaa’s friends come to meet her. Dadisaa gets happy to see them. They give bouquet to Nandu and ask him to get well soon so that their Dadu can come to school again. Dadisaa asks them to sit.

Dadisaa asks them about day at school. Her friends tell her about seniors. Gehna says she will bring food. They say we had enough. Dadisaa insists them to eat. They eat the food and asks Dadisaa to come for Diwali Utsav. Dadisaa agrees.

Palash gets Shiv’s call. Palash says you called me so late. Shiv threatens him not to call Anandi again or trouble her else he will file police complaint against him. Palash says I came empty handed from NGO. I felt bad. Palash talks to Venus and promises to bring Anandi with him. Shiv gets CM’s call. He tells him that he talked to embassy guys and Palash will soon return to Paris. Shiv thanks him.

Nandu is trying to go somewhere while Gehna stops him. Nandu says I am getting bored that’s why going to Niranjan chachu for playing carroms. Gehna agrees and lets him go. Niranjan thinks I will go after Diwali Puja, but this time I will inform everyone. What I will say to Nandu. Nandu comes and sees him in thoughts. He puts the carrom board and asks him to play with him. Niranjan looks on and thinks he has only a day’s time. They play the game.

Dadisaa comes and sees Niranjan and Nandu playing game. She gets happy. Dadisaa shouts saying Niranjan got queen. Nandu looks on. Dadisaa tells them that she came to call Nandu. She tells Niranjan why you are stopping yourself from living your life. Niranjan is speechless.

All the students along with Dadisaa decorates the class room for Diwali Utsav. Dadisaa sees a boy bringing bomb cracker. Boy says, Diwali is incomplete without crackers. Principal comes and wishes them happy Diwali. He tastes the food brought by students. kids plan for the festival. Dadisaa tells them that she will celebrate Diwali with them. Teacher asks them to be careful while lighting the crackers. He asks them not to gamble.

Nandu lights a lamp infront of Basant’s photo. He talks to his father’s photo and says he is missing him very much. He says I don’t need anything. I have become matured and old now. Niranjan hears and gets teary eyed. Nandu turns and sees him. He touches his legs and takes his blessings. Niranjan blesses him. Nandu asks are you going to school. Niranjan says yes. Nandu says I am not going today and asks him to return early. Niranjan thinks today is my last day. I will try to spend much time with you. He promises to come soon and hugs him.

Niranjan getting his salary and bonus from his work place. Niranjan asks about the bonus. Accountant says our management give bonus to every one irrespective of their joining date as Diwali is of everyone. Niranjan gets impressed with badi haveli residents. He tells that this Diwali is very special to him and he wants to give happiness to someone. He leaves. Dadisaa asks Jagya did everyone get sweets etc. Jagya says yes. Dadisaa gives sweets to watchman of the hospital. He wishes them happy Diwali. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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