21th October Monday Update on This is Love


21th October Monday Update on This is Love

Raman seeing Ishita. Rohan says dumbell senses people in stress. Ishita says dumbell likes me. Rohan asks are you fine. She says of course. Ruhi says we had a doggy Muttu swami, he loved Ishita a lot. Karan jokes on it. Raman says people say dogs are selfless, Ishita is selfish, she takes anyone’s stress and keeps her stress to herself. Ishita says I m not hiding anything, you are asking the same, okay I m stressed out, my daughter is about to leave, how could I do her bidaai. Ishita hugs Aaliya. Rohan says I m also getting stressed, I have a better idea, why don’t we move to your place. Raman says no, we don’t have Ghar jamai, your dumbell will come along and get after my wife. They laugh.

Ishita thinks of Sudha’s words. She silently leaves from the room. Romi asks what, Sudha? Ishita says she has bought the shares, she wants to ruin us. He says her company got 20% shares, she is trying to get shares from everyone. She says it will be a big disaster, we have to stop her. He says we can’t stop her. She says anyone will sell shares in double rate, we can buy these shares, it belongs to our company. He says how will we arrange money. She says she will ruin us, do something. She goes to her room and lies down on bed. Raman wakes up. She says I went to get water. He says how much will you lie, don’t worry for Aaliya, Rohan is a nice guy. She says I m fine. He asks her to sleep. She thinks I won’t let Sudha ruin everything.

Its morning, Romi gets a call about share broker. He says Ashish called me and told that Sudha went to some share holder. Ishita says please go and stop him, I can’t come with you. Sudha calls her and says Bhalla empire will be under my control, I m going to own everything, I will ruin Mr. Raman Bhalla. Ishita says just shut up, you won’t win. Sudha says this is business world, you can’t understand this, you just take care of kids’ dental problems. Ishita says do what you can do, I will see how you take over Bhalla empire. Romi asks what happened. Ishita says go and stop the shares from getting sold, please do anything. He leaves. Pihu asks what dress shall I wear now, Aaliya’s marriage date is getting fixed today, I don’t want to go school.

Ishita gives her uniform and says marriage isn’t today, come on, get ready. Pihu asks what’s the big deal, I won’t talk to you. She shuts door. Ishita asks what’s this Pihu, open the door. Raman asks why are you angry. She says you have spoilt Pihu, explain her. She goes. Mihika asks what. He says mum and daughter’s fight, lets see. Pihu opens the door. Raman asks what happened. Mihika says I think you should go and talk. He asks what’s the matter. She says I don’t want to go school. He says its imp. She says sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you. He says studies will get affected if you miss school, today, its boring thing of fixing date, functions will be later on, you can miss school when we enjoy in function if you want to stay back today. She says I will go school today, why did Ishimaa scold me. He says I will talk to Ishita. He goes to Ishita and asks why did you scold Pihu. She says she spoke to me badly. He says I know the reason for your anger.

She asks what’s the reason. He says I m a good husband and I know a wife is angry if husband doesn’t take her for shopping for long, lets go out shopping, some new diamond will work for you. She says no, you think this will make my mood better, I don’t need a diamond. He asks how is a wife refusing for diamond. She says we don’t need it, you are over thinking, I m worried for Aaliya, there is nothing else. He says Pihu is facing outcome of it, you are the stability point of the house, if you start doing it, what will happen. She says sorry, I will bake Pihu’s fav cookies. He jokes. Mrs. Bhalla calls him. He goes. She says Raman is right, I m the stability point of this family, I will try my best to keep family stable, no one destroys it. Amma says this necklace is beautiful. Appa says its your fav, wear this in Aaliya’s marriage. Kiran says your coffee is ready.

Bala says I want a cup of coffee too. Appa jokes on Amma. She says I was thinking to break this necklace. Ishita and Aaliya come. Appa says its your fav necklace, you didn’t give this to any daughter to wear. Amma says I want to present this to Aaliya, its old fashioned design, maybe she won’t like it, I will make new one. Aaliya says wait, its beautiful, I will wear this the same way. Ishita says Aaliya wants to wear my bridal saree, this necklace will go perfectly with it. Aaliya says yes, lucky me. Amma says I will keep this necklace. Romi asks the man not to sell shares. The man says you will give me double price and buy shares, is no one offering you money, think about it and let me know your final decision. Romi says okay, I promise you I will arrange money, you promise me you won’t sell shares to Sudha. The man gives him some time. Broker says its matter of one crore. Romi says how will I get one crore. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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