20th November Wednesday Update on True Love


20th November Wednesday Update on True Love

Iccha asks her you wanted to marry Tej Singh for me? Kanha is shocked. Mukta too is shocked and declines the fact. Iccha tells her not to lie or hide anything anymore. My daughter thought of doing so much for me? Saying this she hugs Mukta. All are crying. Mukta says but how do you all know this? Iccha tells her to guess and Tappu puts her hands on Mukta’s eyes and she happily says Maa! Both hug happily and cute music playing in background. Tappu kisses her and Mukta is overjoyed. Kanha too smiles and tells Surabhi that this is Tapasya Ma, Maiyya’s dost and Mukta’s mother. Tapasya looks at Kanha and Mukta introduces him to her and Surabhi.

Iccha tells Mukta that your wish got fulfilled. Veer comes infront of her and remembers how he and Iccha used to play with her and Iccha feeding Mukta. Mukta asks the reason of him being here and wishes him. Veer tells Iccha that she was so small when we used to tell her bed time stories to make her sleep. Now the same girl has grown so big. Iccha shares with her that now Veer remembers everything. Mukta is elated to hear this. He looks at Kanha and flash back of his playing with Daddaji. He exclaims dost! Kanha comes to take his blessing but Veer tells him that friends look good when they hug and they hug. All are very happy.

Mukta tells Tappu that from now on you will stay here with us, your family. Tappu agrees but says that first I have to take Iccha back to her rightful home with all respect. Mukta, Divya and Jogi look proudly at her. Tappu continues that but most importantly, have to make Tej Singh pay for his misdeeds.

Scene shifts to Tej Singh laughing maniacally and Mai and Ganga look at him. He laughs at Mai and her plannings all of which have come to nothing and that Tapasya has won over you. Ganga asks about Amla and Mai says that she herself wants to leave all this and go. Ganga wonders the reason behind all this. Mai makes him recall how she helped him when he wanted to get rid of Tapasya. He laughs remembering how she had fled from the scene when Tappu had returned unscathed and mocks her. Mai wants to know if he will help her or not. Tej says that when you couldn’t do it, how do you expect it from me? But he has make her pay her dues first to him. He puts his hand forward and Mai takes it and they mutually decide to make tappu pay for it and tells him that she only wants her son thats it. Ganga looks at both of them curiously.

Thakur House:

Meethi opens the door and find it all dark inside. She calls for Ammo and Iccha but gets no response. A light flashes on her and she sees gifts all around the house. She goes and sees that they are all addressed to her as her first, second and rest of the birthdays. She wonders aloud who has done this but is also very happy looking at them.

Meethi can see a figure but cant recognize who it is. Veer says a very sweet poem about how he missed holding her in his arms, playing with her and how he met her in the past but dint knew that she was his own daughter. Today, he is coming after so many years to meet her and to end all distances between them. Meethi wonders aloud who is it? He tells her that he has come to fulfil her long wait of 19 years and that he is her father. read full updates fast only at Meethi is ecstatic and exclaims Papa! Light comes on and she sees Veer. She stops midway and calls him Sir! I have met you before and wants to know his reason for being here. Flashback of Meethi meeting Veer on their way to Satara Jail and their ordering masala chai. Veer confirms that yes they have met but back then, neither of them knew the relation through which they are connected. He repeats that he is his father and wouldn’t she hug him? Iccha comes from behind and nods in agreement. Veer and Meethi are overjoyed and the hug each other. Meethi tells him that she searched for him for so long but couldn’t find him. Both are crying.

All come downstairs and watch the duo hug. Meethi tells him that she loves him a lot. She shows Kanha that he is my father. To which Kanha replies that he is my dost(friend). She is very happy and asks him if he knows papa from before? He nods in affirmative & Meethi and Kanha hug.

Meethi looks at Tappua and calls her Tapasya Ma. They both hug and all look on happily. Iccha, Tappu & Jogi says that now there would be only happiness and that we will live happily with each other. All smile. Jogi hugs Meethi and Tappu.

All are sitting together when Veer says that he wants Meethi to get married from her own home if Thakur Sahab agrees to it. JOgi becomes serious. Veer says that he knows that Thakur Sahab would have done all the preparations but being a father its his responsibility to get Meethi married. JOgi becomes sad that his daughter would leave him. Iccha says if he wishes so then he will never leave him and stay with him here only. Divya tells her that she understands that after marriage, husband’s house become more important than her own house. They will be very happy if Meethi goes to her dad’s house. Tapasya feels bad to hear this. Jogi says that though one daughter will leave me, thankfully another daughter has come back to me. Tappu smiles on hearing this. Damini too agrees to it.

Jogi tells Veer that he has one request. Veer immediately says that yes they will all do everything together from their house. Jogi nods happily. Veer gets up to leave and tells Iccha that he will come in the morning to take Iccha and Meethi with him to their rightful place. Veer leaves and all go to drop him off. Screen ends on Mukta’s unsure face. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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