21th October Monday Update on Young Love


21th October Monday Update on Young Love

Alok, Anoop, Ira and Meenu making fun of Subhadra. Meenu says she passed the test as she proved that she has changed. Ira says, she got angry and is just pretending. Meenu says, she controlled her anger. Ira says, she is igniting from inside and there will a blast soon. She will appear in her old avatar infront of us. Anoop says lets see. Alok says, we will remember this moment.

Dadisaa looks at Anandi who is lying on the bed. She wakes her up. Anandi smiles and wakes up. She calls her Dadisaa. Dadisaa gets surprised to see her smiling without any reason. She asks her what happened to you. Anandi says, she is very happy today. She puts hand around her neck. Dadisaa is much surprised. Anandi says, my Dadisaa is very lovely. She kisses and hugs her. Dadisaa senses something is wrong with her.

Saachi informs Ira and family that she is doing a job. Subhadra asks, what is the need. You shall sit at home and take care of house responsibilities. Ira signs Meenu. Subhadra sees them and changes her track. She says, you shall think about your home. Saachi says, her family insist her to do the job. Subhadra blesses her. Saachi thanks her. Meenu signs Ira.

Dadisaa recalls Anandi’s conversation with Gauri and her. She gets worried. Anandi brings Kachori for Dadisaa and says it is made by Taisaa. She talks nonstop and asks her to eat it. Dadisaa says she will eat later. Anandi makes her eat forcibly. Gehna and Ganga look surprisingly.

Later Anandi comes to Ganga’s room and asks where are you going. Ganga says she is going to hospital for urgent work. Anandi says Jagya is at home. She says you are going because of Gauri. Ganga says, everything will be fine soon. Anandi says we shall be together soon. You have to attend the havan. Ganga asks how? Anandi asks her to get ready as she will come to take her. Ganga nods.

Vivek asks Saachi about his socks. Saachi is lost in thoughts. Vivek asks, what is going on in your mind. Saachi says nothing. She says she is thinking about job as she is doubtful that she can’t handle home and work together. She tells him that she feels against working. Vivek says I am happy to see your concerned for maa. He asks her not to lose an opportunity and says I wants you to have a new identity. Saachi smiles and goes to bring the socks.

Panditji lights the diya. He asks everyone to come near the havan for puja. Anandi looks at Gauri and signs Jagya. Anandi asks Gauri to help her with prasad. Gauri says yes. Anandi says we will return after distributing the prasad. Anandi thinks she haven’t eaten buaji’s prasad and thinks to eat it later. Ganga wonders where is Anandi? Gauri tells Anandi that they will put prasad. Anandi goes to ask Gehna.

Meenu tells Ira that Buaji is coming. Ira calls the shopkeeper and asks him to send 2 kgs Mogra flower. Subhadra asks, have you ordered it for the neighbours too. Ira tells her about Gajra Chaturdashi. Meenu explains her further. Subhadra is shocked to know that men of the house make gajra’s for their wives. Subhadra says she didn’t know. They leave for market. Subhadra checks the book about Gajra Chaturdashi. She calls her friends and asks them about Gajra Chaturdashi. They say that they are unaware. Subhadra goes on asking her friends and thinks she has to learn this from Ira and Meenu.

Gulli tells everyone that she is not aware of Gajra Chaturdashi. They laugh. Anoop says, they are just checking Subhadra’s reaction. Ira says, we wants to see if she has really changed. Meenu says we have bet. Hardik says, we will double the bet. I will also give treat. Everyone laugh.

Anandi comes to Ganga and asks her to come. Gauri wonders where is Anandi and thinks to attend the havan first. Anandi and Ganga come downstairs. They see Gauri coming there and get tensed. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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